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  1. Looking for a cgc ss Liefeld copy 9.8 white pages
  2. You can’t have books for sale here and on another venue at the same time. I havnt looked at the rest but the hulk annual 1 is on the bay
  3. I know a few months back there was a thread hating on Bob Layton. He is one of the nicest and easiest to talk to creators I have had the pleasure to meet. His sketches are always on point. His lines are crisp and clean. These are awesome would love to see what else he did for this op.
  4. There is nothing wrong with asking if a book was pressed. Why would a seller mind that question? I take it for granted that any raw book that is even a semi key for sale here by anyone that knows about pressing has been pressed. No need to ask.
  5. the 2006 ashley judd michael shannon movie bug is the worst movie i have ever sat through. i think michael shannon is a brilliant actor but this movie was painful to sit through.
  6. was hesitant to post this in this thread because frank is my guy and cap has the upper hand but I really like the colors
  7. not the best picture. Signed by Beaty and Stan. Signed and punisher head sketch by zeck and signed and head sketch by romita sr
  8. frank and snake plissken signed and castle by romita sr signed and plissken by carpenter