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  1. littlebill

    A few Silver Age keys

    I think as big a question is are you related to mr harmon? you guys seem to have related feet
  2. littlebill

    Any Michael Turner fans?

    turners work is stunning to me. i think he was a throwback artist you simply dont see many who can put out the quality he did. i look at some of the artists who are hot right now like campbell and its almost comical the attention they good. i would like to ask campbell to draw me a female character without that pointy nose. just one that doesnt look exactly like every other female character he draws because if he could do that it would be the only female he has ever drawn that didnt look exactly the same in the face. turners work was exceptional
  3. im looking for the punisher magazine issue 4 issue 6 and issue 10 in very high grade thanks
  4. those all look great. that surfer is simply stunning
  5. the buyer may deserve the villagers after him with torches and pitchforks if he was foolish enough to buy from the op after reading that ridiculous ebay listing
  6. i think jsc should be boycotted until he can draw a females face that doesnt look exactly like every other females face he draws no matter the character. it blows my mind that he gets so much credit for being a great artist and only has that one trick in his bag.
  7. littlebill

    Tampabay Megacon

    yes look on the website
  8. im looking for a sylvester stallone cgc ss book. any book will do but would prefer one of the Rambo comics
  9. littlebill

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    signatureselect the peanut gallery wanted to point out that ben affleck sigs are being sold for 399 on the boards now.