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  1. both books per pm
  2. littlebill

    CGC SS Stan Lee signed "Stanley"

    nothing rare about it. to me it does look like stanley but honestly i have seen hundreds of stanlee sigs where he loops the last e and underlines and it looks almost just like this. i love stan and have over three hundred stan ss books. but it doesnt make a book rare that his sig looks a little different. for the last couple years every single book he signed seemed to look a little different.
  3. littlebill

    CGC SS Stan Lee signed "Stanley"

    looks like stanley to me. i have seen a few books where he was asked and did sign them stanley.
  4. your right but joe was 37. rocky never had a loss but no fault of his he built his undefeated record on washed up fighters and bums. i love rocky but in his prime joe would have beat rock down.
  5. joseph louis barrow was the greatest heavy weight boxer of all time. but people that are ignorant call ali the greatest
  6. i have always liked laytons cover work. i think he is a nice guy and have never had nothing but good conversation with him. when i think of iron man layton is one of the first names i think of. is he co-creator? of course we know he wasnt. he is responsible for a look that i think of when i think of the character. i have never experienced an ego issue with layton when i have been around him. watched him on multiple occasions sketch iron man on a backing board for young children and hand it to them without asking for a dime when most artist now want a fee to say hello to you.
  7. its not movie hype but tv show hype. the value of the walking dead books is falling. as the show now dies out and fades away the books will drop even further. i think there is a ton of people that got caught up in that hype that will wish they had invested in another book.
  8. littlebill

    A few Silver Age keys

    I think as big a question is are you related to mr harmon? you guys seem to have related feet
  9. littlebill

    Any Michael Turner fans?

    turners work is stunning to me. i think he was a throwback artist you simply dont see many who can put out the quality he did. i look at some of the artists who are hot right now like campbell and its almost comical the attention they good. i would like to ask campbell to draw me a female character without that pointy nose. just one that doesnt look exactly like every other female character he draws because if he could do that it would be the only female he has ever drawn that didnt look exactly the same in the face. turners work was exceptional
  10. im looking for the punisher magazine issue 4 issue 6 and issue 10 in very high grade thanks
  11. those all look great. that surfer is simply stunning