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  1. littlebill

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    signatureselect the peanut gallery wanted to point out that ben affleck sigs are being sold for 399 on the boards now.
  2. littlebill


    yeah I tried him. he says he reps bradstreet? he also says that he has some issues with cgc and that he cant work anything out with cgc to get the books ss. I tried to explain that if he and bradstreet were at a con where cgc was present all he had to do was get cgc to come get the sketches from bradstreet. he then repeated that he couldn't do cgc and has not answered me back since. hard to believe he really reps bradstreet. thank you so much for the heads up.
  3. looking for a bradstreet cgc ss punisher sketch. full figure if possible thanks
  4. littlebill

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    the van dyke thing is exactly what I was talking about earlier in the thread. I would like a van dyke ss book. I'm sure I can get one for less after salt lake if I don't send one in myself to get signed. if someone has money to throw away bless them. in my opinion paying an extravagant amount of money for something I can get for a third of the price six months or a year later is ludicrous. I don't mind dropping money into my ss collection. but to think I paid 5k for a b scribbled on a book when that same person may be signing with ca in six months for a grand and they will actually be signing there name might have me at the skyway in tampa looking to jump. recently here there have been sales of a vamp 1 signed by frazetta. I know rich posted a nimoy ss. havnt looked to see if its still available. things like that I know will never be signed again. hell if a b scribbled on a book with no value is 5k shouldn't that vamp 1 signed by frazetta be 25 to 50k?
  5. littlebill

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    this is gorgeous. the sig looks beautiful and in my opinion its on the perfect comic for a king ss
  6. littlebill

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    seems like when frank miller first started signing again his ss books were selling for big money based on his past. I love miller and his work. I'm glad I held my mud on those prices. I think the only person with more ss books on the bay right now than miller might be stan to each there own. if someone feels their 9.8 miller they paid 500 for is a nicer book than the same ones on the bay for 250 that's awesome. its all about building your collection and being happy with it.
  7. littlebill

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    this type of thing is what I was talking about when I made my previous post. lets say that ca announces next week that affleck is signing with them. if what was stated was paid for an affleck sig that person could buy five or six at that price. hell they could even have the sig put on a book of their choosing. I know that everyone wants the hot stuff. its always been that way in collecting. sell all of your rookie cards you paid top dollar for last year to get the hot ryan leaf rookie at top dollar this year. the whole thing is shocking to me. pay ten times what an affleck ss is worth while at the same time a frazetta ss is available for half the affleck price. there is some saying I remember that states something about a fool and his money parting ways in a quick manner
  8. littlebill

    What Are The Rarest CGC SS Celebrity Sigs

    "There are a ton of celebrities that have only signed a couple of books for SS - it makes them rare, doesn't necessarily make them desirable. I'm fairly certain that some of my Stargate Atlantis CGC SS books are the only copies that have the signatures of those particular celebrities, but it doesn't really mean anything to anyone outside of me (and my wife)." this is 100% correct. the one thing I have learned the very hard way is to wait some of these " rare " sigs out. I have over paid for ss books that were rare at the time. even been told the " yeah this actor or director said they will never be at a con again " line. only to see that they then start making regular con appearances and their ss books selling for a fraction of what I paid trying to be first to have one. I know there are acceptations but like I say most times the supply brings the price way down.
  9. I'm looking to buy a copy of punisher 1 from 2016. the alex maleev variant signed by jon bernthal. thank you for any help
  10. littlebill

    Celebrity Signed Books

    chris this is very nice. the gold and white inks look awesome on that cover
  11. littlebill


    maleev punisher ss bernthal
  12. littlebill

    Celebrity Signed Books

    i was just posting the book you were speaking of so everyone could see it. I didn't know if you still had a picture