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  1. Hi, Looking for pages from Legionnaires 7 by Adam Hughes. I am also looking for pages from Justice League 23 by Kevin Maguire and pages from Marvel Premiere 50 (The Alice Cooper issue) by Tom Sutton. Thanks for looking!
  2. In my opinion, If you are looking to replace one of the books down the road Hulk 181 will continue to appreciate in value especially when Wolverine and the X-Men are introduced into the MCU the book will go up quite a bit. The Avengers 1 has been pretty steady for awhile and would be easier to replace.
  3. Enjoyed this episode, I liked the discussion about the results of the heritage auction. I thought when Bill posted art that covered everyone’s faces was hilarious especially when you guys started to peek around the page. Keep up the good work guys! And thanks for doing these!
  4. Another great show, really liked hearing about Joe Giella! Thanks for doing this show!