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  1. I haven’t been watching this book much lately, so I was surprised to see recent sold prices. Quite a few red arrows on GPA. I also took a look at BB28 and that book has fallen quite a lot too. Now is a good time to pick up a copy.
  2. I think the FOMO has died down some on this book, now may be a good time to get a copy before it gets hot again when there is a MCU announcement.
  3. I have found a lot of dealers don’t know much about moderns, so will dump them in cheapo bins. I was at a con in May and picked up a bunch of modern keys on the cheap.
  4. My shop checked on reordering more but couldn’t, they said there was a second print coming out later in July
  5. X-men 133 used to be a pretty big key with the solo Wolverine cover, I remember in the 80s there was the X-men and then everything else. It’s about time the X-men run 94-143 gets some more respect. I still think that 109, 120 and 121 are still very undervalued. I think the Miller DD run is pretty undervalued too, like X-Men 94-143, every comic collector should have the Miller DD run in their collection.
  6. Wow, Lois Lane 1 in 8.0, congrats!
  7. I like the app quite a lot, I am in my late 40s and buy collections and it is an easy to use resource when looking at newer comics to help me determine if there is any value. I am primarily a vintage comic collector and didn’t know much about moderns and this app has helped educate me in that regard. Speculation will always be a part of this hobby and one app isn’t going to change anything.
  8. I was at Spring Con in St.Paul, MN this weekend and I saw only one copy for sale, CGC 7.0 for 2k. It sold but I don’t know if it sold at the asking price or not. There were about four copies of X-men 94 at the show too, none were graded though. I picked up one of the 94s, probably a 6.5 or a 7.0. I wanted a raw copy for my collection.
  9. As a kid collecting in the early 80s, GSX 1 was desirable because it was the first new X-Men, not because it was an early appearance of Wolverine. That doesn’t mean perceptions can change over time though. I think all the X-men from 94-143 are undervalued given their importance and how that run has influenced stories for the last 40 years. One other thing that GSX 1 has going for it, that never gets mentioned is that Wolverine changes his mask from his appearance in Hulk, and that is how he looks going forward. For a character of such significance I think it is an important footnote at least.
  10. There is definitely some FOMO and speculation going on with this book, however unlike some recent books Giant Size X-Men 1 has never been a dollar bin book and as far back as I can remember (early 80s) it has always been in demand. The book has been undervalued for quite a long time and it only makes sense that it start to go up now, given what Hulk 181 has done lately. To me this book is actually more important than Hulk 181, as it was the first appearance of the "new" X-Men which was the gold standard during the 80s and most of the 90s. It also started one of the best comic runs in history, with X-Men 94-143. Those X-Men were hot for so long that I think people tended to overlook them in the last 10-20 years and focused on other books. Now with the Disney news, people are rediscovering this great title and the one that started it. I would recommend getting the highest graded copy you can find and holding onto it. And if there are collectors out there that haven't read the X-Men 94-143 run, I would highly recommend it, then go on and read Byrne's FF run! My