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  1. Thank you to everyone that has given an opinion so far. It seems I was being a little more forgiving thinking it was a 5.0 with a chance at 5.5. Please let the grades continue...
  2. That's a nice looking book with great colors, I bet it presents well in hand! I'm with the majority on this one, between the tear along the spine and the stain... 5.0. Still, very purdy....
  3. Book lies flat, is complete and both staples are firmly attached. There are grease pen marks in Red box and on Angel. Some Marvel Chipping along right edge and "1-Hanging Chad" This book presents very well with OW pages. There are some crease along the spine but not really sure a pressing would help the grade. There are 3 "Ballpoint-like" indents and the back cover has some page gloss loss to the left of the word Boys. Appreciate your responses
  4. This is strange I never received an email for C2E2 or ECCC tickets going on sale I've been going to these and NYCC for several years now. Even double checked by spam folder but no email in there either.... Luckily I managed to get 3 of 4 days for ECCC. Anyone have a spare Saturday ticket?
  5. This is strange I never received an email for C2E2 or ECCC tickets going on sale I've been going to these and NYCC for several years now. Even double checked by spam folder but no email in there either....
  6. How the does drewbiz on eBay have 10 copies of each to sell? There was a 2 set limit enforced (supposedly) on checkout.
  7. For the second time at one of these sales, the full set was yanked from my checkout cart while I'm entering CC info.
  8. Once again, you've much to learn if this is something that challenges your manhood. There are many tasks that females assume that we as men take for granted and that requires an occasional reminder that we are on the debit side of the ledger. I'm not sure why you take this situation as a personal affront as ALL relationships will require a certain amount of give and take. There are spheres of influence that each person assumes in the household to make for a harmonious running environment. I'm not so insecure that I fear her leaving me if I don't help her to get the tools she needs to insure that her sphere runs smoothly. If that's what you read into that, then the issue is certainly yours and not mine. If your parents are/were still together to the end, then it's obvious that was enough for both of them. You've a steep learning curve ahead of you and I wish you the best of luck!
  9. The fact that you have to ask that question tells me that you've much to learn about maintaining harmony in both the household and relationship. Some day you'll look back fondly at your statement...
  10. That's the list! Kudos, PM's and "crazy ex" stories welcome...
  11. Spider Gwen #1 Kris Anka Cover CGC SS 9.8 Robbi Rodriguez $100 Spider Gwen #1 J Scott Campbell Midtwon Sketch Cover CGC SS 9.8 Campbell $175 Supergirl: Rebirth #1 Adam Hughes Variant Cover CGC SS 9.8 Hughes $105 Wonder Woman #1 Frank Cho Cover CGC SS 9.8 Cho & Rucka $145 Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 Stanley "ArtGerm" Lau Cover CGC SS 9.8 ArtGerm & Rucka $145 Wytches #1 Jock Cover CGC SS 9.8 Snyder $75
  12. Unbelievable Gwenpool #1 J Scott Campbell Paris Cover CGC SS 9.8 Campbell $135 Harley Quinn #1 Amanda Conner Cover CGC SS 9.8 Conner, Palmiotti & Sinclair $150 Harley Quinn #1 Sienkiewicz Cover CGC SS 9.8 Conner, Palmiotti, Sienkiewicz & Sinclair $150 (Always loved this cover, it reminds me of a crazy ex from NY. Again, dont tell her I said that..) Harley Quinn #1 Linsner Variant Cover CGC SS 9.8 Conner, Palmiotti & Sinclair $150 Ms Marvel #1 J Scott Campbell Variant Cover CGC SS 9.4 Campbell $125 Outcast #1 CGC SS 9.8 Robert Kirkman & Paul Azaceta $150
  13. ASM #15 Campbell Sketch Variant CGC SS 9.4 Campbell $90 Betty And Veronica Campbell Color Variant CGC SS 9.8 Campbell and Hughes $145 Betty And Veronica Campbell Sketch Variant CGC SS 9.8 Campbell and Hughes $195 ExtraOrdinary X-men #1 Campbell Variant CGC SS 9.8 Campbell $155 Flash #1 Godspeed Cover CGC SS 9.8 Williamson $85 Flash Rebirth #1 1st Godspeed CGC SS 9.8 Williamson $115
  14. "YOU NEED to buy a new refrigerator and it better be a French Door one", she said (In a whiny voice, but don't tell her I said that...) Shipping only to the US... my apologies to other nations, but I've lost too many books. 1) First in the thread gets it and trumps PM negotiations. 2) No Hall of Shame nor Probation List folks, please. 3) Payment methods: PayPal, postal money order, or check. ***Payment due within 48 hrs of invoice unless we agree to other arrangement*** 4) Shipping: $10 in the U.S. Priority package w/ Delivery Confirmaton + $2 each additional Elektra #1 CGC 9.8 Campbell "Virgin" $80 Elektra #1 CGC 9.8 Campbell cover B $55 East Of West RRP CGC 9.8 $355 East Of West CGC 9.8 $50 The Old Guard #1 ECCC variant limited 500 CGC 9.8 $165 Redneck #1 C2E2 Variant CGC 9.8 $100 Redneck #1 CGC 9.6 $40
  15. I remember selling a few in the $15-$20 range after that article came out. Could it become worth that or more once again? Definitely a speculative play... but could payoff if she does appear and you got in low enough. I think I have one left in my PC but it's essentially free-to-me since I sold the others.