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  1. Live Long And Prosper This is my journal. There are many like it, but this one is mine.... See more journals by JWKyle
  2. LEADING COMIC AUCTION HOUSES NEED TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE! First posted on 4/2013 by me.-I think it's time for the leading comic auctions, Heritage, ComicLink, and others, to start posting both the front and back covers on their auction pages. There is no reason that this can't be done for every comic auctioned. I've noticed that they do it for their top of the line rare books with high value. Every book I bid on from them is just as important to me, even if it's value may only be a couple of hundred bucks, as those thousand dollar comics are to the super rich and the dealers. I know from buying many comics that if the comic I'm bidding on has a front picture that looks like a 9.4 grade but is only graded 8.0 that most likely there's something on the back cover that brought the grade down. Sure it could be something on the inside that lowered the grade but by seeing both covers I'd know that. I don't know what would happen if I called and asked for a scan of the back. I know that if we all started calling for a back cover scan the auctions houses would start putting them on their auction pages so they wouldn't have to deal with all the phone calls. I'm not the type of person to start a movemnet to get the ball rolling on forcing the companies to do so. Hopefully a bunch of collectors reading this can jump in and put a little pressure on the big auctions to do so. I think it's time for full disclosure. Thanks. Well, now that it's 2017 I think the above is even more important then before seeing that both of the major grading services put notes on the reverse of the slabs. I'm sure they would say it's takes to much time or computer space, but come on, it's 2017. See more journals by Best2u
  3. 1985 Losers Special #1 See more journals by richard8158
  4. 1977 Our Fighting Forces! See more journals by richard8158
  5. cover & art Mike Baron story See more journals by Lille France
  6. I just got back 60 books from being graded. I am quite excited and felt the need to share this one as I love the Showcase books As I get older I get a bit more excited about books that are less appreciated and less known. I find myself gravitating towards 1st appearances and connected story line books. Most all my submissions were 1st appearances or 1st issues and many were graded lower than expected but I am happier to have them encapsulated and ready to put in my 18 by 44 foot comic vault I am having built...Pictures later of the CGC cabinets and room. See more journals by Ronnylama
  7. It's about f**king time. A few low grades. Overall I am pleased. See more journals by HWW1971
  8. Cgc 9.4 Signed See more journals by Lille France
  9. Is eBay what it used to be? I've been selling some of my doubles and "what was I thinking" comics on ebay for a few weeks now. The doubles are from upgrades and the "what was I thinking" are from series I was going to collect and decided not to or maybe just liked the cover but most likely a impulse buy. Been putting up 6 or 7 issues a week and selling only 2 or 3 of them. They're all mid to high grade comics and listed at, what I feel are great starting prices. I list then ending on Sunday night at about 7:30 to around 8 PST so it's not to late for the east coasters. I feel that not a lot of people are checking them out and bidding. Most lots get about 7 views and if a lot does sell it's rare to have more than one bid. What I'd like to know is if eBay is still the place to sell and if it is, what are the right days and times to list them? Have the auction houses become the place to sell rather than the self listing online auctions? Well that's my rant of the week. Not really a rant but more just trying to get a clue of where to sell things and when. PS - eBay seller: best2u See more journals by Best2u
  10. 1959 Grey tone http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=80699 See more journals by richard8158
  11. 1963 http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=80699 See more journals by richard8158
  12. 253 out of 289! Nine months ago I wrote a journal after adding my 200th comic to my GI Combat set. I now have 253 graded and am closing in on 90% completion. I have 2 left to send in for grades and that will exhaust what I have at the house. Out of the 36 still missing from the set, I have 24 of them but they are mostly reader grade. I try to have a reader copy for each book in the set, however, some aren't worth the expense of purchasing just to read. The copper portion of the set is all 9.6 and 9.8 except for a single 9.4. The bronzes are 9.0 or better except for 6 in need of upgrades (3 are in for grading now). The silvers are coming along nicely with many new additions and upgrades this year. The golds are in the worst shape with many missing still. There are plenty of the Quality issues to be had but most are in horrible shape. I'll keep hunting, after all, that's the best part! http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/SetTypeDetail.aspx?SetTypeID=400 See more journals by richard8158
  13. All rants will be comic related. Okay, I've noticed that the journals are mostly dead so I'm here to get things started up. Every week this year I will be posting a new journal dealing with something comic related that drives me bonkers. My first rant is what you're reading, when you should be writing a journal for all of us to read. It drives my crazy when I check the journals and the ones listed are over a week old. I remember the good old days when there were 3 or 4 new ones every day. Where did all those people go. You know who I'm talking about. Let's all post something even if it's just some new comic you have. Please, post something so I don't waste my time checking every day. Thanks and Best2u PS- This cover proves that Santa is not real. Ba Humbug See more journals by Best2u
  14. What happened, who did what and more in this exciting, not to miss entry! What a year it's been, eh? Some people have said 2016 has been nothing but a flaming dumpster fire and with Trump winning the election that may be what the future holds. But let's talk comics. Let's talk about the growth of my initial goal of collecting my favorite modern age grails. Let's talk about how that idea has expanded into the other era's and how I'm hoping to close out my modern age collection in 2017. As you may recall in last year's journal, I decided to sell my 4.0 no MC AF15 Uni in order to start acquiring my modern age favs. I've continued to make progress on that this year by adding these 9.8 slabs to the list (I bought my ASM 667 Dell'Otto Nov. of 2015): Batman #608 RRP Variant Uncanny X-Men #510 Campbell Sketch Variant Black Panther #1 Campbell Partial Sketch Variant Siege #3 Campbell Variant X-23 #1 Dell'Otto Variant Amazing Spider-Man 688 Campbell Variant Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #1 Campbell Variant Uncanny X-Force #20 Venom Variant Star Wars #1 B&W Luke Skywalker Action Figure Variant Wolverine #66 Sketch Variant Uncanny X-Force #5 Manara Variant Y The Last Man #1 Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 Land Variant Superman/Batman #1 RRP Variant Winter Soldier #1 Dell'Otto Variant (subbed it myself!) Ultimate Spider-Man #1 White Variant I have about 7 more modern age grails that I'm hoping to get this year, I may have to wait on the Walking Dead #1 as I think the price will drop once the shows are over, looking at the insane number of 9.8s in the census. A link to my Modern Age Gails! set can be found http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/ComicCustomSetView.aspx?s=18983'>here. This year, I also wanted to get the #1 spot for the Venom: Lethal Protector registry set this year too. I managed to tie the #1 set for the last few years, but I sniped the win by providing descriptions and front and back scans of each book. That set took me a while to find a #2 in 9.8. I had to sub 4 different #2's before I got it. I already bought the black error variant last year so it was just picking off the small set one at a time. A few months ago I had an idea that kind of grew and kept growing; collect all the symbiote host 1st appearances. Not the 1st appearance of the host, rather when the symbiote suit actually bonded with the host. It's now a custom registry set found http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/ComicCustomSetView.aspx?s=21280'>here. I have the description list finalized as of yesterday, I just need to add the last dozen additions to the issue list of the set. The last thing I started doing this year was move on to collecting my favorite Copper Age Grails!, which can be found http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/ComicCustomSetView.aspx?s=22412'>here. I've snagged just a few copper age 9.8 slabs for the set this year (the lone exception to the 9.8 set is of course TMNT #1, anything 9.0+ is fine with me): Amazing Spider-Man #300 Uncanny X-Men #266 Amazing Spider-Man #252 So 2017 is going to be a slow-going year for my comic collection as my wife is expecting another boy in April, my funds and time will be even more limited with two kids, but that's okay I'll shift my focus toward finding cheaper 9.8 books for my symbiote host set, and less on my modern age grail set. Jerome See more journals by jump_ace
  15. Please help I'm going bonkers not knowing !!!!!!! Like I said I'm a first time CGCer. On my first round I sent in the most beloved of my collection. Its been 3 weeks and when I check my submissions its saying not available. Can anyone please tell me if this is the norm and how long it might take to get info. Thank you all. First time jitters..... See more journals by HWW1971
  16. 1952!! Just got this one back yesterday! Also coming back were 2 more of these Ziff Davis GI Joes, 2 Our Fighting Forces and 10 GI Combats. All of the books graded as I expected except for 3 of the GI Combats which achieved higher than I thought! See more journals by richard8158
  17. Should grading agencies exchange graded comics to ensure accuracy across the board? I am a hazardous materials specialist. My main focus is removal of asbestos containing materials (ACM) following protocols set by government agencies. While removing ACM's, we are required to perform third party asbestos air monitoring using various consulting firms that specialize in this field. A government requirement is that these third party agencies must submit to a round robin service where by they exchange asbestos air samples with their asbestos consulting competitors for re-analysis to ensure their results are in-line with each other. I submit that this sounds like a great idea for the comic grading agencies as well. CGC, PGX & CBCS pick a variety of comics at various grades from their stock and exchange with each other for comparison grading. My interest in this was brought up not only because of my past work with the ACM air sample round robins I have been involved with but also because I just submitted a competitor's graded copy of a Tales of Suspense for re-grading by CGC and I am anxiously waiting to see if CGC grading concurs with the competitors grade previously given. If anybody reads this I would be very interested to hear from those that have taken competitor graded comics and submitted them to CGC for re-grading. How did they compare? Just an idea. K. Anger See more journals by Kenneth Anger
  18. Friends don't let friends get shilled. This is a shill-free zone to discuss modern comics. All opinions are welcome, but this is not a cheerleading area like so many of the modern comics threads. You can discuss what's going up, what's going down, and what is just hype. My personal goals for this thread is to create an archive of the books sites like cBSi try and push on the boards, and what the real sales data shows. See more journals by ComicBookTrends
  19. FLY FASTER CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!! I've sent two shipments of books to CGC. Now have to play the waiting game. I hope time flies by and I get them back soon. Years of sweat and tears in those boxes. The cream of my crop. Come back to me soon!!!!!!!! See more journals by HWW1971
  20. Just Added! Single highest graded http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=80699 See more journals by richard8158
  21. Another Adams Holy Grail To Add Awesome! My first signature acquisition in two years. A very tough book to find slabbed above 9.0, let alone a 9.6. And I bought this at a local convention. Classic Neal Adams cover. Signed, a pedigree copy and the highest graded (no 9.8s, universal or otherwise). Wish I could call this an Oak, but there are two more 9.6 signatures out there. Regardless, this is as good as it gets. Enjoy. See more journals by john ivic
  22. 1968 Russ Heath cover Single Highest! http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=80699 See more journals by richard8158
  23. My experience. So I didn't get a chance to do this after I got back. Busy with military stuff and the kiddo, and I suppose the wife(ha). Any who, I won't lie, the only thing that was a highlight for me was getting to talk to JSC and JTC. Other than that the crowd and the amount of rudeness I came across was astounding. Don't get me wrong I met some really nice folks standing in line to get the foil variants DC released at NYCC but other than that the vendors minus like 3 were ridiculous the prices are so far off what I could get certain books for online. The floor destroyed my feet and knees. And the lack of different product was upsetting. I am trying to close out an Invincible run right now and of all the vendors I went too only 1 had something different. Not to say the experience of being there was awesome because it was, but I now know that one day is more than enough for me to browse and look for what I need and see who I want to see. I am sure there are those of you that disagree but this was just my experience. I hope to make it to SDCC some time in the near future. But my plan is to go to all of the major cons at least once. And hopefully over time they get more about the fans and not about the money. Thanks for reading. Phillip See more journals by pjallen080483
  24. Should I really be selling these on eBay? Okay, the wife is sick. The yard work is all done so I had this past weekend free to do what ever I wanted. I decided to go book by book thru all my graded comics. I started with my Gold Key Star Trek issues and one of the first copies I came to was a book I had replaced with a higher grade. I set it to the side and kept going, by the time all 61 issues had been looked at I had about 10 slabs I no longer needed. I guess I forgot how many upgrades I had done. I kept this up for all 400 or more slabs. I now have a stack of about 40 books to get rid of. Talked to the honey about it and decided to try to sell then on eBay. I'll be selling 6 a week on Sunday nights starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That should give me something to do for the winter other than contend with the snow here in Michigan. Going to start with a few Star Trek and Space War issues following up with some Ghosts and Black Magic copies. I'll post a journal now and then to let you know how its going or you can just follow on eBay under my eBay name - Best2u. See more journals by Best2u
  25. Darkness and Tomb Raider / Witchblade and Tomb Raider / CGC New Case On my last submission of comics to CGC, I submitted 30 comics with 29 of them Witchblade and 1 Darkness & Tomb Raider crossover. Several of the Witchblade comics were also crossovers with Tomb Raider and Darkchylde. I did good this time with 22 returning at 9.8, 5 at 9.6, 2 at 9.4 and 1 at 9.0. Not sure what happened on that last one. I submitted a Witchblade and Tomb Raider Dynamic Forces Red Foil Logo and Red Foil Eyes Edition along with a Darkness and Tomb Raider Dynamic Forces Red Foil Logo and Red Foil Eyes Edition. Both of these comics are extremely rare and are limited to only 100 copies. I had purchased them years ago and they came with the Dynamic Forces Certification. Well, I got very lucky and both of them came back at a 9.8 grade. They are both beautiful comics and was really happy. My last few submissions to CGC before this one was not that great and came back with a very low average of 9.8's. I did submit a New Mutants 87 with one of the other orders and it returned with a 9.8 grade, so that was very exciting. I think CGC's New Case is just awesome. The new case brings the cover picture out and gives more clarity. I like the way the variant information is in the center over the bar code and with the comic information on the back. But, I think one my favorite things is the top of case strip is sealed inside the case, so no more pealing off. I would love to have all my graded comics to have the new case, but that is too much, I would rather use the funds to submit comics. This is just my opinion, I'm sure some people feel different about it. Thanks for reading, 109 See more journals by 109