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  1. This Journal will be to document my journey to complete a volume 1 X-Men collection. Hello, I have decided to document my journey as I try to collect a complete set of X-Men volume 1. I guess history will be the best place to start, like most of us I spent a lot of time reading comics growing up in the 80s. I raided the spinner racks every time we went to our local grocery store. The trip that sealed the deal and made me a real comic fan was the day I found Uncanny X-Men #210. The menacing looking group looking for a fight....I had to get in on that. After that I collected through my teens and never really stopped reading different titles but somehow dropped the X-Men from my have to reads. Now many years later I am going to focus and build that full run collection I always daydreamed about as a kid. 1st piece was recently purchased at a local comic shop from the back issue boxes which are almost all priced at $1.00. It is Uncanny X-Men #214. I saw this as a good sign seeing as how my love for the X-men started within a few issues of this one. This weekend should lead to a comic trip as I have 4 within 20 minutes of each other and my house. More X-Men goodness to come. See more journals by TheHainted
  2. Witchblade #178 SMASHCON Edition I have been collecting Witchblade comics since 1995 and have seen a variety of different art styles from cover artists. I'm a big fan of Michael Turner, but I think the Witchblade #178 SmashCon Edition is one my favorite covers. The art is by Carlos Cortez who I have never heard of before. I purchased a couple of these from the online Top Cow Store and I had CGC grade the best one out of the bunch. Top Cow sent me one that was signed by Cortez which was the best one to have graded, so it came back as a 9.8 Qualified grade. Check it out and let me know what you think and what you might know about this artist. Thank for looking, 109 See more journals by 109
  3. Follow Pike as he plans his future events and gives breakdowns of his past and future adventures in Comics. UPCOMING TOPICS: -DETAILED BREAKDOWN OF CONVENTION COSTS -CONVENTION SETUP -SELECTING CONVENTIONS TO ATTEND -BREAKING DOWN A COLLECTION -MARGINS AND CRITERIA FOR GETTING BOOKS GRADED I will also be answering any question people have along with giving details in regards to collections i have bought. See more journals by PikesComics
  4. Nice Showcase Cover By Neal Adams Deciding whether or not to bid for this book in the current Comic Link auction. With two days to go, the bid now stands at $375. I don't know why, but this book has become quite hot lately. Is the Phantom Stranger going to be appearing in an upcoming movie? Perhaps. Well, something is up with this issue. Enjoy. See more journals by john ivic
  5. Follow Pike as he plans his future events and gives breakdowns of his past and future adventures in Comics. Follow Pike as he plans his future events and gives breakdowns of his past and future adventures in Comics. See more journals by Lostpike78
  6. 1961! Not the highest graded but a tough one to find in any sort of decent grade. http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=80699 See more journals by richard8158
  7. What the heck is a sock story Got this little honey off from ComicLink but haven't gotten it yet due to the need for a new slab. Anyway, I was giving it a look over online and saw the it says there are 4 Sock Stories inside. Do you think, like me, that that is a mistake and should have been Shock Stories. And, if not, what is a Sock Story? See more journals by Best2u
  8. 1962-1963 http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=80699 See more journals by richard8158
  9. All Kubert covers I picked up 9 9.8 upgrades the other day consisting of 5 Bronze and 4 Coppers, all GI Combats. http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=80699 See more journals by richard8158
  10. G.I. Combat 81 Even though the 93 deal went sideways, this one worked out. See more journals by richard8158
  11. My latest pressing experience Several months back I purchased a G.I. Combat #93 (1962) from a seller on eBay. He had advertised it as a NM with a fairly large price tag. We bargained for a bit and finally came to a suitable price. This deal came with the stipulation that if it did not grade at 9.0 or better, a portion of my purchase price would be refunded. When the book arrived, it appeared to be a solid 8.5, perhaps even a 9.0. With no significant flaws, only a couple of minor indents in the cover, I was thrilled! I thought that with a press it would easily achieve a 9.0. Even at 8.5 it would be the highest graded copy. Having heard so many great thing about Matt at CCS, I forwarded it to them as a fast track. After a month and a half of anxiously waiting for it to arrive at CGC, I called CCS. They had missed the fast track part. Okay, things happen. The lady was nice and said she would get it in with the other fast tracks and only charge me the standard price. In a matter of days it was at CGC. It was marked shipped the other day and of course I had to look at the grade. I felt crushed when I saw the 6.0. So I checked the graders notes. Only 2 notes were present: cover detached at top staple and cover detached at bottom staple. WHAT? It was tight and secure when I sent it in. I contacted CCS and asked what happened. After a day of investigation, they acknowledged it happened in their possession. At first they offered about half what I had invested in the book. I ended up with roughly 80% of what I put into the book. In the end I have a disappointing and overpriced 6.0, and I can't recover anything from the seller, after all it's not his fault CCS ruined the book. It's not about the money anyway, I treasure my comics. See more journals by richard8158
  12. Early DC Work By Adams My latest Comic Link auction win. An upgrade from the 9.2 copy that I sold last year. The Spectres are somewhat under appreciated issues done by Neal Adams in 1968. No doubt overshadowed by his Deadman stories in Strange Adventures at that time. They are quite affordable in ultra high grade too, as evidenced by the dirt cheap price I won this book for. Enjoy. See more journals by john ivic
  13. Sad the closer it nears So over the last two years I have become a big Invincible fan. I noted in a previous journal that I believed Robert Kirkmans other comics were extremely over priced just because of the fan following for TWD. With that said I have been slowly filling in the missing issues for my run of Invincible. Why? Easy that comic isn't the run of the mill. People die they stay dead the villains sometimes win and the hero doesn't always get his way. I enjoy that about this comic. So to find out the series is ending at issue 144 I am happy and sad at the same time. He doesn't want someone else to take over the series, even tho at one point he said "someday i would like to be reading a comic I don't like by people I don't know". I wish that they would continue the series its one of the few I actually still read and enjoy, but the story has an ending. So hopefully he doesn't pull a McFarland and say it's done but keeps going. With that said I was finally able to get my hands on a 1, 2, and 3. And even tho they aren't the 9.8's I am ok with it because I can now say I own the first 3 issues and hopefully all of them down the road of the best superhero comic (in my opinion) that is out. Thanks for reading my rambles. Phillip See more journals by pjallen080483
  14. I popped out a book from the "other " other guys to see if I was right. Thanks for the idea Tnerb. I recently renewed my membership and wanted to use my $150 credit. I always struggle to pick which books will make the cut. This year I decided to make a grading comparison. The owner of my favorite comic shop always makes it a point to let me know his grading is stricter than CGC's every single time I go there. Now in the past I have found he's normally 1/2 a grade above the CGC grade 90% of the time. This time I sent three raw copies from his shop and one copy I popped out of a CGC competitor. I'm stealing this from Tnerb but I call them the "other " other guys. They have been around for awhile so I think you know who they are. I tested them years ago against CGC and thought their grading was off and CGC won. I had a Silver Surfer 4 which I thought was undergraded and popped it out. Those guys had it at 7.0. I sent it to CGC this time and it came back at 8.5! I feel an error has been corrected. The three shop books sent in were a Conan 1 at 7.5. An Avengers 12 at 8.0 and a Marvel Premiere 15 at NM-. Well this time all three books came back at exactly the same grade from CGC as the shop owner. So I was happy with the results. He will still bring it up even though I try to avoid that conversation each time I am there. Some recent pickups are The Thing #16 9.4 from 1954 ( Charlton). I have thought of collecting this title for a few years but this copy was about half price from some others I have seen listed. So it was a good time to start on this title. I picked up a Turok 66 9.6 file copy for $60 which was a great price. I did get a Swamp Thing 7 9.6 ( Batman appearance). I also got a weekend off which makes me very happy as I don't see many of them each year. Thanks for reading. See more journals by Rockblazer
  15. Should these be technically considered 'International Comics'? Question for collectors: Should 'Fan Expo Canada Variant Editions' (variant covers exclusive to the Fan Expo Canada Convention) technically be considered 'International Comics', which are typically comic books published outside the U.S? See more journals by BBOY
  16. Oh, that trip back in memory lane. I haven't written a journal in over two years. It isn't that I died or had no desire, I just had other things going on. I went back to grad school to finish work on my Doctorate in Education, so I was studying a lot and my money was going toward tuition and books as opposed to collectibles. So, I finished up in late July (well, except for the dissertation) and now I can sort of get back to my life. I found myself reading a lot of comic books from the early to mid seventies recently. Specifically, I've been looking at 1973-1978 mostly. Nothing in particular. I bought some Marvel Team Up, Kamandi, Mister Miracle, Thor, Captain America, Shazam, Fantastic Four, and a wide variety of other things. I've actually been kind of cheap, since I didn't want to spend money on the expensive stuff. The whole time that I was reading these books I was thinking "Man, comics were so great! I wish they were like this again!" So, I wonder, were they really that great? I mean, were they better than the 60's or the 80's? Or now? I really don't know. What I do know is this: I was 8 years old in 1973, and a more fervent comic book reader did not exist. In mid 1974, my dad took a job in a very small town (pop 202) and I knew nobody and when I got to school right away I was the new guy and I spent fourth grade pretty much alone. But, every Saturday we drove to the nearest town and I'd go grocery shopping with my mom and I'd hit the comics rack and talk mom into 3-5 comics. So, I can safely say that comics from this time period were my best friends. I must have read the Spectre Adventure Comics at least 100 times each. The same goes for the Thors of the mid 230's. I didn't remember the covers, because those got ripped off after the 8th or 9th reading. After a year, we moved out of the small town and I could resume life, but comics were still a big part of it. So now, I find myself reading these same old books (and a few that I didn't own back then) and I wonder if I am reading them with the eyes of a 51 year old. Or, am I reading them as an 8-12 year old read them back in the 70's? And are my rose colored glasses affecting my vision? I wonder if today's kids will think back upon their comics (or video games or whatever it is that makes them happy) and remember how great things were back in the day. See more journals by PowderedH2O
  17. I love you so much CGC makes my loins tingle. You've done so much for me, well as long as I've been willing to pay for it. I want to have all of your children. See more journals by samejeffro
  18. Getting tired of seeing You Tube Threads on CGC I have submitted more books than most people. I want to be CLEAR. CGC has ALWAYS treated me fairly. I see You Tube videos and make my comments as I deem fit. I get upset when I watch some Comic Collectors Begrudge CGC. WHY? I have proof...I submit more books than most of you reading and even AFTER they came up with the new CGC CASE. If I did have a problem they will fix it. This is a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO CGC AND THE ONES WHOM I HAVE WORKED WITH....YOU ROCK STAY TRUE AND REAL>... nuff said See more journals by Ronnylama
  19. Dan Dare doesn't know it, but... The epilogue to "Rusty Staples and Sunken Treasure" begins now. See more journals by Hibou
  20. When is a good time to grade? I believe if you like it preserve it. In the past 12 month I have acquired around 180 comics. A pretty wide verity to say the least. X-men #3 lately at an antique mall. A 1951 Don Winslow from a local hole in the wall which is a pretty interesting place to visit to an issue 92 of The Walking Dead. I was intrigued with it because it was the first full appearance Jesus Christ. I also acquired a Savage Dragon and a Spider-man with President Obama on the cover. Sending in 13 tomorrow for grading from 2.5 to 9.8, I hope. we will see. See more journals by rougue
  21. A book I've dreamed of owning since I was a kid. :-) It's been a little while since my last journal. I'm very proud to be able to add this book to my collection. It was one of those books I was feeling like it was becoming more and more out of my reach. Indeed when I got my ASM129 it was a choice between that book and a Hulk 181. As it turned out I'm very glad with how everything ended up falling into place. I got my ASM129 before the spike of the Daredevil season 2 announcements, and this year I was ecstatic for it to be able to bump up in grade. When I first got back into collecting and heard about CGC books. I watched a lot of you tube videos of other peoples collections. A lot of people would say after they had been collecting for a while that they wanted to consolidate and be able to get a Hulk 181. I buried that in the back of my mind somewhere. I always told myself if I ever cam across a good deal on a 181 I would go for it. All the conventions I've been to buying a raw 181 from dealers wasn't worth it and almost always the condition wasn't that good. A few years goes by. The majority of my CGC collecting has been books I submitted myself and I very seldom sold any as I was trying to build up my volume of graded books. I have a comic room at home where I have most of my books on display on ikea shelves. I had been at capacity for some time and only sold a few books here and there to fund more grading and signature series costs. Then one of my buddies online came across one of those huge basement collections and was helping the owner sell it. I told him to let me know if the 181 would be for sale. He did and I made an offer on it. I was thinking the grade was around a 7.5 maybe an 8.0. I even posted it on the spare my grade section. The general consensus was 8.0-8.5. Luckily I had the inventory of smaller books and a few bigger ones to sell real fast. CCS did a fantastic job on my book! I was absolutely thrilled when it came back a 9.0!!! Now I am the proud owner of this book. Pretty cool as I got it from an original owner collection like most of my other big books. It really completes my current collection and ties in my bronze to copper to modern age books. I haven't been able to do much signature series books this year but it's all been worth it and I hope to do some more submissions next year. Thanks for reading, See more journals by STORMSHADOW_80
  22. Another Awesome Sale Of Action 1 Looks like it's up...up and away with the value of this book. Action 1, CGC 5.5, won at Heritage auctions yesterday for $956,000! One shudders to think what a 9.2 would sell for if one should ever turn up on the market. Never let it be said that the vintage comic book industry is dying. Not as long as those rich collectors are out there, anyways. Enjoy. See more journals by john ivic
  23. Recent auctions- when to hang it up and a pet peeve of mine. I was browsing the various sellers and auction sites Monday night July 25th and checked out Comiclink's focused auction which was starting to close over the next few days. I noticed that the number one Registry set of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was up on the block for Wednesday night. I've had the number two set for a number of years now. This set has a number of Gary Dalberg's Twin Cities copies in it. Most are 9.8's with white pages. These of course were going off after 11:30 pm which is three hours past my bedtime. I get up for work at 3:45 am each day. I do better on Comiclink when I am present so I set my alarm for 11 pm to bid on them. I did a little better than I expected getting an issue 3 and three of the Twin Cities. Which were numbers 4,5, and 8. I have already received them ( which is quick for Comiclink ) and am waiting for CGC to approve them for my set. Which brings me to my pet peeve which is the naming of pedigree collections. I think the person who amassed such collections needs to have his name attached to the collection like Edgar Church or Gary Dalberg. What bothers me are collections which the person who built it is not mentioned in the title. I know some don't want their name attached or some collections we don't know who the collector was but we should honor that person by naming the collection after them. Let me know your thoughts on this. On when to stop collecting I had planned on when I retire probably at 66 years old. I'm 57 now but my wife had two health scares this year. (She's back healthy again) but I offered to give it up so she could reap the benefit of selling my collection but she does not want me to stop anytime soon so I'll keep plugging away. Below are my recent pickups. See more journals by Rockblazer
  24. How I got my saga of the swamp thing 37 cgc 9.8 Download the mercari app use promo code GGEXZP for free credits and get in on some amazing deals. I have purchased in the last 3 months: Asm238 5$ Saga of the swamp thing 37 5$ Dark knight returns 1 25$ And that's just for starters. If you are a seller there are no fees. See more journals by Collectrdie
  25. ASM So I know it's not a key issue but at 8.0 almost 46 years old, and for the price I couldn't pass up on this ASM #89. Plus given the fact that i started collecting ASM Vol.1 and 2 again I told myself i wouldn't go after the 9.6's or anything like that for the earlier issues funds just don't allow it. For me an awesome vibrant cover works. See more journals by pjallen080483