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  1. This journal will showcase 1 underground comic a day Feel free to contribute. I hope this turns into an open dialogue about all things underground. See more journals by freak brothers
  2. but .. ----> I.. LIKE it.... (...just a quick minute-al for Best2u.) Happy Hunting Sports Fans! See more journals by _cantwh8C?
  3. Also, where are all the people posting journals? I have the number one set of Headline Comics but I felt that it really wasn't worth having unless I had #1 and #37. Well, I've had #1 for some time but last night I added #37 from the ComicLink auction. Grade didn't really matter as I couldn't afford anything in a higher grade than the 5.0 that this comic is. As a little side rant. I look every day for new posts to the journals but as of late it's been dead. I know it's summer and Comic-Con is going on but it seems like every since Tnerb left the single life the journals have died a slow death. His posts used to bring so many other people to comment on thing. I'm not much of a writer but I sure would like to see more posts from you people. See more journals by Best2u
  4. My Adventures in Comic Hunting Some people at work suggested I write something about my weekly tales in comic hunting. Over the years I've found some amazing stuff. I've also been in some scary places as well. This thread is a journal of my adventures. See more journals by Scott1
  5. Best Silver Age Set? I truly appreciate the award although I was totally blindsided by it. The set has so many holes and issues that need upgrading that I never even considered it a possibility. Not to mention that there are so many great sets on display. So often I look at other members books and am amazed at what they have put together. Maybe mine will be like theirs in another 5 years.... http://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=80699 Thank you See more journals by richard8158
  6. Thanks to Ronnylama for the suggestion. The first appearance of the Vision does seem to be quite affordable for as enduring a character as he is. See more journals by 1994axiom94
  7. Wonder Woman I have a new addition to my collection. I think this one speaks for itself. Enjoy! See more journals by mzhammer
  8. ASM 12 Very nice for a 5.5! See more journals by 1994axiom94
  9. Re-asking the question I posed on 4-7-15. I acquired the FF 48, JIM 97, X-men 4 & 10, Avengers 5. Looking for more advice. Thanks! MEMBER JOURNAL ENTRY: What Do I NEED To Get NOW!!! By: 1994axiom94 Posted: 4/7/2015 12:49:31 AM | Views:377 What Silver Age comics am I going to wish I had not dragged my feet on purchasing one, two or five years down the line? I remember about ten years ago seeing a BIN on eBay that consisted of AF15 CGC 5.0, and ASM1 thru 9 all CGC ranging from 5.0 to 7.5. the price? $15,000. I dreamed of liquidating a sizable part of my collection to get the lot, but I was never really going to pull the trigger and I knew it. Of course who wouldn't make that deal now? So what is out there waiting to be had NOW? A year or two ago it would have been FF 36, 45, 46, 48, or ST 126. Fellow collectors give me your opinions (hot tips!) if you care to. ST Annual 2 is on my priority list along with ST 115, TOS 49, JIM 97, X-men 4 and 10, FF 13, Avengers 3 and 5. See more journals by 1994axiom94
  10. A pair of early Daredevils They comprise the totality of my DD collection! See more journals by 1994axiom94
  11. High Grade Pre-Hero All three are pretty high on the census. I might add that I think the new holders are an improvement over the old... I don't think they will be as susceptible cracking. They also give a better view of the enclosed comic. They must have worked the bugs out. See more journals by 1994axiom94
  12. High Grade Pre-Hero All three are pretty high on the census. I might add that I think the new holders are an improvement over the old... I don't think they will be as susceptible cracking. They also give a better view of the enclosed comic. They must have worked the bugs out. See more journals by 1994axiom94
  13. Rant of the quality in which comics arrive. So I don't know how many of you actually collect any of the new issues being released, but I pick up a few every week online sometimes most at my LCBS. With that being said I have noticed lately that a lot of the issues being shipped out are damaged when being received by my LCBS and even when getting a shipment from Midtown if I missed an issue or the store I go to didn't have it. Now with that being said you would think that with the amount of money even after these companies have gone to digital that paper issues bring in they would protect these things. It's getting more an more difficult to get a 9.8 off the shelf without going to different stores or ordering online. And it's not so much DC issues more so Marvel. Just wanted to rant a little the wife don't really care so I know you guys may or may not feel my pain thanks for reading. Phillip See more journals by pjallen080483
  14. Marc Silvestri White Pages See more journals by Lille France
  15. Update on my 1st new holder My first new holder came back with a very wavy book inside. I contacted Brittany McManus and was told to return the comic to her. It was written in as a mechanical problem. The comic returned today looking fine! No waves whatsoever, also no newton rings! If any of you still have books that are wavy, send them back. You can contact Brittany at: bmcmanus@cgccomics.com She also offered a direct refund to my credit card or an account credit, whichever you choose. See more journals by richard8158
  16. Magnum Force My second and final win in the current Comic Link auction. As is usually the case with the 1970s X-Men acquisitions, the dollar/registry point ratio is amazing. This one is worth 616 points, about four times the dollar amount of my winning bid. Enjoy. See more journals by john ivic
  17. Adams Inking Not Noted Won this during the ongoing Comic Link auction. Highest graded, obviously. On the CGC label, Neal Adams is not listed for his inking done on this issue. Don`t ask me why. Maybe due to the fact that Adams only partially inked. Anyways, a nice win nonetheless for the price I won it for. Enjoy. See more journals by john ivic
  18. More treasures involving the things I enjoy. Went to the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and submitted many books. TMNT #1 3rd Print #3 & #4 1st Prints. Dark Shadow by Gold Key issues 6-10, Man from U.N.C.L.E. #3, Hogan's Heroes 5 & 9, Blitzkreig #1, Brave & The Bold #200 and Amazing Spider-Man #102 in German. They should be back sometime In September. Now for the long wait . See more journals by Lady Allysin
  19. I'd really like to hear how others feel about this. Yesterday I was going from one auction site to another, just looking to see if there was anything I was interested in. My comic collecting is confined to only a couple titles so it's pretty easy to know what I've already looked at before. Anyway I saw a comic that recently sold on one site, appear on another, for sale again. The difference was it was more than 7 times higher in price this time. I went and checked the numbers on both sites. Yep, same book. I felt like this major dealer was taking advantage of collectors. I also wondered if the items I bought from them before had the same markup. I have also seen this from another seller (same comic issue) but he only marked his up a bit over 5 times. I know, I know, they haven't broken any laws. And it is their right to charge whatever they feel. But they remind me of the folks who sell hammers and toilet seats to the government. I approve of reasonable profits. At what point does profiting end and gouging begins? I don't feel good about it, but am curious how others feel. See more journals by richard8158
  20. Rated A White Pages See more journals by Lille France
  21. Opening Remarks Greetings CGC community, just saying hello from the Philippines. Obviously I am new to all these comic collection. I do prefer signature series as a personal collection, I feel having signed by the artist/author gives a sense of personal satisfaction at least for me Hope to have friends here too! Till next time! Thanks! See more journals by Wixdines
  22. As many know, I love comics but I have gravitated to DC for quite some time. I have more Marvel books both RAW and CGC but I find DC books are a HIT for me. Showcase #4 is the perfect example...It is the Marvel Amazing Fantasy 15...Less graded..... Though I am still in search for a non resto book...RESTO RUINS THE MARKET.I find DC is THE HIDDEN WONDER and the undervalued and WELL deSERVED LEADER IN COMICS. I am so happy with this book as it BEATS ANYTHING ELSE I OWN....A TREASURE See more journals by Ronnylama
  23. It's finally that time again! Since hitting Heroes a Con last year for the first time, I resigned myself to never missing this awesome show again! Easily the best show on the east coast every year! And now it's finally time for Heroes Con again this weekend! I've got lots of stuff to do at this show! Many books that I will get signatures on, many people to aid in their searches for that next awesome graded treasure, and many friends to see and spend time with! And of course, all of the awesome artwork that the artists do at this show for the annual art auction that they run every year!! This will be a fantastic weekend filled with comic art greatness!! I will post pictures after the weekend is over. See more journals by bagofleas
  24. Arriver ce matin Collection See more journals by Lille France
  25. Nouveau hulk pour ma collection. Collection See more journals by Lille France