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  1. Cool, thanks for the info! Jerome
  2. I love that everyone is dumping their ASM 300s this weekend Jerome
  3. Yea I was ready to pay a ton more Jerome
  4. Just found a Spider-Man/Backlash #2 CGC 9.8 on ebay Jerome
  5. Love Tom Hardy, this is great news. Can't wait to see a good Venom on the silver screen this time And super glad I bought my ASM 300 when I did Jerome
  6. I don't recall, do they give out an award for the best custom set? It'd be a cool idea if the winning custom set became a competitive set as a reward. Jerome
  7. The regular suit spidey, thanks for the info! Jerome
  8. I want that Spidey-Doc Oct! Anyone know which issue that is from? Good find! Jerome
  9. It's be a billion times more efficient if on step 3 where you enter the comic book information they let us add multiple books here. Rather than stepping through the entire process for each and every book That takes forever! I wish CGC would let me give them some IT advice sometimes, but they'd never listen to us collectors Here's what I'm thinking. Take this page: And add a button, with some info reminding the customer books must qualify for the same tier, like so: Then, when you click said button, you see: Voila, now you could add all your books at once and only have to step through the online process once! Jerome
  10. I'm in, but I get to spend 3 days with her first! Jerome
  11. Interesting...good idea. With all these stores getting their own multipack variants its quite daunting keeping them straight even after just a couple months. Jerome
  12. Mid-week Jerome
  13. Thats right, the IDW I think is a reprint from 2012? Don't quote me on that But it's a far cheaper way to own a classic (And Ruby Red) JSC cover! Jerome