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  1. If anyone wants a VF/NM copy of the ASM 667 Dell'Otto. Jerome
  2. Ah, I don't have it in my list. Great catch buddy, thank you! But it's still not in my list cause I snagged at 9.8 on fleabay just now Jerome
  3. Correct. Doing that is beyond my knowledge and budget. Plus things would break if a site changed something on their website as a text/web scraper wouldn't find what it's looking for. Jerome
  4. I secured the site so bad people can't see the data I'm not collecting and not selling to another company. *glares at Avast anti-virus* Jerome
  5. Okay okay, enough trolling. Danger Girl #1 Ruby Red Variant? If not that, then I second the Maxx Red & Blues Jerome
  6. Enabled SSL on my temp VM running the site atm. Jerome
  7. I removed a few sites that went down. I need to tweak a couple sites so the search works properly again. Jerome
  8. You have to state a price when posting in the WTB threads WTTB! Jerome
  9. I'm excited, but I'll believe it when I see it. Maybe someone will make an 'ultimate' star wars edit between both FE and SE films. One that removed the Jabba scene, Han shoots first. But also has better sabre battles and the better death star explosion from SE. That'd be the hotness. Jerome
  10. There's nothing like dusting off an old thread. I've got this setup again. I need to update the list as some sites have gone dark I would like to ask if anyone knows of a site that isn't on my list, I'd love to add it! LNK Jerome