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  1. Thanks my man! Yeah, I'm setting my sights on more of a general, collect whatever I want kind of collection this time. That said, if a certain ASM 667, 678 or Bats 608, etc. (in 9.8 of course!) were to catch my eye... Jerome
  2. Thanks buddy! I'm just doing my due diligence I guess Jerome
  3. For the X-Men #1, no MC, prefer a nicely presented copy in the $10k range. For the TMNT #1 1st print, cgc 9.4. I have a lead on one, just seeing if there are any others, $12k range for that book. Found! Let me see what'cha got! Jerome
  4. Yea, thats a good start, some of those books would apply with their non-variant counterpart like Wolvie #145, he still gets his adamantiam back in the 1st print too And like you said easier access to sales, but the thread would also be about big events, not just the high dollar issues Is Watchmen #1 still considered (thee) first MA book and the Death of Supes the end of Copper? Jerome
  5. Sad that I had to sell my collection before things really matured, but I'm moving into a new house because of them so, yay! Great list, a few n00bs in there and I'll admit, I'm happy to see the Vader Down in there. That one was the riskiest book to invest in, imo. But now I can just collect easy to find books. Has anyone made a Modern Key Issues list (variants not allowed)? A place where books like the Death of Spider-Man, Cap, YTLM #1, WD's and Invincible books can be listed? Jerome
  6. Hi Mollie can you add Venom #165 Deodato Variant to the registry? Thanks as always! Jerome
  7. Hi Mollie, Can you add 100th Anniversary Special: Spider-Man #1 to the registry for me? And Siege: Spider-Man And Spider-Man/Fantastic Four. Lastly, (I think?) What The--?! series. Jerome
  8. Hi Mollie, Can you add: Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #24 - 4/07. It stops at #23. Thanks so much! Jerome