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  1. The Most Variant Cover

    Does it come with a Pog? No? No sell. Jerome

    Awesome-sauce, thank you! Jerome
  3. How about a reasonably priced book on ebay for a change? Link. Jerome
  4. Will CGC re-holder a cracked SS case?

    Unless the slab is utterly destroyed to where it affects the grade, CGC will honor the previous grade. If it's so damaged that it does affect the grade, CGC will call you and inform you it needs to be re-graded and give you some options before proceeding. Also, as I know it, unless it's damaged so much that it'd be possible to pull a switcheroo on the signed book, CGC will honor the SS label during the reholder. HTH! Jerome
  5. Batman #608 for over $500!

    I only head of a German one, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear about a spanish one. Jerome
  6. Adding free shipping and dropped the price of a few books. Jerome
  7. Case closed! Jerome
  8. Great books, I have no comment on the sig tho Jerome
  9. Predator Vs. Venom!?!

    The best! Jerome
  10. Thanks Jay! No one wants my beat to *spoon* Darkhawk #1, assuming I can even find it in my garage Jerome
  11. WTB Marvel Zombies 1 - 5

    I'm selling my Marvel Zombies #5 CGC 9.8, PM incoming! Jerome
  12. Yea, gotta build up that bank account Jerome