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  1. Happy Birthday Filter81

    It is your birthday.
  2. I'm not at all surprised with the lack of red, white, and blue. It doesn't bother me that it isn't there (She looks pretty cool to me), but Marvel already had to take the "America" out of there movie titles for certain international releases. It only makes sense that DC would want to avoid any association with the American theme.
  3. Batman New 52

    Loved the end of Zero Year. I also love that they are referencing it in Batman: Eternal. The final pages were great. Alfred's relationship with Bruce makes me tear up no matter how deep into it the writer goes.
  4. Marvel and DC legos

    You guys let your kids play with your legos?
  5. Forever Evil

    Has anyone seen this? It may have been discussed already. Link My only problem is I really enjoy Kyle Higgins' writing. I hope they give him something else.
  6. Batman New 52

    I was really starting to get bored with Batman until issue 30. I felt like Zero Year was just dragging on. However, issue 30 pulled me back in. It's an original idea (as far as I know) and I like the direction it looks like it's heading in.
  7. Eugenius, Wherefore Art Thou??? Opinions Welcome.

    Hope everything works out, Mike.
  8. X-Men in 7th Grade Science

    With everyone's personal views kept out of it, I would like to inform everyone as to how this great hobby of ours has helped a group of 7th graders at an alternative middle school to learn about natural selection and Darwin's theories. I've been teaching at an alternative school for the past 4 years now and always struggle with how to teach the required Florida standard of Evolution through Natural Selection to my students. However, a breakthrough came in the form of X-Men: First Class. Before the Christmas break this past year, I watched the film again and had an idea when Charles was hitting on the girl at the bar and discussing mutation. I have been using X-Men comic books and X-Men films to help students who don't like reading or studying learn about Life Science. They are genuinely engaged in the discussions and performed well on the assessments. Just thought I would share with you guys.
  9. So is this board mainly full of high end collectors?

    There a lot of high end peeps here! Oh you mean the books they collect? Drek...all of them.
  10. Class of....

    Added to 2010