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  1. Victor Prezio. Here's another example, though I dont own this one.
  2. Sweet looking #38s guys! It's always been a favorite cover for me.
  3. Well it certainly looks the part in the scans. Any info on its history? Seems a bit brighter than my copy [which I dont think is a candidate, though I will be taking another look!].
  4. I used to own a few Baker St John romance that were supposedly Church copies, bought in a Heritage auction long back. They were by no means pristine copies, and I seem to recall a discussion some time ago on the boards in which it was suggested that when Edgar could not get copies from his newstand, he went in search of other copies. I only mention this because I wonder if poor distribution of certain 'late period' books might have been a factor, and we know that Planet #65 is/was a scarcer than average Planet. Any thoughts?
  5. My favourite Jumbo... and for some reason, one of the toughest, especially in grade.
  6. Hi grade structure, but a tiny corner off bottom right.
  7. Speaking of favorites, this was my sole win from the Nic Cage Heritage Auction so many years ago [sold and reacquired since!] There is an entire Game of Thrones in this epic cover!
  8. In reality the purple [magenta] is even deeper than the scan shows. I've never seen another FH cover quite like it.
  9. ..so what's everyone else's number one FH pick?
  10. Well, it would have to be this one, but it's the colors, not the cover, if you see what I mean.
  11. Wonderful group. My top 6 are in here somewhere, I just cant decide.