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  1. I was re-reading Lesser's book last night for the first time in years and came across the following list towards the end of the book – the pulp artists Lesser considered 'the best.' I thought this of sufficient interest to share before posting some of Ward's original paintings...

  2. Why wasn’t this art saved? Why is it so hard to find today? Because pulp art is, to many, offensive art. Its pictures are filled with pain, torture, violence, and the threat of sexual violation and death in motion. . . . Pulp art is hard whiskey: men’s art fueled on testosterone. Unknown and unrecognized, without a deep anchor sunk into the marketplace, it has remained—until the very present—a unique American heritage that burned brightly on newsstands for two decades, a lost inheritance future generations might never see or be able to claim.”


    Robert Lesser in Pulp Art