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  1. Over the decades I've owned far more of these mags than I currently own. In the end I decided to boil down my collection to a representative spread. Just came cross a  folder of a couple of dozen I let go some years ago, which might be of interest. Looking again today, there may be a couple I wish I'd kept, but overall I'm happy enough with what I kept [all of which I posted earlier.]

    Mans Action Aug 1968.jpg

  2. 18 hours ago, Zolnerowich said:

    This suggests to me that either the "M" in "CMYK" the color separation process (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black) was selectively susceptible to fading, or more likely, Fiction House couldn't afford a lot of the Magenta ink (which might have been more expensive... though I'm totally speculating here), so as October said, later copies off the printing presses would lose their redness.

    The Mystery of the Missing Magenta! Dont know if these links will be of interest but any port in a lockdown!