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  1. 1 hour ago, G G said:

    The Hunt Bowman/Lost World series of stories are my favourite in the PLANET run. I have a theory that George Lucas read these books at some stage because the character of Yoda in terms of speech pattern was derived from these stories. If not then its the most unlikely of coincidences. Of course only those who actually read the stories would know this. :smile:

    Read them I did.

  2. Well done, fellow Planeteers! Some radiant copies landed here! I know Rick had been hunting down this particular copy of Planet #17 ever since it first popped up, then disappeared from sight before eventually surfacing again after long months. Did anyone keep a record of the CC results on those Rivets? :foryou: Looked like most of them were on track to finish strongly, which if so is heartening after the extraordinarily variable results of the Church auction. Last time I looked, the weakest bidding seemed to be on the #19 - cannot understand why that book does not get the same love as #17 and #18 [apart from the Church copy of course].

  3. 5 hours ago, Spyder! said:

    I have never been convinced that 65 is a Doolin, doesn’t really look like his work to me. I don’t know that the cover artist has been established.

    Here are #65 and #66 for comparison. The spaceman's suit is pretty much identical in both, and Whitman certainly did #66, which makes me think #65 might be Whitman as well, at least partially. On the other hand, while the figure of the woman is very graceful, it does not compare to Whitman's depictions of women on the covers of -for example - #66, #71, #72. The overall cover design of #65 is classic, but I find myself wondering if it might just possibly be a mash up of Doolin's layouts finished by Whitman. But secretly I want it to be a Whitman cover!

    Planet Comics #65 CGC 8.5.jpg


  4. Speaking as an angry old white guy, I loved the movie, and I thought Brie Larson held her own against Samuel L., who is one of the best scene stealers in the business. [Spoilers ahead.]

    When she eventually grows into her powers, I finally understood why she is now touted as perhaps the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe, with nary a trace of absolute power absolutely corrupting.  I thought there were weaknesses - she overcomes the Supreme Intelligence far to easily, and what is so important about a FTL drive to an interstellar race who cross galaxies? But several right angles  takes us in unexpected directions which more than make up for the illogicalities.The right wing bandwagon attempting to trash it will fail.

  5. 51 minutes ago, Spyder! said:

    I really love the purple in the background :cloud9:

    One of the best mid-run covers IMO.  

    Also, the only issue in the run where the title does not have "3D" letters. 

    Took me years to notice the 2D title! Maybe my focus was elsewhere.

    I spent entire decades not liking this cover before realizing belatedly that I like it a lot.

    I was just now trying to figure out what is so different about this particular cover, why it stands apart from its near contemporaries - and apart from the sheer range of colors [I;'m a sucker for bright reds of course], it seems to me that the dramatic effect is heightened beyond most later Planet covers because the heroine is in direst peril of becoming tenderloin [note the skull in the corner],  is dressed for the ballroom [slit skirt on a Demon planet, no less, and how do you fire this silly pistol anyway? And why hasnt Flash rescued me yet?]


    I also think the vignette in the background is kind of hilarious. Is that a female lizard demon, perhaps? And is he glad to see her? Are we looking at the Fiction House equivalent of Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice?


    And yet I think Doolin was simply auto assembling according to the usual formula, not consciously referencing anything of this.


    First you innu, then you endo.