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  1. 1 hour ago, sacentaur said:

    If the two corners are identified as bindery at the time of production, then CGC won’t necessarily deduct for that.

    The writing is what outwardly identifies the book as a pedigree, there typically is no deduction for that (indeed, most collectors consider the coding as a perk).

    Right, Steve. happens a lot with Fiction House. Mind, some of the Church Planets recently auctioned did look a tad overgraded to me, but that is only going by the scans. Non-bindery chips, dust shadows, etc.

  2. All in the best possible taste! This is a question I've been pondering. I suppose I would do my best to anticipate the end in good time to liquidate, then disburse the funds as appropriate. But of course, the question also raises that hoary old issue, that you cant take 'em with you. Any thoughts, practical, philosophical or otherwise? [Global warming is really gonna damage that newsprint, ain't it?]


    If this thread dies a death it wouldn't be overly ironic...