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  1. This painting was used as a cover for an issue of Look & Learn.
  2. To round out this post, her are some great covers Matania did for Panther Books in the UK, along with a few other covers. To begin with though, here is a Barsoom painting, currently in the collection of Robert Barrett.
  3. Speaking more generally, one of course sees numerous faults that occur in the production process, and FH books seem to be prone to the full gamut of these.
  4. I stand corrected. Do you think this chip is a production fault?
  5. I've always felt that CGC's dilemma regarded aesthetics versus technical grade. I once passed on some early Mystery Tales [Northland pedigree] because of severe browning to inner covers. I mean, they were baked. Another buyer, evidently more astute than I, had them graded, and they came back in the NM range - maybe 9.0 [it's a while ago so not entirely certain now]. I was shocked, but it is interesting to think on 'visible' versus 'invisible' faults after a book is CGC graded, and how various faults are treated. It's far more an art than a science, and art is opinion, which sometimes leads to discomfiture. As for whether it is an 8.5 or a 9.0? I doubt very much it's inherent desirability [let's not say value] is much changed if the grade is lowered - the chip is still there, and so are the vibrant colors, and the exceptional structure. I respect your opinion, but give me aesthetics any day!
  6. It's a bindery chip on [what would be] a 9.6 copy otherwise. Not to lecture, but whether or not you are aware, bindery chips are exceedinglycommon on Fiction House books, so much so that CGC treats them as an aspect of the production process. [My erstwhile Fight #44 is a case in point.] The Church #6 now, is an absolute beauty, and the chip would not phase me in the least given the compensatory factors, because I know there is not a better copy out there - this is a tough, tough book in grade. [I used to own the former highest graded, at 7.5, so I would know]. Would I prefer a 9.6 ped without the chip? Absolutely - but we all have our fantasies, and without the chip that book is easily 20k. I'd say it is worth far more than Kelly paid for it.
  7. Congratulations, Kelly! Those are stunning - you have such a good eye for the picks of the litter!