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  1. Many have come and gone, but here's the top ten core books. As you can see, its a bit Centaur heavy. Also cheated with one lone pulp... I think I need to do a pulp top ten!


    Some really great books in this thread guys! :applause:




    Posts like this make it easy to understand the appeal of those Centaurs. Every one is a beauty.


    Awesome stuff! The 10 best pulp covers would be something to see! How about it?

  2. When the photojournal first reached us in this benighted land of the picts and the tory party it probably had even more impact than it did on collectors in the land of the free because we rarely got to see any golden age books at all. Comics only began to be imported to the UK in 1959 when, aged 7, I read my first Adam Strange adventure in a coverless copy of Mystery in Space #57. There was no history and I could never figure out where the previous 133 issues of Superman had vanished to!


    Back in '92 as I skimmed through the pages of the photojournal, it occurred to me to establish a "top 100" covers and see how many of them I could collect. I also decided to rank them.


    Harley Yee started bringing his tables to London marts. I "discovered" mail order with Jim Payette and Worlds Finest, and even made a few opportune visits to Metropolis. Then Ebay.


    I eventually managed to find copies of most of the books on that original list, and of course made many other discoveries along the way, as we all do. But because of ties and commitments which I wont belabour here, I decided it was time to sell about 5 years ago - though I did manage to hold onto some of the ones I was most fond of.


    And now I have a new "top 100", alas only half complete - and barely recognizable from that first list I made.


    So by now I have a pretty consistent and unwavering idea which ten books I like most in my collection. I dont know if the idea will grab anyone else, but here are my (currently owned ) top 10 in reverse order. If anyone else would like to post their top 10 I'd be fascinated to see them!


    So here goes:


    10. CinderellaLove2555.jpg


    9. TheThing1265.jpg


    8. ScoopComics370.jpg


    7. DarkMysteries1985.jpg


    6. ManFromPlanetX50.jpg


    5. Venus1975.jpg


    4. FightAgainstCrime2045.jpg


    3. DaredevilComics1165.jpg


    2. Super-MysteryComicsV63CGC80Ohiopedi.jpg


    1. CimeDoesNotPay2455.jpg



  3. LornatheJungleGirl760.jpg


    Careful, BP might scold you b/c the group shot is of a complete run! I know ... I got told when I posted my full Airboy run :baiting: BP.


    :hail: These are sooooo fun books, esp. with the unheralded Roth art which I'm glad you showed in the other thread.


    Love the book above ... makes you feel more human as a collector somehow :devil:


    What was the last issue you got?


    Uh-oh. Better not tell!


    This is the last one I got (this time around!):



  4. Tth2: "Some of the romance books you`ve posted have fantastic covers. Does the quality of the interior artwork match?"


    "China Bombshell" from Spectacular Adventures #2 - it is an oversize issue so the artwork has room to breathe! The artist looks like Leonard Starr to me - in which case he was never better!














    The cover of #1 is nice too: