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  1. Wow, didn't realize how much this one would go for.


    Congrats to all involved.


    Yep, this one is a highly sought after cover. I paid $315 for my slabbed 5.0 in a bidding war :) I think the cover on this one presents better than mine. Congrats Ron!


    Thnx Joanna. Before I bought, I went to the CConnect site to compare copies and came to the same conclusion. What did that ebay copy go for a few months ago? And it was no great beauty.


    It went for $275.....a friend sold it.

    It was probably a G+


    Incomprehensible - I sold a VG copy on ebay for half that a year or so back.

  2. ...although I have always admired the understated charm of this one as well...




    Me too -- I love this cover! :applause: I have a copy too, and I've never seen another copy in all these years. Folks always ooh and ahh over this book when I post it (and for good reason).

    Your copy looks like a real beauty... any chance of a larger scan?






    A masterpiece of composition.


    One of those rare occasions when a book on ebay turned uout to be nicer than graded. Is yours nicer? I agree with you about scarcity - but it's also kinda easy to overlook it in Gerber until you really look at it. I didint notice it myself until a buddy switched me on to it. (thumbs u



  3. I really want a nice Rangers #3. Mad scientists, hypodermics, hooded crazies, hot chick...it has it all (thumbs u

    Just looked it up and man, that is a nice one. Never seen it before!



    Cant quite manage the triple but this is the best I can do to squeeze in the #3! I think the first four issues are ultra scarce. Happy to have this #3 even with the restoration.










  4. FightComics494MileHigh.jpg







    A great run (thumbs u


    Two books that would look great together...




    That #5 is, if anything, even nicer than the #4 and puts a decent Rockford to shame! I believe I am right in saying that it is also rated one of the very toughest issues to find. (worship)


    Trying to determine the "true" and definitive color scheme for any issue of FH is problematic of course, but that #5 has got to fit that category.


    Although the reds and yellows really pop on my Mile High #4, I suspect that the greyish blues are not quite as blue as they might be. I've noticed that very often, even when the reds are strong, the blues might not be, and if the colors do not present as intended, the compositional structure of the image is also thrown out of whack.


    It's a lifelong search to find the true elephant!

  5. ...for Scrooge...


    (worship) Love the reds on # 32. Still missing that 30 otherwise, it'd been my triple-play Fight section too.


    Soooo how long have you been reading the boards anyway?


    Only a month or so, though I've been a member of the collectors society for longer and a collector for many years. The red on that 32 is actually more flat and even than the scanner lamp shows. I wish all my FH copies had reds that deep!

  6. I like this...but as a golden age run builder, I am not sure "which" 3 from runs to pick hm

    Make it a little challenging for yourself and only show runs where all 3 books are 9.4 or better.



    Hee heee! (slightly hysterical here) - ..and let's make it pedigrees only! That shouldnt be hard... :insane:

  7. FantasticComics875PinnacleHill.jpg


    Interesting note about the glue. How did it avoid PLOD?


    innumerable blue label "very minor amount" glue/c.t. g.a. books out there. sometimes a combo, and sometimes even with a third note, ala...





    I once had a CDNP #24 with a minor cover tear which, in my infinite wisdom. I decided to seal. I sold it and eventually bought another copy - but meanwhile, my old copy, easily identifiable because of the cover markings, turned up on a certain web site, CGC graded 6.0 - with no mention of the cover tear seal.


    And it wasnt that hard to spot even with the naked eye.






    These at least, are apparently free of such ambiguities of grading:








    (Should have said that the Fantastic is my only early Fox issue!)