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  1. Billy, so just confirm that you do have a representative copy of each GA pedigree?


    If not, what are you missing?


    well, having the dontwannas real bad at work today on this t'giving wednesday, mr. carey's inquiry got me to thinking/internet searching. pulled up mattie and steve's global g.a. ped list from their website. took each ped they listed that wasn't already on my cgc list, and then ran a heritage archive search for that name, thinking that if cgc recognized it, h'tage was bound to have sold at least one over the years. i knew peds like williamsport, new hampshire, cookeville... were advertised as peds when sold on h'tage, but wanted to confirm that cgc labels DID NOT note 'em. i indeed confirmed a lack of cgc designation on ALL BUT ONE obscure ped listed by the boys for their upcoming [yeah, right] book---the SHERWOOD pedigree. the h'tage search turned up a single book ever sold with such a label designation, a police comic, can't recall the number. suddenly, there i sat, not owning a g.a. ped recognized, now or formerly, by cgc. not sure what hives look like, but something weird started breaking out on my arms and face, and especially on my thumbs which are used for, yes, thumbing up g.a. books. didn't much like it, so got back on the 'net. and, in all my seaches, ONE BOOK was available. fortunately, said book has one of the greatest g.a. covers every drawn [cough, cough], and now i own it.


    thanks go to sacentaur for inspiring me to have the fun of discovering/buying what i think to be a very rare pedigree.





    Well done Sherlock! :applause:


    Now tell me Holmes, where on the net might I find some tasty Lou Fine Hit covers?


    There'll be no pipe for you tonight if you cant help! (And dont call me Watson!)