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  1. Richard last book just came out: https://www.fantagraphics.com/products/poison-flowers-pandemonium?_pos=1&_sid=f9d723898&_ss=r I bought the cover art from him, before I knew he would use it for this. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1526781
  2. Yes indeed! Antwerps/ Belgium isn't the worst place for comics and original art. We have the tradition of the Franco-Belge but also a lot of young artists. There are great comic shops. e.g. Mekanik https://www.instagram.com/p/CM1-9_EHKhk/ Antwerps has some excellent museums... e.g. the https://www.museummayervandenbergh.be/en where you can see Mad Meg.
  3. A new piece by Jeremy Bastian (Mad Meg). This one is inspired on a painting of Bruegel the Elder. A painting you can see in Antwerps, Belgium. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1719702
  4. For commissions Jeremy uses a micron pen. His CPG pages are made with a brush (Escoda Kolinsky Sable size 00 brush). My CPG page is here https://www.2dgalleries.com/art/jeremy-bastian-cursed-pirate-girl-chapter-5-page-7-104251 btw You can zoom in on 2DG (one of the things I prefer in 2DG vs CAF, first click on the image than double click), with Jeremy's work it's a pleasure to see all the details...
  5. Unpublished Jeremy Bastian Sir Death commission
  6. I have to say Heritage was also quite slow to respond to my email asking to change my postal address. Eventually I just called...
  7. I presume it's about the costs involved with CC transactions...
  8. Could you put this one on a CC? https://www.artcurial.com/fr/actualite/le-lotus-bleu-par-herge-un-chef-doeuvre-aux-encheres-0
  9. For me it seems also logical to put the pencil on the lift and the inked version on the right. (I'm also left-handed...) It's a book to savour, not to flip through... Anyway, respect!
  10. On their website it states you can pay with Visa or Mastercard https://www.artcurial.com/en/buy-sell/buying-artcurial Anyway it's a well known auction house on this side of the pond.
  11. Same problem here. MacOs 11.0.1 btw I could see this images before...