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  1. Encountered something similar. Bought and paid some art with PayPal (not FF). The seller couldn't find the art. So I picked a smaller piece and got a partial refund. Besides the fact it took a while to get my money back, PayPal charged 67,67 euro's (nice number) on the 1425 USD the seller refunded me...
  2. Jeremy Bastian Kraken piece arrived https://www.2dgalleries.com/art/jeremy-bastian-kraken-the-tempest-maker-126541
  3. Some early Jeremy Bastian (Phantom Corp, 2005) https://www.2dgalleries.com/art/bastian-jeremy-phantom-corp-126010
  4. Any Empire Nate Powell https://www.2dgalleries.com/galleries/powell-nate-10203
  5. We'll see about March. I love the 2 pages I was able to buy, but they don't seem to gather a lot of interest. I've met Nate Powell at the Society of Illustrators and he told me there are only a few pages in the wild (and he's not planning to sell more of this series). btw SOI is doing some great and divers exhibits... March pages here: https://www.2dgalleries.com/galleries/powell-nate-10203
  6. Glad to hear Jeremy Bastian made a print of this commission (available at SDCC)... https://www.2dgalleries.com/art/jeremy-bastian-cursed-pirate-girl-the-heraldic-coat-of-arms-of-cpg-116907
  7. Latest Bastian arrived (Birdman cult of Easter Island): https://www.2dgalleries.com/art/jeremy-bastian-birdman-cult-of-easter-island-119191 You can find my collection of Bastian commissions (and one CPG page here): https://www.2dgalleries.com/galleries/bastian-jeremy-5904
  8. Kickstarter for Fake Vintage Book covers is live Couldn't resist this "Lace Chair"
  9. You're seriously considering not paying?
  10. Jeremy Bastian https://www.2dgalleries.com/art/jeremy-bastian-cursed-pirate-girl-coat-of-arms-116907 detail:
  11. https://13thdimension.com/a-must-see-craig-yoes-wonderful-is-that-art-exhibit/