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  1. Grail Pages is a decent book, and you'll even read about a few board members from here....!
  2. I'm new to graded books, and love the original Secret Wars, so this is a start.... wow. Apparently after 20+ years online I'm still new to the net... Secret Wars
  3. It's interesting reading certain other "dealers" reports (not pointing anyone specific out, and not trying to make a negative post) but sellers that are detailing for example, con costs of $1000, they've sold $1500, and consider that a $500 profit. Not taking in to account the cost of the inventory to begin with, or other costs, or losing two days sitting behind tables. For many I think, selling is just an extension of their hobby -- the hobby is to acquire comic books. The selling is just a way to continue to do that. Nothing wrong with that! but less business-savvy readers may think that this is an easier way to profit than the reality is....
  4. let us know how it went...I love con reports
  5. Living in Kitchener, I too had that Cerebus plush. I sold it on eBay last year to finance some original art, to someone in Sweden (?) or similar. Good times. I decided to keep the Diamondback deck though fun journal, thanks for sharing!
  6. Yep, most snipe programs are set at 5 seconds. I try and figure out what my maximum bid would be, set it as a snipe, and try and forget about it
  7. Thanks all for the positive wishes. As I said, I'm new to the slabbed world, but experienced with amassing collections. One thing that I knew from the start of looking in to slabbed books is that I wanted to have a purpose to the collection, or at least a focus. It would be very easy to just start scooping up random issues that I've loved, but collecting original art taught me two very important lessons: 1) THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ANOTHER (book, page of art, etc). Even in the art world where pages are unique, there will always be something else coming along that will excite the collector. The stress and urgency one may feel upon discovering something that's available for a limited time will always be mitigated by the knowledge that the next item won't be far off 2) A COLLECTION IS MORE SATISFYING THAN AN ACCUMULATION . To be fair, every collection starts as an accumulation. We're excited by getting in to something new, there's a lot of options and neat new stuff to acquire, we want to start getting stuff and getting it now! Which will eventually lead to a lot of random stuff laying around. Which isn't terrible if owning it gives you pleasure. It's also easier to start a collection by getting a larger amount of more inexpensive things, to see what kind of stuff satisfies you and what kind leaves you feeling flat after awhile. Right now, my collecting focus for slabbed books is pretty varied, and may not make sense to anyone that's not me but there here are some of the guidelines I want my slabbed collection to adhere to: 1) BOOKS TO DISPLAY NICELY TOGETHER. Through a theme. I am setting up a space at home to have some books up on the wall, and plan to rotate them in and out. Some of the themes I'm working on: - Secret Wars (80s, first series) run. This was my favourite series and just a fantastic piece of work. The covers tell such a great sequential story and the gems -- the iconic first issue, the intensity of issue 4 and 10, bring back so much emotion - Doctor Doom in silver age Fantastic Four - some great covers of the greatest super villain ever. In the first 100 issues alone, so many classic examples - Sienkiewicz New Mutants run -- some of the great Demon Bear covers, the Slumber Party run from 18 - 21 or so, such great memories So the idea is to have 3 - 4 books displayed together at one time, all within a theme or comics run, that brings me back to either my childhood or just serves as a reminder of some of the iconic events that happened next: the issue of little is enough?
  8. thanks, sorry didn't see that! Mods please delete if you come across this
  9. I've started up a postal box mailing address in the US that I have stuff shipped to, live in Canada. I'll have about a dozen CGC books there when I cross next, so I'm just wondering if anyone had experience doing this or bringing books across the border? tells me that "books" are zero fees other than HST, so I'm hoping there is no issue, but any feedback or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated! Mike
  10. A newcomer's entry into the world of graded and slabbed books; a trip that started 30+ years ago A quick origin story. Like so many other kids, the GI Joe Hasbro cartoons and toys fascinated me as a child in the early to mid 80s. A trip to the grocery store yielded the familiar results: GI JOE issue 5, 1982. Then a few issues that were bagged with two super hero comics. And it begins. From there to discovering places like Now & Then Books in Kitchener. The early 90s ushered in the dual threat of a downswing in quality in the industry and the start of college and a career and I was out until I started playing Heroclix in 2004, which re-ignited my love of comics. That transitioned into original art around 2010. I feel happy with that collection and needed a new fix recently this year. I've got more books than I have time to read, more games than I have time to play, and more art than I have walls to display it on. I hadn't been a fan of slabbed books before but suddenly they made sense to me...I had long since sold off longbox after longbox of my singles, preferring Essentials and trades. But the idea of having some higher quality treasures back, in a preserved and highly displayable format, well, here I am! See more journals by doxbane