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  1. Going way out there on a limb aren't ya? Seeing that it is a favorite to win 2 Oscars.
  2. Where I live you have to travel by donkey for 30 miles to to get here so this is a new release in the theater . I just watched it and my god it would have been a lot better if Captain Marvel was a man!! Does anyone else agree?
  3. You just wait till it stops making money, I'm gonna trash it sooooo hard!! You just wait!!!
  4. Not extremely excited to see this but I will go like I do every other comic movie. But, I must do what the kids want first and that is go see Secret Life of Pets 2. I think it will beat Dark Phoenix opening weekend.
  5. I was thinking the same thing about the casual viewers being less likely to continue watching all of these because of how this movie went.