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  1. I was thinking the same thing about the casual viewers being less likely to continue watching all of these because of how this movie went.
  2. Armond White will probably be a negative, I think he tries to go opposite on most movies.
  3. Should be a good weekend with the last minute people that want to see this before Endgame.
  4. Lol all I said was if ur not interested dont watch it and thanks for the input. Sounds like you are the one that got your panties bunched.
  5. And nobody needs your opinion either. Who cares if some dipsh it wants to see the movie. Too much of that garbage everywhere in this world
  6. My recommendation is dont watch it. Thanks for your take though it was very interesting!!
  7. Serious question, how much do you think this movie would have made if it was Captain Marvel playing go fish with Fury the whole movie with a lead in to end game at the end??
  8. You must be 40ish and whiteish!!! Your opinion is not welcome here.
  9. My wife just told me she thought the best thing about the movie was the cat.
  10. Saw it with my wife tonight. Before I gave my opinion I wanted to see what she thought of it right after it finished and she said it was ok but not even close to being as good as a bunch of other comic movies. She could care less about the studios as we watch all the comic movies. I personally thought it was just ok as well . Definitely didn't blow me away. There's something about Larsons acting that just didn't do it for me. Still recommend seeing it as a lead in to the next movies.
  11. Why does it seem the only movie anyone adds the marketing budget on to the production budget is Aquaman?
  12. Racist and maga inspired . I'll be honest I haven't finished the show to see but I'm guessing this is just another weirdo. Haven't read the article because of spoilers either but people are just nuts. Or maybe it's me!!! https://www.screengeek.net/2019/01/24/the-punisher-season-2-finale-racist/
  13. Thought it was real good like many of the other comic movies. I feel there's a big reason why it got the headlines it did but I'm not going there.