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  1. Congrats! TOS #26 is one of the better covers in the run IMO.
  2. Same thing happened with my last shipment from Comiclink. It had never happened before with them either. I'm going to be changing my shipping address for future packages.
  3. Speaking of JIM...nice night of bidding on a couple of them last night in the Clink auction. I whiffed on the #3, 4, and 6, as expected, but managed to land these. This completes #1-12 at the front end of the run, but my #6 is decidedly entry level.
  4. Started 0-3 but ended up a solid .500 on the auction. Once again my budget urged me not to bid, but these books are too tough not to take a run at them. The JIMs ended up less expensive than I'd feared they would be.
  5. Spent way too much this year, but got a lot of enjoyment out of it. This pair is definitely what my 2019 will be remembered for.
  6. Shout out to Clink on this one...they reholdered it into the new pedigree label (which I’m a fan of). Nice surprise when I opened the box!
  7. 0 for 3 so far. Good for my suffering budget at least.
  8. I'm pretty sure it will show up in the system. BUT with the actual signing, the signing, the order of processing, the holidays, the weekends, the employee vacations around this time of year, it could be awhile. Either way, you can always email CGC customer service to ask for an update on your order (how helpful they can be is another issue, though I believe they make a good faith effort). My guess would be that books wouldn’t be entered into the system until after the signing. I’ve also never done a private signing through CGC, but since the grading happens after the signing it’d make sense to me that it might be a couple of weeks before they get entered. Someone who has done a private signing may have actual info though.
  9. Anybody bidding on the Clink auctions this month? I’ve got a few bids of those auctions where I’d love to win the books but fear having to pay for them.
  10. I read it about 30 years ago in grad school, and had a similar reaction. Worth a read for the historical perspective.
  11. Cleese has been announced at FE Dallas a week after this show. Looks like he’s making the rounds...
  12. January/February was great for TATs last year, so even with this signing I don’t anticipate that return times will be awful. Assuming mid to late February.
  13. Shipping to CGC typically costs the same as grading fees on a modern. If I sub in person that’s a book I get graded essentially for free. One other note about facilitators that I don’t think anyone has raised yet, but the service can be quite variable. I’ve worked with some very good facilitators, and some very bad ones. If you get SS directly through CGC’s booth you’re in control of most of that process. It makes a big difference. Not to mention it saves any facilitator fees.
  14. 10% off extended to the Patsy Walkers. Will give this another day before moving the leftovers to another venue.
  15. Patsy Walker #23 VG-/VG -- asking $100 + shipping 1/2" in split at top spine, first three wraps also split in same spot. Small hole in spine above top staple, but both staples holding firm to cover. Centerfold detached at lower staple only, firm at upper. Solid book, nice pages, love these 1949 picture frames.
  16. Last two books of the thread. Patsy Walker #21 VG -- asking $49 + shipping Solid book, complete, everything attached at both staples. Small tears at top staple but it is still firm. 1/2" spine split up top.
  17. Take 10% off of books listed so far I’ll get the last two books, both Patsy Walkers in the 20s, listed this afternoon.
  18. Will try to get to the last couple this evening. Ozzie & Babs #10 VG+/F- -- asking $20 + shipping Very fresh copy, only light wear, everything attached at both staples. Only real problem is a hole about the size of a dime through one page that slightly affects a panel but does not affect readability of the story. Light stain on adjoining page. Great pages otherwise.
  19. Time for a quick, and literal, early bird. Super Duck #63 VG+ -- asking $10 + shipping Everything is well attached at both staples, nice pages, general wear as can be seen in the scans.