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  1. Thanks! I’m still on the lookout for the 12 cent Love Romances.
  2. Took me a few days to get around to it, but here you go.
  3. Considering a trip out to this show next year...
  4. Found this one in the wild today, one of the Aquaman books that had eluded me.
  5. We're discussing all kinds of options, Cat. Nothing concrete yet, however. I'll let people know once we come to some agreement I’m not going, so I’m not sure my vote matters, but Capitol Grill would be a great option. Not sure if they have a back room, but if the party was more modest and they could seat you the food is great.
  6. I’ve found that Supergirl in the wild, it’s uncommon, but that Nightwing is a tough one.
  7. In other news, these deserve club status. I was very excited when I completed this mini-set.
  8. I always wondered about the “skinny” 12 cent prices as well. As best I could tell, never having looked at it scientifically, they are all the month after the changeover (AAF #9 being an example). JIM #76 corrected has it, as discussed, but obviously the other two variants got the regular 12 cent font. Makes me wonder what was up.
  9. Yeah, that first emoji was my face when I saw it on eBay, that second emoji was after I clicked the BIN.
  10. And this beauty just arrived in the mail. The spine (other than that top corner) and the color are ridiculous.
  11. Looks like I'm a little late to the #82 party, but here is mine:
  12. I still think it’s more odd to be selling tickets for a show with no guest list.
  13. That’s actually less than I thought he’d be charging.
  14. That list is pretty underwhelming once you get past Levi...
  15. Wish I was going this year, but the timing is bad. Hope this tradition stays alive!
  16. @Golden Memories I’m with you on that. My only animosity towards Wizard is their propensity to run once good shows into the ground. 2009 WW Austin was the first show I had gone to in many years, and it was a fun show for buying. Just a few years later that show was garbage. I enjoyed the NO show the two years I went, but from more recent reports it has not done as well. My main gripe is Chicago, and this one is personal. Having grown up with this show it is special to me. If I could go to one show a year, like when I was a kid, it would be this one. IMO I can’t imagine a show that could be better for buying, the depth and variety of material is superb. I never come home with money (and often come home in cc debt). Wizard got a special show when they took over the Chicago Comicon, and for quite a few years they seemed to handle that legacy pretty well. I’m much less confident lately, and this one bugs me. I love shows, but I particularly love THIS show. I missed last year, will have to miss this year, and the thought that the summer Chicago show may become just a fond memory is something I’d prefer not to consider.
  17. I’d argue that increased competition should do the opposite: Wizard ought to be posting guest lists ASAP to drive advance sales to recoup expenses like advances. This strategy of delaying announcements does not help them secure limited con dollars for themselves (keeping it away from competitors). Your point 2 and @TheWatcher‘s point 3 overlap nicely. I have to wonder if the truth resembles those more closely. Brie Larson in the same building 6 weeks later is not going to help Wizard here.
  18. You may be right about them when it comes to Chicago, as this show has always been a flagship if not THE for WW. That being said, even a casual review of Wizard’s history shows a huge number of cancellations. Most notably they announced a show in Albuquerque in three consecutive years and then cancelled all three. With a straight face. A year or two ago they also announced a strategy of new shows in smaller cities (Springfield, MO; Peoria, IL; Mobile, AL; and another that escapes me). Those were also cancelled a few weeks later. No guest list for Pittsburgh at this late stage is a bit of a red flag. The lack of 2020 dates for NO is out of character for Wizard, as they’ve been announced immediately at the close of the current year NO show for at least 4-5 years. Normally Chicago is the last show on their schedule I’d be worried about, but they should at least have a few guests by now.
  19. I’d wager that these are among the reasons that Ace relocated to the Stephens from Navy Pier. Downtown sounds great in theory, but is often pretty awful for something this level.
  20. Stephens is easier to get to, and I’d imagine it is cheaper to stay around there (I always stay with friends when I’m up for the show, so I haven’t had to get a hotel).