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  1. 1 minute ago, bc said:

    Yowza ! Bringing out the big guns this summer  :headbang:

    Very high quality additions m ! Page quality is off the hook. Can you please post the TOS 33 so I can drool on my keyboard (that one has eluded me so far).

    Congrats again on an awesome score!

    PS - Plasma Alliance kept me in beer money thru college. 

    Thank you!!

    Yeah, the TOS #33 was the last pre-hero I needed to complete the #1-38 run, now I just need to upgrade my #13 & 17 to 6.0 or better slabs and I'll be set.


  2. Here are the other contents of the box. Very excited to add all these to the collection, but I will be washing some dishes, collecting aluminum cans, and considering the Seinfeld trip up to Michigan with a box truck full of bottles to return... Many thanks to the boardie who was kind enough to sell these to me, I will let him out himself if he would like!! (Sorry if the image is rotated, damn iPhones...)


  3. 2 hours ago, bc said:

    Not sure if others saw this in the GA forum, but in the new OSPG they have TTA1 as more valuable than ST1. Yes, I know that Overstreet is not really reflective of the current market.

    Guess it's yet another reason to slab my copy.

    Obviously no love for TOS1 :(

    This seems pretty crazy to me, but at least we got a PHM in the top 3 :headbang:


    Sorry, there is no way that TTA #1 should be ranked higher than ST #1 in horror comics. That is just ludicrous. And TOS #1 failing to make either the horror or the Sci-Fi lists is just about as bad a call. Terrible.

    :gossip: Three of the top 4 are actually PHM: JIM #1, TTA #1, ST #1.

    EDIT: Noticed a typo in the rankings for 2019. Looks like the values placed the books in the "correct" order, but TTA #1 is #4 and ST #1 (below TTA) is ranked #3. Weird.

  4. 3 hours ago, johnenock said:

    Here's an update:

    Walkthrough received on 7/2

    Status on 7/15: received

    Guess I have to make a call.

    Did you write “walkthrough” on the outside of the box? Last time I subbed an express I read (after I’d shipped the box) that I was supposed to write “express” on the outside of the box so it would be opened first. Not that that excuses how slow they’ve been opening boxes lately...

  5. 3 hours ago, lizards2 said:

    This thread is kind of a rehash of one from one or two months ago. To me, the book looked like a 7.5 without the staple pull (read the grader's notes), so maybe it missed the green label, or whatever.  You can clearly see the deteach in the scan, which I wish the seller had pointed out to me, because I missed it until I removed the outer well.  And, I paid a normal 7.5 price on the darn thing.

    If it was a misprinted label I’d expect a note on the popped staple. I think they meant to give it blue. Shouldn’t have happened. 

  6. Looks to me like the book may just have been folded strangely when the book was printed. I’ve had books like that on occasion, they look like spine rolls at first. From the back cover it looks like the bottom staple is in place, so I’m not sure how you’d get pages protruding at the bottom without the bottom staple being the culprit. The back cover view is the most useful to see all this, and the open edge looks pretty consistent in that view. I’m also looking at the pics on my phone, so YMMV. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Action252Kid said:

    I forget if it's a requirement to have free return shipping or not, in order to get the top rated seller discount on fees -- but returns are so few & far between, that my thinking is I'd rather pay the $5 return shipping than have the buyer skimp on packing & send it back in an envelope with no protection to try and save themselves a few bucks on return shipping/damage my book in the process.

    YMMV, but speaking for myself:

    A) I would qualify for the fee discount if I wanted to jump through eBay’s hoops. That small of a discount isn’t worth the hassle it would bring as a small seller. 

    B) Paying return shipping does not insure that the buyer either knows how to pack correctly or will actually do so. 

  8. 11 hours ago, Cozmo-One said:

    Any word on the show for this year?  Haven't  seen any dates yet...

    Good question, they should have announced well before now based on past years. Nothing on their official Facebook or Twitter, but I found this on a random webpage after a Google search (can’t vouch for accuracy, but the dates seem right for this show):


  9. 2 hours ago, iggykoopa said:

    I'm late to the party but another great show! My favorite of the weekend was meeting Fabian Nicieza! That guy is full of life and had the whole line cracking up! Thanks for putting together yet another great lineup!

    Starlin has my vote for the February show!!

    Starlin would be good. I’m putting in my standard vote for Ron Frenz. Other names receiving votes: Bob Layton, Marv Wolfman.

  10. 20 minutes ago, Mercury Man said:

    That value was more based on print run I think.  The title was on it's last legs.  I think this issue of TWD is a different story-  doubt it's considered rare. just a bunch of flippers hoarding supply to create demand. 

    Never thought #100 would ever be worth anything, they printed boatloads. It ended up doing pretty well.