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  1. Falling In Love #116 VG-/VG -- asking $3 + shipping Bit of a spine roll, centerfold detached at lower staple only, cover secure at both. Bit of moisture at lower spine (visible on back cover) with some rust at lower staple.
  2. Falling In Love #79 Pr/Fr -- CLAIMED Cardy and Romita credits in this one. Not much to look at, but complete and readable.
  3. Falling In Love #78 VG -- asking $5 + shipping Bit of moisture at top spine, 1/2" tear at right edge of front cover at word balloon that affects first 7 pages (no panels affected). Minor spine roll, everything is attached at both staples.
  4. Falling In Love #70 VG -- asking $12 + shipping Everything is well attached at both staples, bright color and nice pages. Bit of a dust shadow in upper right back cover. Touch of spine roll, reading wear at spine.
  5. Falling In Love #53 G -- asking $8 + shipping No need to check a source for the Romita credits here. Cover is neatly detached at both staples, centerfold is attached at both and book is complete. Moisture to back cover, and a piece of tape is securing a piece in mid-back cover. More of a placeholder.
  6. Falling In Love #38 VG -- asking $15 + shipping Romita credited with some inking in this issue, according to General light wear, great pages, everything attached at both staples. Bit of moisture visible on back cover at upper and lower spine.
  7. Teen Confessions #48 VG qualified -- asking $3 + shipping Standard VG, everything is well attached, but a roughly 2" x 2" corner is torn off of the top of page 9 that affects one panel on either side.
  8. Teen Confessions #27 Fineish -- asking $6 + shipping Structurally really pretty nice, but some dust shadowing and a bit of tanning to inside covers. Centerfold cleanly detached but present.
  9. Last few Charltons... Teen Confessions #8 VG -- asking $5 + shipping Solid book, everything well attached, light wear.
  10. Last GR in thread. Girls Romances #136 VG+ -- asking $7 + shipping SOLD Groovy book, solid copy well attached at all the usual spots. Light wear visible in scan.
  11. Sorry for the lack of activity here, been a hectic couple of days. Actually hoping to wrap up this thread by the end of the weekend, maybe even today if I can get enough momentum. Girls Romances #112 G -- asking $2 + shipping Very solid copy, everything well attached at both staples, but some moisture staining. Bit of transfer staining at top staple at cf, but staple doesn't appear corroded.
  12. May actually get out to this one for the first time in 2020.
  13. No time to list anything last night, but I can add a tidbit to the thread this morning and hopefully more later this afternoon/evening... Girls Romances #86 VG+ -- asking $12 + shipping SOLD Very solid copy with light wear, everything well attached at both staples, slight spine roll. Minor water spot at top left back cover.
  14. It was a spectacular show a few years ago. Not so much the last couple.
  15. Interesting. On first look I missed that vendors moved as well. So this show has gone from convention center, to Alamodome, and is now a hotel show?
  16. Girls Love Stories #152 Fr -- asking $1 + shipping Reader copy. Cover detached, and first two wraps have detached from upper staple as well (they are fine at lower staple). Centerfold attached, page quality is actually quite nice. Bit of moisture at spine around lower staple.
  17. Girls Love Stories #129 VG/VG+ -- asking $3 + shipping Solid book, wear visible in scans, printer crease lower right fc, everything well attached at both staples.
  18. Girls Love Stories #114 F- -- asking $5 + shipping SOLD Very solid copy, bit of a spine roll that should be correctable, very light wear otherwise.