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  1. Young Romance #127 VG+++ -- asking $20 + shipping SOLD Light spine wear, might even creep into F-/F after a press. Pretty copy, Romita cover and art on lead story. Everything well attached.
  2. Lots of great Romita work in these next several... Young Romance #125 VG-/VG -- asking $20 + shipping SOLD 1st DC issue of the title! No recent eBay sales. General light wear, all visible in the scans, everything well attached at both staples and no problems on interior.
  3. I’d agree, but the differences between laptops, phones, and LCDs on factory presets can give very different results.
  4. Display settings are pretty key. If everyone has a slightly different display setting it doesn’t much matter what the color/white level of the scans look like on your monitor. It’s not something under your control.
  5. Last Jughead for the thread. Jughead #161 F/VF -- asking $9 + shipping Pretty book, press helps it even a bit more.
  6. Jughead #122 VG -- asking $5 + shipping Pretty standard VG, and a press may help it a bit if you're into that sort of thing. Minor moisture to upper left back cover, wrinkling there as well. Tiny edge tears. Centerfold detached at lower staple only, upper is fine, cover attached at both.
  7. Jughead #109 VG+ -- asking $7 + shipping SOLD Nice glossy book, would be higher if not for moisture spot at bottom of front cover. Everything is well attached.
  8. Jughead #105 VGish -- asking $7 + shipping SOLD Light wear along spine, couple of small holes. Small moisture spot to bottom of back cover, pages are not affected. Cover is attached at both staples, two center wraps are detached but present. Book is complete.
  9. Jughead #104 G -- asking $4 + shipping SOLD Complete and everything is attached, though cover is detached at lower staple only. 1" split at bottom of spine and 1/4" split above top staple. Moisture spot about the size of a half dime at lower right front cover, pages barely affected.
  10. Jughead #75 VG -- asking $15 + shipping Great cover. A few minor edge tears to cover edges. Dust shadow. Everything is attached at both staples, though the cover is loosening a bit. Minor moisture to lower left back cover. Nice pages.
  11. Jughead #68 VG -- asking $10 + shipping SOLD Solid copy, a couple of short edge tears to back cover, a couple of minor edge chips. Everything is well attached at both staples, book is complete.
  12. After I get a little work done I will fire up the Jughead books I've got. Here is a preview, by far the worst of the bunch condition-wise. Jughead #58 Fr -- asking $2 or free with another Jughead book, must be claimed (one freebie per buyer) CLAIMED Book is complete, but heavy moisture along spine. Cover is somehow hanging on at lower staple even with that spine deterioration. Centerfold shows rust stains at the staples, but it is all attached. Book is perfectly readable.
  13. Kathy #22 G+/VG- -- asking $10 + shipping Solid enough copy, everything well attached and no problems on inside. Main defect is the missing corner at top right back cover that curls around to piece hanging on at top left front cover. Lower left corner of back cover hanging by a thread, but still attached.
  14. Kathy #18 VG/VG+ -- asking $20 + shipping No moisture, just a bit of tanning on inside edges of covers. Minor wear along spine, a few tiny chips out of cover edges. Everything well attached at both staples, no problems with interior.
  15. Yes, I've posted this book all over the boards. Figured this group may appreciate it as well. Mystic #1 (1951).
  16. Should be able to get a few books listed today, I'll be working from home for most of the day. Kathy the Teen-Age Tornado #16 G -- asking $7 + shipping Solid structurally, everything well attached at both staples with no interior problems like writing or cut-outs. Small piece out at spine, with other spine wear. Moisture stain at top of front and (most clearly) back cover, slightly affects interior pages but everything is readable.
  17. That Mystic #1 and JIUW #6 in the pic I shared were the only precode books I bought at the show.
  18. My Little Margie #44 G -- asking $2 + shipping Fully intact and readable, but moderate moisture to back cover. 1" split to bottom of spine and 1/2" split to top. Top staple is barely hanging onto cover. Centerfold is fine at both.
  19. Just enough energy for a couple tonight, then hopefully many more tomorrow. My Little Margie #34 Fine asking $12 + shipping SOLD Great color, glossy, nice pages, light wear. Everything attached at both staples, centerfold pinup intact.