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  1. Jones' The Swamp Creature...

    I have two of the Jones puzzles, but they weren't unopened like this one. I worked on the Zombie puzzle and discovered to my chagrin that two pieces were missing! I haven't tackled the Mummy puzzle yet, but hope for better luck!
  2. Recommendations for ILLUSTRATION books?

    Some of my favorites are out of print, but I would highly recommend any of the Flesk publications on Franklin Booth or Joseph Clement Coll. I also recommend 41 Illustrators and How They Worked as a good look at a lot of different and some not so famous illustrators. The Leyendecker book by Cutler is very good. I liked the Underwood publications book "The art of Jeffrey Jones" and the book on Everett Raymond Kinstler by Jim Vadeboncoeur. The complete "Various Drawings" by Mark Schultz is excellent and there was a recent book on famous Dinosaur and naturalist illustrator Charles R. Knight that I liked quite a bit. Sorry this was a bit disjointed, but hope it helps
  3. Prelim Cover prices/feelings

    Well, now I feel better about owning a bunch of his preliminary art since I can't afford a painting!!
  4. Prelim Cover prices/feelings

    I love preliminary art and it represents (in raw numbers) probably 20% of my collection. I am actively seeking preliminary work from artists I like and over the period I have been collecting I have gotten preliminary work from a number of artists who may well have just tossed the stuff in the past, but now realize there is value to collectors and hold onto it and sell it as part of their overall art sales. Its not like writing Charles Schulz and getting a free Peanuts daily in the mail that is now worth thousands, but I always ask for the preliminary work whenever I get a commission and if I buy published work directly from an artist I almost always ask if there is a preliminary that I can get as well because I think that part of the process is very interesting and seeing the difference between initial idea and final piece is often filled with information about how an artist is thinking as they create.
  5. 80's Indy Comic Art Thread

    Just saw Bob last weekend and bought a sketch. His current motto "Make America Goofy Again" is certainly in line with the times!
  6. 80's Indy Comic Art Thread

    I like a lot of what has been mentioned already, but I wanna give Tim Truman, Craig Russell and some others a bit of love here. Grimjack was my gateway drug to his art, though he wasn't the writer, but I liked Scout just as much or more and have avidly collected his Grateful Dead art which was primarily from the 90's and later. I would also mention that I think this was the period during which Pacific comics put out their Elric comics by P. Craig Russell and Michael Gilbert (and then Gilbert and Freeman) and then followed them with several other Moorcock stories, most notably (for me at least) when Mike Mignola did his run on Corum. I have a Grimjack Cover, two Elric covers (a PCR/Gilbert and a solo Gilbert cover) and a nice Corum page with Kelley Jones inking over Mignola-a combination that may have only occurred on that book, but which I liked quite a bit.
  7. Atlanta Area Collector get together

    who spell checked that invitation. I'll have his head!!
  8. I hope anyone reasonably local who hasn't gotten an invitation yet will reach out-my email is on the invitation. Always cool to meet new collectors in the area and I know there will be some interesting art for tastes of all sorts. Benno
  9. Share your fave sketches !

    Here's a sketch Joe Jusko did for my daughter Amanda several years ago after she saw the amazing work he had done on his Tomb Raider comic.
  10. 2018 Collecting Goals

    I want to get my arms around my collection better and start to be a little more focused on adding items that fit and shedding items that don't. I need to stop having as much angst over the idea that if I sort of like something or have a nostalgic tug then it belongs in my collection forever. I bought a collection in 2017 that I need to sell off part of and I need to be realistic about what I should keep rather than defaulting to the idea that if its sort of cool I should hold onto it even if it never occurred to me to own it until I did. That said, there were some high quality pieces by artists that I didn't have on my radar at all and I need to really think about whether I can build around those things or if they are a distraction from other more important goals. As part of that I want to do some upgrades on artists I already have in my collection. Most specifically at this moment, Winsor McCay , Tim Sale, Frank Frazetta, Al Williamson, Alex Raymond, Michael Kaluta and maybe Bernie Wrightson and Dave Stevens. I also want to add some additional independent artists to my collection that fit in with the type of material I enjoy reading now versus pure nostalgia. I have three artists who are friends and long time favorites that are getting an upgrade within my collection this year (or at least I have plans in the works already) so that will be nice-but that will make me wonder if I should shed some lesser pieces by them as part of that upgrade. Plus what Felix said-have fun! I am hoping to achieve part of that goal by expanding and strengthening friendships within the collector field that I have-so if you are ever in the Atlanta area, please reach out and lets have a drink and do some show and tell and talk some comic art! I'll also be having a collector brunch this spring so if you haven't ever come to one before (or if you have, but haven't don't it lately) and live in the southeast, please get in touch. Benno (benno119@gmail.com)
  11. 2017 Collecting Goals

    As long as you stay in the apa you will! Benno
  12. 2018 Collecting Goals

    If anything by Wayne Boring will do, I am confident you can find a Davy Jones comic strip to scratch that itch. in fact I have one if you just want anything by Wayne Boring (but I bet you really meant any Superman piece by Wayne Boring!) Benno
  13. 2017 Collecting Goals

    Looking back on my goals stated back in January, I would say that I didn't do a very good job meeting them. In fact, until August, I would say that I had my least productive year in the hobby in the last 5 years. That all changed when I bought an entire collection from an estate which essentially refocused my own collection in a way that was entirely unanticipated. I certainly wont keep everything I bought in that collection, but it has made me think differently about things I already had and about crafting a more focused and meaningful collection overall-and how bad could that be? Then at the very end of the year, a couple of those goals from January (specifically the ones related to getting art from artists I know personally and want better examples from) have gotten a lot closer to reality which is a nice way to end the year.
  14. I have now spoken twice to the comic history class at SCAD here in Atlanta. The first time around, I struggled with what to bring and what to talk about, but once things get going, time flies by pretty quickly actually. I bring a couple of folios-one with mostly preliminary art, one with 11x17 modern art and one with some golden age material and comic strip art and discuss what I collect and why and also what I am looking for when I buy commission work. I talked some about the new digital processes and how they have impacted modern art collecting. Since these are all art students, I also put my money where my mouth is and have offered to review portfolios and to choose someone to do a commission for me. I pay what I think is a pretty good amount for student work ($200.00) Last year I got a superb commission out of the deal and I think the students enjoyed the class and the chance to see both classic and modern comic art since I collect both. Its a class, so there were enthusiastic folks and a few that were obviously bored-just like I remember school! It was a ton of fun for me though, and I will certainly do it again if asked. Benno
  15. I have stopped using the whole grail terminology in thinking about my collection. There isn't any one piece that would "be the one thing" I want to complete my collection or for which I would gladly sacrifice something super important or valuable just to get my hands on it. Unlike a lot of folks, though I remember my initial foray into comic reading fondly, I don't remember that first book I read or any one comic that changed it all for me or the like. Sure there are books and stories I remember fondly and things I would like to own, but my triggers are mostly seeing something cool and wanting it because I like it-not thinking about something I loved back in the day and pining for it now. I realize that isn't particularly typical in this hobby, but that is how it is with me these days-which is why I am often just as happy with something for my collection that came out this year or 25 years before I was born as I am about something that I grew up reading-and often I don't know I want it until I see it.