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  1. And so quickly, too. That was only, what...16 years ago?
  2. My bad - I misread that post as the final results.
  3. I'd say $1200 ballpark based on recent results. I'd rank it a bit below this page NSN discussed back in September: PREACHER 10 Page 02 - $1300 Jesse, Tulip, Gran'ma, Jody and young Jesse on a page from the arc that seems to be everyone's favorite. Preacher pages are down a bit since the show hype has faded.
  4. This is one of the silliest things I've ever read on this board. Pretty much every comic artist ever (and yes, I realize this is hyperbole) has pushed gratuitous T&A to sell books to the fanboys, but you're a "bad artist" if you slip a dong in there. C'mon.
  5. There's also going to be a lot of color variation between copies of the original book due to age and condition issues. You're probably better off looking for a reprint or just going off of the pic you posted. Otherwise, I think the only way to be sure you're looking at the original color as it was printed is to turn up a high grade (likely pedigree) copy of the book, which seems unlikely at best.
  6. Early page Decent dialogue Jesse and Tulip Boring scene I'd still BIN it at $1K tho
  7. What did you get back in trade from Frank? You can't leave us hanging like that
  8. I just saw this and sent a join request. I don't have any game artwork, but I love looking at it!
  9. I spilled coffee on a Preacher page. It cleaned up pretty well but the stain always annoyed me so I sold it. Still ended up getting full market value, so I guess it didn't bother the buyer.
  10. Woah! East of West show rumors?!? I seriously need to pop in here more often. I never thought this book would be adaptable, but I'm glad they're giving it a shot.
  11. you realize that the post you replied to is going on 12 years old? Impressive.
  12. Just popped back in for the first time in a few months and see that I got a shout out Still reading and loving EoW - it's the best book out there right now IMO
  13. I considered bidding, but then totally forgot comicconnect had an auction ending last night It's not the most memorable page, but it is a nice self-contained scene with a great shot of V in the last panel.
  14. Some splash / key Vertigo interiors from the 90s-00s could crack 5 figures.