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  1. Ian was the DC who put the wheels in motion, Steve is the recently passed Spidey collector.
  2. I've probably got some nostalgia bias but the dozen Shooter or Mckenzie written issues just prior to the Miller art were good, some great Colan art with Janson and some other gritty inkers. I want to say Bullseye started being more than a one dimensional gimmick villain in Shooter's issue 146 but I haven't read that one in years, I'm sure that appearance improved on the portrayal in 141.
  3. No, you do have to declare a reasonable value. It's not being sold so there's no transaction to disprove your value but slapping a hundred bucks on as the value isn't recommended and I'd suggest using an Overstreet from within the last few years as a reasonable (ie- defensible) methodology. In today's market that might get you under $100 On the way back, full value should be declared to according to Cdn Goods Abroad Regs but you should only need to pay taxes on value added, GST and PST for MB (re: PST, a comic is a periodical w/advertising and is subject to retail tax, doesn't qual
  4. An old post on docs @ link above. At that value and if it's reasonably close, I'd probably try to get the export docs stamped in person by Canada Customs. Depending on carrier, if not postal, I'd ask them for clearance/brokerage costs to import into USA (there's no duty to US but it may require a formal entry) which means some costs w/UPS/FedEx - asking the questions and anticipating the need will get their counter service people to help you or steer you to the right parties. I'd suggest choosing an air service through either carrier, then you know your shipment will arrive through
  5. This post is just to bounce lizards2 out of the top 4 pls disregard, thx
  6. Not really, the right side is back now....but when i read/posted in this thread i had full widescreen view. Musta been s glitch!
  7. Is the longer thread title pushing the right side stuff off the page for this thread? Seen alot of complaints about that right side but I like it. "Open thread, view top posters, exit thread"
  8. I got my mylars/backing boards from Big B in Hamilton, Ontario...I got the mylars for slabs at their main store in Barrie.
  9. I'm not really in agreement with most here based on reading the PM's, I only skimmed both threads. If you're sending a private message offering to purchase saying "if you're willing to sell" & then follow it up with a public "take it" in the thread then your "take it" is functionally agreeing to the list price & preventing others from buying but I think you are still awaiting an answer to the question you asked. I read the question you posed via PM as proof of your awareness of his expressed intentions to pull the book from the sales thread, whether he pulls it or not is i
  10. Here's a link to your country's Customs website not sure what others have experienced. Welcome to the bjöards!