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  1. All those cb creases are going right to the spine 8.0/8.5.
  2. I bought mine at Dragon Lady Nostalgia in Toronto back in late 70's/early 80's.
  3. According to Mark1's directions it is. Good luck at the casino.
  4. Is this the thread where we post maps to get strikes?
  5. Bidder 1 bids 265.00 30 seconds before end of auction Bidder 2 bids 267.00 15 seconds before end of auction Bidder 3 bids 269.95 11 seconds before end of auction The winner is bidder #1 because none of the later bids exceeded his winning bid by the bid increment ($5.00) required at that price level & the results would look like the screen cap first post.
  6. You need to expand your list, first Wolverine isn't displacing 1st Spidey, Hulk or FF. There are probably three or four (Xmen 1, ASM 1, JIM 83, TOS 39) that would land above it with Avengers 1/4, FF5, ST110, DD1 at or below IH 181 in an "all things SA/BA being equal" ranking.
  7. As has been explained IN EXHAUSTING DETAIL earlier in this thread, it's none of your business why he wants a non-verified signature. It's the exact same service!! False flag, strawman, yabba dabba doo! IBTL
  8. Just kidding, I have a Mike Gustavich on the first page of a Justice Machine annual.
  9. Didn't he recently respond to a twitter inquiry from you on the Xmen title change? Jeez
  10. Not a clue, I was a bit older so I blame it on missing issues 174/175 with the big clues.