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  1. I got my mylars/backing boards from Big B in Hamilton, Ontario...I got the mylars for slabs at their main store in Barrie.
  2. I'm not really in agreement with most here based on reading the PM's, I only skimmed both threads. If you're sending a private message offering to purchase saying "if you're willing to sell" & then follow it up with a public "take it" in the thread then your "take it" is functionally agreeing to the list price & preventing others from buying but I think you are still awaiting an answer to the question you asked. I read the question you posed via PM as proof of your awareness of his expressed intentions to pull the book from the sales thread, whether he pulls it or not is irrelevant and whether your opinion changed based on reviewing his wording afterwards is kind of meaningless also IMHO. I have no problem with your public 'take it' since it serves a purpose and locks you in as first in line for that book at that price & conforms to the sparse thread rules. However a deal between you and him is bound by the thread rules and the dialogue exchanged between you is relevant to your transaction. By asking him whether he's willing to sell you've introduced a new dynamic beyond his thread rules and granted him an option that he can decline. You summed it up correctly, you (without PM's) or anyone else, could have claimed the book.
  3. Here's a link to your country's Customs website not sure what others have experienced. Welcome to the bjöards!
  4. Can you share any more of that? I'm really curious as to why it's being used to teach as a special case. The portions you've shared are determinants of value as a collectible by hobbyists but I'm unclear as to why they're relevant as a means of determining valuation at time of export of an item sold for export. Not sure if the case is "comic book" specific or if the details relate to something involving a resident buyer purchasing on behalf of foreign interest. Which I believe was the case with this AC 1.
  5. They're expensive and don't really improve protection but the cgc sized mylar bags present nicer than any polybag.
  6. I just got a priority order today to Ontario from mycomicshop that shipped Aug 25th, mine got to Chicago in 2 days (28th) hit Toronto's tracking on 6th and got out on 8th, del'd today. The order was only for $200 bucks and no customs fees Better to use Canada Post tracking w/same number after it arrives here for visibility, your usps tracking doesn't always give clarity until after delivery.
  7. The quality of the "before" picture is better than the "after" picture. If the submitter was wise enough to take a good pic of the problem area before submitting then why try to prove damage with a cruddy "after" pic?
  8. CGC could be merely trying to pass on late charges received from service providers. CGC boxes aren't generally heavy or as dense as most goods shipped, the volumetric weight or dimensional weight of their shipments likely exceeds the actual weight. Some courier companies clean up and reconcile missed charges after the fact and it's possible the provider is late in doing so due to volume. Further speculation is that a renegotiated contract took effect that changed their billing dynamic in an unanticipated way or a freight audit revealed their published rates didn't cover their costs.
  9. It's a waste of time to track a sales trend on all-things-comics since they probably got returns and resold some of the books mentioned. I also think the supply/demand argument doesn't happen in a vaccuum...even if few people are interested in buying a "cooled off" key book...only desperate sellers are selling off into steep declines in demand/price.
  10. I can't explain the naming other than guessing that "Wolverine" slots might be available due to mature content running in some of the other Wolverine titles possibly opening up those newsstand slots.. Also, the point-one issues were promoted as jumping on points, introducing stories or new creative teams while getting them into the hands of as many casual readers as possible. That's why I think things like the ASM Big Time (#1 collection of three issues) were more common as newsstands than regular ASM issues.
  11. I have no idea but I'd GUESS that post 2000 newsstands/bookstores ordered using some dumbed down order form that listed top tier titles/characters like spidey 1, spidey 2 spidey 3, xmen 1, xmen 2, Hulk, Avengers 1, Avengers 2 etc... so that when the publisher chooses to cancel Marvel Team Up it gets replaced by Web of Spider-Man, then WoSM would just slide into the Spidey 3/MTU slot for newsstands and subscriptions. With ASM taking over Spidey slots 1, 2 & 3 they just carried it forward and the 2&3 Spidey book cancelled were Friendly and Sensational. During my late 90's early 2000's collecting hiatus I had one convenience store that got Daredevil and ASM and another store that got only Hulk so there was continuity from month to month for each newsstand outlet so when Marvel cancels a title, anything creating a link from old to new maintains that newsstand order.
  12. Yep, I'd assume the secondary titles were distributed to less newsstands than Amazing but people here only seem to focus on the ones where the newsstand price difference gets a newsstand label from CGC. Sparky/Marwood and Dutch74 add some detail in the comments.
  13. No problem, there's an explanation At this link.. That article is good, some of the others on the rare comics blog site are a bit skewed or built on bad info.