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  1. I recall reading about it in TCJ at the time....also relevant is the old Marvel Comics indexes also had an explanation (the index only covered up to issue 181 because 182 hadn't come out yet when the index was printed)
  2. Lookit friggin' twopiece making a run at most knowledgeable
  3. bababooey


    exactamundo, other than the fact that you do none of the things he suggested when selling on ebay.
  4. Welcome, if you're looking for that many books I'd suggest creating a "want to buy" (WTB) thread in that subforum listing the books you are seeking along with desired grades. You'll also get better responses in that thread if you provide an estimated amount you're willing to pay because people won't dig around for stuff unless you seem like a serious buyer. When I had to fill in some of my 90's gaps in some runs I did it through ebay 10 years ago and didn't get totally crushed because I got most of it in big chunks from bigger sellers like mycomicshop and fantasy-comics. Of course the success of your thread will depend on what you're looking for, if it's something like the Byrne FF run or 50 X-Men or Wolverine comics you'll do okay, if you just want to get ebay alerts on the hot 200 comics listed in the key collector app then you probably won't get much feedback to a WTB
  5. bababooey


    So lying about the nature of CGC's product (hint: It's not permanent) in order to fit into one of ebay's policies is okay with you?
  6. bababooey


    The grade isn't the issue presented, this guy is saying that if you tell ebay that a book you sold grades lower than you stated after being sent to CGC, then all you have to do is tell ebay that it has been "permanently encapsulated". I recommend reading the first post in the thread.
  7. bababooey


    Sure but it appears the case was won on appeal primarily because the seller claimed the item was now "permanently encapsulated"....I can sympathize with sellers getting screwed over for minor grade discrepancies...but to come on here and claim a "win" over what could be an irrational buyer by misrepresenting the nature of CGC's product on their chat board to trick ebay into siding with you seems like the actions of an individual without empathy.
  8. Here's a search of board discussions. You can read from there or fine tune the search to "title" good luck
  9. The reason there is a gap in GPA results and the prices you see for available books for sale is because you chasing a couple movie books with some social media heat and all the available "inventory" priced at "market value" have been scooped up by people waiting for someone dumb or impatient enough to pull the trigger on an overpriced one so that the next guy who is checking GPA daily sees that an ASM 13 actually sold for the price that currently seems absurd and then complains about it in his thread that they're only available for $200 more than the last time it sold.
  10. Actually the treatment you got when you arrived and continue to whine about was because a banned shill (tinynascarfan) kept coming back under different names so in some ways this thread is the exact same scenario...the abuse you claim to have faced is exactly what is occurring here. The only difference is that you were a new user....
  11. Why are hollywood, kav and 50's being so rude to the new guy.