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  1. Lost my Mother to the exact same cancer 18 years ago. I still think of her often. But time does help heal. Sorry for your loss.
  2. I've tried to call them 3 times already to tell them their search function is incredibly screwed up. The old search function was perfect. Now it's gone completely. Why on earth as a comic book/auction web site, would you take away the most important tool of the entire web site??? Someone should be fired.
  3. Personally I really like the ComicLink site. Until recently when they screwed up the search function.
  4. Why not just accept checks? If I have books to sell (especially high dollar) the boards are my first, and preferred way to go. It's of tremendous advantage to me as I'm not paying the 20% auction fees. And the buyer is not paying any fees or immediate tax. I assume all of the same people looking at the auction houses, etc. are also here on these boards. So I'm reaching a large audience. Probably all of the comic guys around for the most part. The people here are knowledgeable, and will be quick to call out any b.s. to keep things legit and in line. I hate the 3% rule as well. And ha
  5. Wow, ole Mully79 came in like an Einstein Tornado and left destruction in his wake. I guess as he put it he "owned" all of us because nobody could deduce his grade based off of three graders notes. Welp, thanks Mully79 for blessing us with your vast intellectual prowess. If you can ever find it in your heart to come back here a deal with us simpletons, please do so, and enlighten us with more of your dazzling brain power.
  6. Super Cool. And exceedingly rare books in those high grades. GLWTS
  7. Recently I sent in a moderately expensive GA book for pressing. With the high hopes of a potential grade bump, as it had non-color breaking creases. After everything was done. The book comes back the exact same grade. With the grader's note saying it has non-color breaking creases. I'll be calling them tomorrow...
  8. I've seen freaks of nature before. But this book takes it to another level. The black cover, and super sharp corners are UNREAL. Can't believe this is 77 years old.
  9. Just one book for sale today. Atlas Suspense #19 - CGC graded (7.5) - River City Pedigree. 3rd Highest Graded behind solo (8.5) and (9.0) 5 in grade. Notes from CGC indicate small front cover creases. So I am assuming the book could get a bump up (8.0/8.5?) with a press. First "I'll take It" gets it. PayPal, Check or Money Orders accepted. PM me with any questions - $800 Shipped $800 Shipped
  10. Awesome book Caleb, congrats. You always find the gems. And you know I have to give some love to the Spellbounds. What a great Everett Classic.
  11. A big thank you to CGC and the judges for this year's win. It was very much unexpected, and an incredibly awesome surprise. I'm inspired to continue to build on the set, and see how far I can go. And yes, I do plan on seeking out those elusive Kid Colt variants. Say a prayer, lol. Thanks also, to fellow boardie and super collector, 4gemworks. Who was instrumental in helping me with many of my upgrades. Congrats to all of the other winners and their great sets.
  12. Headed there right now... You guys are the best...
  13. Awesome. Thank you sir...
  14. Hey fellow gurus. I'm in the Buffalo NY area this week and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good comic book shop WITH back issues. Thanks in advance.....