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  1. HemiGTX

    Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Awesome book Caleb, congrats. You always find the gems. And you know I have to give some love to the Spellbounds. What a great Everett Classic.
  2. A big thank you to CGC and the judges for this year's win. It was very much unexpected, and an incredibly awesome surprise. I'm inspired to continue to build on the set, and see how far I can go. And yes, I do plan on seeking out those elusive Kid Colt variants. Say a prayer, lol. Thanks also, to fellow boardie and super collector, 4gemworks. Who was instrumental in helping me with many of my upgrades. Congrats to all of the other winners and their great sets.
  3. HemiGTX

    LCB Buffalo NY

    Headed there right now... You guys are the best...
  4. HemiGTX

    LCB Buffalo NY

    Awesome. Thank you sir...
  5. HemiGTX

    LCB Buffalo NY

    Hey fellow gurus. I'm in the Buffalo NY area this week and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good comic book shop WITH back issues. Thanks in advance.....
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  8. HemiGTX

    I hate the new boards

    No, I follow VintageComics.......It works just fine for me.
  9. Notifications Arch - My notification settings are not working. I have been trying for over a week to change them. I am getting (bell) notifications from some members I follow, every time they post something, and I can't shut it off. Can you help?
  10. HemiGTX

    Superman #20

    An Atlas PCH book worth around the same amount....
  11. HemiGTX

    Superman #20

    They did.... But I haven't heard anything yet.
  12. HemiGTX

    The Undead Thread: Pre-Code Horror

    What a melt your face off beautiful book
  13. HemiGTX

    Superman #20

    UPDATE I did... I was also was able to find out whose books they were from the invoice and luckily enough the gentleman had a listed phone number. I talked to him a few hours ago and all is good. I got his books and he got mine. Great guy, fellow comic book geek. Just figured I would give a shout out here on the boards with the hope that it might be a boardie (he is) And wanted to let them know that the books are safe. Just in case they might have been freaking out...