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    I hate the new boards

    No, I follow VintageComics.......It works just fine for me.
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    Notifications Arch - My notification settings are not working. I have been trying for over a week to change them. I am getting (bell) notifications from some members I follow, every time they post something, and I can't shut it off. Can you help?
  5. HemiGTX

    Superman #20

    An Atlas PCH book worth around the same amount....
  6. HemiGTX

    Superman #20

    They did.... But I haven't heard anything yet.
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    The Undead Thread: Pre-Code Horror

    What a melt your face off beautiful book
  8. HemiGTX

    Superman #20

    UPDATE I did... I was also was able to find out whose books they were from the invoice and luckily enough the gentleman had a listed phone number. I talked to him a few hours ago and all is good. I got his books and he got mine. Great guy, fellow comic book geek. Just figured I would give a shout out here on the boards with the hope that it might be a boardie (he is) And wanted to let them know that the books are safe. Just in case they might have been freaking out...
  9. HemiGTX

    Superman #20

    Superman #20 HEADS UP !!!!!! If anybody is missing a Superman #20 that they recently purchased via a ComicLink auction, I have your book!!!! It was sent to me by mistake along with a Showcase #35...........
  10. HemiGTX

    I hate the new boards

    One thing that I think is being overlooked. Is that as time goes by and more and more people become comfortable with NOT being here. The more likely it might be that they never come back. Out of sight, out of mind type of thing. I know that lately, with the less and less time that I am here. The more I have started to have the feeling of just not caring as much how often I visit these boards. Sad, but I have felt a shift happening where I just don't care weather or not I am here as much anymore. Where as before I always had that "I can't live without these boards" feeling. Much less posting in my favorite saved topics that I have followed for years, slow sales threads, and seldom seen "old" boardies are making my general enthusiasm for these boards wain more and more everyday. And worst of all I am becoming o.k. with, and use to it. So I think that the hope that people will stick through this, (IMO dramatic change). And learn to live with it and love it. Is actually cutting the other way. People as realizing that life goes on without these boards and are becoming accustomed to it. Also, current online member count shouldn't tell anybody much. I am always logged "on" my PC. And never logged "off"
  11. HemiGTX

    I hate the new boards

    Is it just me or has absolutely nothing happened here in the last 2 weeks, concerning changes to this "new board". I thought all of the suggestions in the "change request & voting" thread were suppose to be given strong consideration and/or acted upon. But it seems like any additional changes abruptly ended a few weeks ago. What good was that thread for if nothing is being done? Why is the "like" button still here, why haven't keylines been added, why haven't the PM issues been worked on, why haven't colors been tweaked, etc. All I have heard on this board since day one has been "give it some time" and "wait until they change some things". But it seems to me like it was all just blowing smoke. I said in this thread one week into this new board "they will tell you to wait and be patient, and that things will improve and get better. They will tell you that "they really care" and your opinion matters, and they will implement consensus changes" but in the end what your seeing now is pretty much what you are going to get. Because I don't see voted upon change requests being acted upon or even talked about lately. Yes, I still hate this stupid, ugly, slow, and un-user friendly board. And P.S. there has never been less people here..... or get off the pot. Make the changes people have voted on or at least tell us it can't be done. Because it is starting to feel like it has all been a show. Designed to string everybody along. And just waste time until hopefully voices like mine and others who don't like this board will just give up and capitulate. Was that the plan?
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    BUMP Take 10% off remaining books until end of Friday 3/24 Then there off to auction..........
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    You Got It goldust.............Thanks