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  1. Lol. The hair was from one of my cats. I wonder if it’s the case of a little damage made worse by SCS. I’m not sure how the ncb crease would have happened with SCS though. And there is at least one a tick or two up by the top staple. It was an eBay buy without a super high resolution pic - but it would have been tough to notice some of this unless I saw it in person. Alas.
  2. I could use some help figuring out what’s “allowed” in NM/M copies. I bought via eBay a CGC 9.8 copy Captain Marvel 23 (cuz I like the cover). When it arrived, I noticed the lower left corner had a ncb crease 1/2” up the spine and another ncb crease with a very lightly dinged corner. I have a few other 9.8s and the corners are usually sharp. I can’t tell if this is a production defect or the defect allowed for this copy for the 9.8 grade. I’ve attached pics to try to capture what I’m seeing.
  3. I'll add the following @20% off to my pile. Iron Man #39---Gorgeous 7.5 Copy---Asking $15 Iron Man #36---Copy A---Gorgeous 7.5 Copy---Asking $13
  4. I know I claimed the 4.0 for Iron Man 88 but can I switch that one out for the 6.0 copy?
  5. That's a nice copy of Spawn 312. The copies at A&S Comics (my lcs) have quite a bit of defects around that top staple. It stinks.
  6. This was fun! Congrats to all the winners and I look forward to battling for last place again sometime in the future.