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  1. Another point I haven't seen anyone make yet is storage of the collection itself. If you need this gone vs if you have room for it. Just my opinion, I would work on moving all those statues first to drastically reduce the storage space. Each one of those can take up considerable room, as well as potentially help you fund anything you might decide to do with the comics if you find any to be of value.
  2. I'm not sure how many of the casual fans will really even care, but I can't say for sure that all of those kids are supposed to be Peter's friends from 5 years ago. Just the one and maybe he had dusted as well. Re-integrating half the population into a society that probably moved on should be a HUGE issue, but I'm not sure it promotes the Marvel story-line so how much they address it will just have to be seen.
  3. She could always become the blonde Black Widow from Vol 1
  4. I'll agree with that. You do give up quite a bit of power in returning it though.
  5. The Black Widow one is the one that has me spinning... I almost feel like now that Clint knows her father's name he will set out to search for him and discover her past and it will be a story in flashback mode.
  6. So other items, What did Cap do with the "stone" that he had to return to Asgard? Inject it back into Jane? I still think when he returned the Soul stone he should have been able to release a soul, right? If there are indeed alternate time-line Thanos now that means we still have alternate time line Tonys and Natashas right?
  7. Believe me. It is the ONE sticking point I haven't been able to get past! I think I can agree that not all stones affect people the same way as the one held in Guardians....
  8. Yes, but this is after she hands Thanos a vial of Pym particles earlier.
  9. Yes, sorry I was carrying on two conversations on two messages
  10. Plus just think back to Infinity War in Wakanda. Black Panther simply says get this man a shield. Design is there and they have the vibranium.
  11. Right, but 2014 Nebula went back with Scott at the end of the mission so she would have had to use her 2023 vial. Right?
  12. The way I look at it is since Gamorra was no longer fighting on Thanos' side and was actually trying to defeat him, she wasn't considered as part of his army and survives but since she has no "connection" with Quill she doesn't fly off with the Guardians. Lebowski Thor is the Gamorra replacement.
  13. Tony might have been saying it sarcastically. I'll pay attention to that scene to see if I heard it correctly next time I see it.
  14. So here's my two things: 1) Only enough Pym particles for everyone to make one trip and Cap only grabs 4 vials later and yet somehow an extra vial gets to Thanos AND the younger Nebula returns with War Machine? 2) I totally agree that everybody just holding on to the stones freehand seems a bit much after watching Guardians of the Galaxy.