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  1. Had no idea I had this until today. Knew I had the issue but not that it was a newsstand
  2. I was at a Walden Books in 2007 and saw this. I only bought it because they had put it out a week early
  3. Picked up these two Spawns a couple of weeks ago. The 97 unfortunately has a stain bottom left but I couldn't pass it up
  4. Hi. I'm looking for the on-line form for Baltimore on-site grading. Would you know where I can find that? Thanks!
  5. It's actually been out a couple of months. It's fantastic! Yes you can pull out for framing.
  6. I am interested in buying the 1:25 variant of Injustice Gods Among Us #1 (2012). I will pay $100 plus shipping for a raw copy in 9.4 grade. I already have the promo copy that looks similar to this but doesn't have a price or bar code on the front. This is what I'm looking for :
  7. At Todd's #300 announcement, he said only artists that would be doing interior pages would do variant covers. So hopefully the number of variants isn't too bad.
  8. 72 pages
  9. I'll take Toxin Limited Series: #1 9.4, #2 9.6, #3 9.6 #4 9.6, #5 9.4, #6 9.6 $25
  10. I was searching for that Amazing 674 Homage variant for a while. I finally found a high grade one on eBay last year for a decent price and bought it. Then a week later, I was on a trip and stopped into a shop in NJ and found a beautiful one for $25. Couldn't pass it up. Yeah added that shop to my honeyhole list
  11. Batman #570 9.6 WHITE $20 Detective Comics #737 9.6 WHITE $20 Take BOTH for $35 I'll take both