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  1. I am interested in buying the 1:25 variant of Injustice Gods Among Us #1 (2012). I will pay $100 plus shipping for a raw copy in 9.4 grade. I already have the promo copy that looks similar to this but doesn't have a price or bar code on the front. This is what I'm looking for :
  2. At Todd's #300 announcement, he said only artists that would be doing interior pages would do variant covers. So hopefully the number of variants isn't too bad.
  3. 72 pages
  4. I'll take Toxin Limited Series: #1 9.4, #2 9.6, #3 9.6 #4 9.6, #5 9.4, #6 9.6 $25
  5. I was searching for that Amazing 674 Homage variant for a while. I finally found a high grade one on eBay last year for a decent price and bought it. Then a week later, I was on a trip and stopped into a shop in NJ and found a beautiful one for $25. Couldn't pass it up. Yeah added that shop to my honeyhole list
  6. Batman #570 9.6 WHITE $20 Detective Comics #737 9.6 WHITE $20 Take BOTH for $35 I'll take both
  7. Just one book: Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #1 Variant CGC 9.8 SS signed by Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) Price: $200 PayPal payment only. Due in 3 days. $10 shipping in the U.S. (continental 48 states). No shipping outside USA. Will ship using box within a box for strong protection. Plus bubblewrap. First I’ll take it posted in thread wins. Trumps all PMs. No sales to anyone on the probation list or in the Hall of Shame. No returns on slabs. I have sold between 5 and 10 slabs on the boards with no issues. My eBay feedback is 100% (delt569 username)
  8. Batman:The killing Joke 11th printing.
  9. I went to the Jason Aaron Conan the Barbarian #1 launching at Third Eye Comics (Great shop!) in Annapolis, Maryland yesterday. It was a pretty crowded signing I was able to ask Jason a couple of Southern Bastards questions. Q: When will the next issue of Southern Bastards be? Jason: "Working on it. Should be soon." Q: How many issues past #20 have you finished writing? Jason: "Just staying ahead of Latour." Q: Any update on TV show? Jason: "Should have news one way or the other this year."
  10. I'm behind on Black Hammer but have really enjoyed everything I've read so far
  11. It seems like all of my favorite stuff in 2018 was written by Tom King or Donnie Cates. Mister Miracle. Thanos. Venom
  12. THE WALKING DEAD at NYCC October 06, 2018, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM The Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden Cast and executive producers from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” will discuss the show’s exciting new chapter and share some hints of what’s to come with a sneak peek into season 9, debuting on October 7th at 9PM ET/PT. Danai Gurira Andrew Lincoln Norman Reedus Melissa McBride Jeffrey Dean Morgan Angela Kang Scott M. Gimple Robert Kirkman Gale Anne Hurd Dave Alpert Greg Nicotero
  13. Just got this email from DCBS: Dear DCBS customer, After careful consideration, DCBS has decided to move our warehouse back to Ft. Wayne in order to return to our previous level of quality of shipping and customer service. The move to Memphis was much researched and InStockTrades was able to maintain their level of service and continue to grow after their move there 4 years ago. The IST team is much smaller than the DCBS team and they handle a smaller spectrum of products. We have worked very hard over the last year attempting to train and retain good staff, to no avail. We made some great changes in processing while in Memphis, such as scanning items as they are picked, and adding the shrink machine that cuts our processing in half and creates consistent bundles. Those changes will continue at the Ft. Wayne warehouse. We have assembled a small but elite team in Ft. Wayne, which includes previous managers and the best from our current team. The move was made last week, the warehouse has been rebuilt, and the team is currently working on processing month end shipments. The packing machines and shrink machine have not been fully re-installed, so this week's shipments will be sent in bubble wrap until they can be put fully in place. We have been using bubble wrap as an option recently, and have received great feedback from customers who have received their shipments with it. A warehouse move is a very costly and grueling process that we do not take lightly. This decision was not easy, but necessary. Please note that starting this week your shipments will be sent out from the Ft. Wayne warehouse. You should see a considerable improvement in accuracy and condition of your shipments going forward. Thanks for hanging in there with us and we are very appreciative of your business! Sincerely, The DCBS Team
  14. I was surprised how empty it was Saturday. I usually don't dig through boxes at big Cons but couldn't resist here. I left with 30 books. I was very happy!
  16. I had to get a print of this at last year's NYCC
  17. I didn't see this posted anywhere about the Bulletproof Dark Nights Metal 5 Dell'Otto replacements. From Bulletproof FB: "WE HAVE A DATE FOR THE METAL #5 replacements 3/28/18 !!!! ** LATEST UPDATE on Damaged Metal #5 Virgins 3/5/18 The Date of the replacements will be 3/28/18 DC has explained to me the challenges of printing such a small run and this is the best they could do. We do realize that the replacements are coming in very late but under the circumstances, this is the best that DC has came up with. I have asked DC to allow me to pick it up one week early and am waiting on their approval -Hank"
  18. Hulk 92 CGC 9.8 SS signed by Greg Pak $175