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  1. So the big Dr. Who guest cancels again.....
  2. I was at the show for about three hours this morning to drop off books to comiclink and do a little shopping. Saw some great books out from all the Chicago regulars. Got to chat with Bedrock and Greggy for a bit, and say hello to a bunch of friends. I’m surprised how small the show is this year. At noon about 1/2 the “marketing” booths weren’t set up. The insurance companies, LASIK companies, and the like seem to biggest offenders. They cut artist alley in half or more, and added a huge food court to the middle of the show floor. There were many dealers that were staples at this show that decided to hold off this year.... Looking forward to reports toward the end of the show....
  3. Come see us, right at the front of the show in the 100 aisle under the green chile poster!
  4. Duncanville Bookstore, Black Cat Comics, and Monster’s Lair Comics will all be set up. Probably 4-5 other dealers there as well. Great room of books!
  5. After doing this show for the past three years, I think think this will be a hard pass this year. Not worth 20+ hours each way to set up at an expensive show with no guest list, no communication to dealers, and declining sales year to year. It’s such a shame, going to this show used to be a highlight of the year.....
  6. So far sales are down, way down. Crowd started to thin around 4, a good three hours before close. Let’s see how Sunday turns out.
  7. But Fan Expo (informa) owns Dallas Fan Days. I'm not confusing the two. I understand that they are two different shows, but it feels like a big step backward going from three shows a year to two, and your secondary show really becoming SECONDARY. Table prices for this show have steadily increased, and it seems attendance and customers have decreased. The rebooking of local guests is great, as they usually have a good following in the area, but it doesn't cause a "call to action" to go to this show specifically.
  8. I really thought Fan Expo was supposed to be the "premiere" show in Dallas. The two smaller shows (Dallas Comic Show, and North Texas) have had, or have more exciting comic talent. As a comic vendor at these shows, your response of "a selection of comic guests" makes me think you don't care to put out a quality selection of guests to bring in fans and collectors that will shop at my booth. We understand that the spring show is the crown jewel, but don't have a show, expect vendors and fans to spend money, and give us a "selection" of guests that do pretty much every Texas show, or have been on the Wizard circuit forever.
  9. I think it was 25 total books, and they were supposed to retail at 9.99 per blind book. I ordered two boxes and got 1. I wish they would have focused more on the popular titles, and short packed the less popular titles. The comics I received were: Sun Bakery (titled cover and blank) regression (titled cover and blank) curse words (titled cover and blank) eternal empire (titled cover) god country (titled cover and blank) royal city (two copies titled cover) extremity (titled cover) grrrrl scouts (titled cover) rock candy mountain (titled cover and blank) redneck (titled cover) old guard (titled cover) rose (titled cover and blank) divided states of hysteria (titled cover) paklis (Titled cover) plastic (titled cover) the few (titles cover and blank) youngblood (titled cover) no spawn, no dragon, no walking dead, no saga, no outcast...... Can't say I'm impressed with the selection...
  10. I wasn't impressed with mine either. Really Plastic 1, Sun Bakery 1, royal city 1, eternal empire 1, divided states of hysteria 1...... I'll be lucky to recoup expenses from this Also many of the blank books have a harsh horizontal printer line across the book that will affect any artwork you would have done. Also had a few that had bad spine stress.
  11. You try to provide up to the second reporting from the con and the iPhone has to it all up!
  12. These are iPhone pics after setup, so hopefully they don't get all rotated. (Damn, sorry if you're looking at these pics on your phone as they are probably upside down...)