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  1. Looks like Hulk1 isn't recording all time highs either. ComicLink auction ended tonight. 7.5@ $42,578
  2. and Christmas joy to you and your loved ones as well my fellow Elvis loving friend
  3. Thanks so much Steve. All the best to you and your loved ones for Christmas.
  4. While I'm waiting for that new avatar, might as well listen to something Christmassy ...
  5. Where's that 'out of context' thread ?
  6. can a Christmas hat like the one you have on yours be added ? if not, no worries.
  7. @Get Marwood & I Any chance you can do same with my avatar as you did with yours ? Xech Me Asking Steve for a favor.
  8. Tommy had a cool last name: Thorson. Verily I tell you. By Odin ! Ernest. Umm...not so much.
  9. if you find me a 5.0/5.5 I'd say the ppp is hovering the 3K/point
  10. The Tec 30 2.5 ended very close to where I told another boardie in a PM it would : 4.5K $4,476 Hope he won it.
  11. from a PM I sent to an insterested boardie: That book was bought by Stephen Ritter ( WorldWide Comics ) at auction on ComicLink for $27,805 5/28/2019 as a 3.0. I think it circulated raw before that on ebay a while before. He cracked it out and was selling raw as a "4.0" (full grade higher than CGC grade) on his site for 38.5K. Got fed up after a while, had it pressed re-subbed and managed the 3.5. Same asking price. It has a "pending sale" on his site. It will likely be shilled on ComicLink (apparently not hard enough) It didn't sell strong as a 3.0, it won't either as a 3.5. The reason is obvious. That particular copy will always under-sell, all things being "free of shenanigans." Scan for posterity ALL I have to say about all this is suck it !!!
  12. One does not simply summon @delekkerste It is Gene who graces us with his presence.
  13. Dunno but this was listed
  14. Hell would have to get kind of chilly before even that would happen. Pretty sure Metro was offering that sometime ago, for a limited time of course.
  15. HA won't allow you to bid on your own books. What about their own books.
  16. You mean Metro offering discounts? Sure. When hell freezes over. Free shipping. Their generosity knows no bounds.