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  1. What happens when we hit the 3mil post ? Will the boards explode or does life simply go one with no one giving a F.
  2. I think the OP deserves the 3 Mil post. He has posted a whooping 1169 times in 13 yrs.
  3. Commissioner Gordon Furious! Callously Gives Finger Copper! Get Fd! Cute Girls Fuming Can't Get F
  4. Commissioner Gordon Furious! Callously Gives Finger Calls General Foray
  5. 3Mil registry points. Now that's something. 3 Mil posts, not so much. Was there a party when we hit 1 Mil ? 2 Mil ? No.
  6. @Get Marwood & I any new acronyms of interest ? We could skip the 3Mil and head straight to 4.
  7. The other day I almost clicked on the Copper forum to see what the hubbub was about TMNT. Almost. Scariest 5 seconds of my life.
  8. Nah. No one cares for Batman anymore. TMNT #1 is what everyone is interested in nowadays.
  9. Brian don't you know that the TEC pre robin market is dead, nobody wants those anymore, Hence the massive discounts Brian and I are waiting for. We'd be doing you a favor taking that drek off your hands.