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  1. "one of the scarcest" ...*cough*
  2. no need, it was offered on the boards a while back. went to auction on CC (didn't do so well) now it's back again.
  3. Looking at the (rather poor) selection of early Detectives in the current CC auction, 35 2.0 seems to be doing ok while 31 1.5 is lagging. The fact that it had the resto removed and now looks fugly certainly has something to do with it. Won't comment on the CBCS graded 36 and 38
  4. @Buzzetta to the avatar change back to the original.
  5. to be fair, if you take away EQ that total would be under 10M Were record prices seen for most GA and SA material ? Not so sure. Looks like OA and the usual BIG keys kept the tally high.
  6. Hi Jim, no longer possible to chase a copy but love the book ( and especially the cover) that much that I threw in a few bids anyway. Good luck !
  7. I just took a lot at census. 6 Tec 27 in 6.5 grade
  8. I love the cover to Tec 37. One of my favs of the preRobin covers (close tie with 29)
  9. I just checked and surprise, surprise ... it is !
  10. Guess Minh will be making his 4.0 available again
  11. nope and the 4.0 that was offered on the boards is no longer available between the 2 I'd pick the 1.8 for overall eye appeal
  12. nope, no Tec 38 purchases for me. I posted a "want" not a "take" Looking for the right copy.
  13. this post is in reference to the 51k Tec 38 1.8