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  1. And while I don't communicate all that much with ComicLink people, Jon Signorelli is a 5-star guy.
  2. This threads reminds me I need to make a USA Road Trip #2 - East Coast this time. Absolutely loved first trip.
  3. check out CGC 7.5 (R)
  4. It is my opinion that Brian should post more books. Don't hold back. If anything else, for us simply to drool over ...
  5. There have been several over the years with 2 recent examples shown.
  7. I set my search on ebay for Detective Comics Golden Age (1938-55) but everyday I find myself having to sift through dozens of modern/bronze and even silver ( don't mind those as much ) age Detective Comics in that search. Really frustrating. Can I improve my search (and if so how ?) because people are just too stupid or not bothered to properly categorize their books ? Thank you.
  8. I regret not having picked up some of Andre's books when he sold off his collection Certainly would have had them cheaper than by today's prices.
  9. Wow ! Good to know. A book like this I would only buy at auction. 70-75K sounds about right for a 9.0 copy in 2019 but I don't follow the SA market all that much anymore. I will keep the book under watch out of curiosity.
  10. sweet 9.0 just listed on ComicLink If ever I go back to SA, this one would be the first book I'd buy and in same grade.
  11. So, YOU were the guy. Saw it this morning and mourned its sale. Congrats! It’s a beauty. So, YOU were the guy. Saw it today and thought sweet pickup. Congrats! Indeed, very nice copy.
  12. I just realized there are 7 or 8 Superman #1 copies available on ebay