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  1. $360k doesn't sound cheap it does when compared to this last year Bidders likely caught on to the restored/no longer restored play
  2. you might get lucky ...
  3. I dunno. Could be worse . . . Is that even an issue ? When you have a total of only 54 Universal graded copies (7 of which fall under 1.0 and lower grades), one shouldn't be too picky and consider himself lucky to own one.
  4. Lot of GA and even SA books are sitting well below FMV atm, but we're still 5 days out before live bidding ...
  5. Sold for 120K
  6. See post immediately above . . . Very happy with my copy. It will take a special 29 for me to consider an upgrade.
  7. Over at heritage in 2019, it went for $144k. So pretty much the same price as the ComicLink, $3k less At ComicLink I recall when JIM 83 in 9.4s would easily sell for over 200K ++
  8. Actually they do and have since end of last year. If you pay within 7 days they waive the 3% bp. Ow it is not just for cc anymore Good to know of their latest payment changes.