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  1. If so I am having no luck finding it Cam rip Avengers.Age.Of.Ultron.2015.ENG-CAM.RIP-XVID-AC3.2.0-TeamTelly
  2. Just came back from watching it. Liked it. But yes, a bit too much Hawkeye.
  3. Yeah. I was thinking front cover only like Jeff's batman1 cover.
  4. easily 30-40k+ I think Jeff (nearmint) sold a front cover to Batman1 for 5k IIRC (not too long ago)
  5. $2 then only if the box comes with ...
  6. Matt, when you create a WTB thread, try list all the books you're after in the SAME thread. Do NOT create a WTB thread for each book you're looking for. That will only tick off the Moderators. Besides, it's not fair to other board members as you're taking up all the space - forum etiquette. Good luck in your searches (thumbs u
  7. So I clicked on it and apparently I'm the video still I am too At the time, looking for a 38 (thumbs u
  8. Anything that could interest a few boardies ?
  9. It doesn't matter how many billions you have, if 9.6 copies of Tec #31 don't exist. Just thinking about a 9.6 copy of Tec #31 gives me the warm tinglies. I am such a bat nerd. I have 9 of them in that grade.... but only 6 have white pages. I have a 3 ft stack that my daughter uses to color with her crayons.