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  1. @Brittany M. wouldn't it be easier to start a poll ? option 3 for me, hands down.
  2. These are books up greggy's alley
  3. We have confirmed that we were a victim of a malware attack.
  4. We are experiencing a technical outage that is taking longer than expected to restore.
  5. Also, Superman 1 will always be a more valuable book that Batman 1. If I had to choose I'd take both.
  6. Perfect registration on the FF48. Congrats !
  7. I don't think one is more valuable than the other nor that buyers will hold off on one vs the other. It's more like: OMG Tec 31 buy it before it's gone. Oops too late.
  8. I think that would be akin to asking which Tec 31 is more valuable, the blue cowl or the grey cowl cover.
  9. Everyone knows takebot doesn't have a heart.
  10. Ditto. Major congrats on your purchase !
  11. Punishment for not having picked up any of Bunky's preRobins
  12. The AS8 is really nice ! Congrats to Buyer and Seller.
  13. what are you talking about !? The ask price was publicly available for all those that read this thread and part of the initial post. If anyone had quoted the initial post, the ask price would still be there to view. Would they then have to delete their posts once the sale was made ? I actually intended to quote the first post and page a forumite with the @ thing but by that time it was sold.