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  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with a Conserved book. Send them ALL my way.
  2. Both comics valued at 1Mil I can't stop F laughing.
  3. They are super-restored IGB garbage recreations. Here's the Supes 1
  4. I recently had a funeral to attend to. This in itself should be cause for celebration.
  5. Book has been purchased. They now listed an Aventure 100 9.6 single highest
  6. pretty sure wasn't too long ago a 7.0 would fetch 110-120K
  7. for anyone interested ...
  8. You broke it with all your funny books.
  9. crazy awesome books Richard. I think I ran out of 'likes' ...
  10. AF15 started tanking since SC22 or whatever the F his name was left the scene ...
  11. There is a 34 2.0 listed on ebay
  12. to this I'll add MF52. As to the 59K Hulk 181, people are stupid. More money than brains.