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  1. If anyone can track down a cheap low grade with the cover mostly intact, I can give you a finders fee.
  2. Actual GPA for ( 5.0 ) (2) $3,375 (1) $2,380 (2) $2,540 (1) $2,700 $2,700 Mar-2018 ( 7.0 ) - (1) $18,000 (1) $18,000 - $18,000 Jun-2017 ( 6.5 ) (1) $4,749 - - - $4,749 Feb-2016 ( 6.0 ) (1) $6,000 (1) $6,100 (1) $6,100 - $6,100 Jul-2017 Because of scarcity in higher grades, there can be a big gap in 1/2 to 1 grade differences, so its best not to use the higher grades for you comparisons while ignoring actual same grade sales, not a very fair comparison.
  3. Sounds like it won't affect the grade, but tape will be noted on the label and we are talking a 1 millimeter micro piece of tape, so perhaps its best to try and remove it to make the label more neat and clean/book more desirable, so it has no label note about tape. Worth the effort/risk?
  4. I have what looks like on the surface to be a silver age key 7.0 range book I am getting ready to submit for grading. Problem is on the front cover is a 3/4 inch tear near the corner edge and it has a teeny tiny micro piece of tape on interior to prevent the tear from going further. Question, should I try to remove the tape before getting it graded, or since it is so small and is there for a reason, just leave it and hope for the best on the grading? Really interested in seeing how CGC will grade this given that one minor defect given how nice the rest of the book looks. Thanks!
  5. Great communication and buying transaction on a $1K+ early Golden Age Key! Thanks! A++
  6. Let me know what you have and at what price. somewhere in the lower grade ranges acceptable, but would I prefer a very low to lower grade copy, missing CF/pages, cover pieces missing OK, trying to keep this somewhere around $500 and below, but will go a bit higher for the right copy. The back cover needs to be mostly complete and not missing. Will pay a very respectable at or above market price or well above for the right lower grade copy. If you have any leads, please let me know.
  7. I was told by the CGC moderator in the ask CGC a question section that both books should be good if they are coming from a CGC P resto label. The only time cleaning is not conservation is when it is poorly done and fades/washes the colors etc. It looks like I have 2 great candidates for the new partially blue conserved label. P.S. That goes for the tear seals/reinforcement also. It needs to be professionally done with archival materials and not super glue etc. or it does not qualify.
  8. Unless it shows well otherwise and the owner wants it protected in a nice slab to show off. Do the CGC value service at 10% off, not really for making profit, but maybe still worth it to him?
  9. I have a Hulk #1 just like it. As is you will get a 1.5 blue label that looks much better. For example, my Hulk 1 (that otherwise looks VG-) got a 1.5 with the same issue. Truth be told given how well it shows and it being a coupon that's not a story page, GPA gets you really close to 2.0 area, but if it looks FN or better, then request the green level and probably get even more. You can request the green label in these situations, otherwise I think they default to the blue label 1.5.
  10. I have two Early purple label restored All Star Comics. Both had slight (P) with one only having a tear seal and reinforcement and the other the same, but with a cover cleaning. Now that they have conserved blue labels for such books that have no color touch and no pieces added etc. Do they both qualify? The first one for sure, but the cleaning one is a gray area as it says some cleaning allowed in conserved books (but not all cleaning I suppose?). I have also seen newly restored books graded with cleaning and still the purple label, not the conserved label, so I just need to know if I should ship both books back to CGC for reholdering into the new conserved label or just the one that does not have the cover cleaning??? Can anyone help with this question???
  11. JUST ADDED R. Crumbs Comics & Stories #1 1969 2nd Print, HIGHEST SINGLE GRADE OFFERED FOR ANY R. Crumb #1 in any print!!! $203 GPA from 2015, a 9.4 7th printing fetched $179! No other copy above 9.4 in any 1st through 7th printing has Ever been offered per GPA! Offered at just $200 $178 (YES EVEN CHEAPER THAN THE 7th PRINT 9.4 GPA)!!! And this is for the single Highest Grade Ever for this book in Any Print!
  12. Last I checked, it was against official board policy/rules to ask extra for paypal fees.
  13. Sweet .5!!! If only we could go back in time and tell some kid, DONT PUT TAPE ON THE SPINE! Without tape, I would think it to be closer to a 1.5?
  14. Wow, I would buy key 6.5's all day long at that looked that nice! Go out and look at some graded books in that range and you will see this one has many more upper level attributes than vast majority of 6.5's. It does have a fair amount of spine ticks that drop it a bit, but you have to weight the whole book overall. I would be happy with a 7.5 but has a chance at 7.0. I would bet money it gets at least one of those two grades.
  15. 5.0 but probably 5.5 if you get a press and dry clean.
  16. This fairly new member (CatMan Brett) put an I'll take it in my listing for More Fun #67 $1,195, in PM promised to get me paypal payment that evening and then never responded to multiple follow up attempts over several days.
  17. This fairly new member put an I'll take it in my listing for More Fun #67 $1,195, in PM promised to get me paypal payment that evening and then never responded to multiple follow up attempts over several days.
  18. Payment on More Fun 67 received from back up buyer. Catman Brett fell off the face of the earth after promising payment, so anyway that book is now sold. ALL REMAINING BOOKS HEAVILY DISCOUNTED TO QUICK SELL PRICES! FF #45 1st Inhumans, Hulk 181 1st Wolvie, Young Men #24, Superman #100
  19. Deposit received on JIM 83 so that one is sold, Back up offer received on More Fun 67 appears sold, awaiting payment.
  20. More Fun #67 may still be available, the buyer has not responded to follow up PM's or followed through with the deposit that was promised two nights ago. Accepting back up offers if still no response by tomorrow. 3 month payment terms available.