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  1. Marvel Presents 3 and Marvel Superheroes 18 Both SOLD! (pending paypal payment arriving)
  2. Just Added, X-Men #16 in VG/FN 5.0 to 4.5 range condition $35, 1st Mastermold (King of the Sentinels) I believe. Typical reading wear for grade. Justice League America #140 Giant Issue, Glossy and Sharp NM- 9.2 range condition. $9 Classic Green Lantern on trial for murder story. This was made into a great cartoon movie, one of my favorite stories. Overstreet guide is $18
  3. Forever People #1 Sold per
  4. Paypal preferred, money orders great also. First gets it, PM welcome also. US Shipping a flat $5 for any or all comics, Canada a bit more. Satisfaction Guarantee No Questions Asked! Just Reduced Prices, most books are well below GPA..... Batman #23 $275, Fair Classic Joker Cover. You can see the scan's missing edge pieces, BUT very nice supple pages, looks like it came from a much nicer mid grade book! Good resto project or very Affordable entry level copy. Wonder Woman #23 $315 CGC VF-Sl(A) Old Label Goodness. Wonder Woman Childhood story, these early WW are scarce. Slight A, small tear seal to top spine, small ct. Wow, this one looks amazing, the cover looks darn near NM- 9.2/9.0 range, I think had someone with skill color touched the tear seal so you could not have seen it, (very small job) this should have gotten at least VF/NM IMO. What I can say is that this book has hardly been touched with just very minor work and the vast majority of this book had many VF/NM qualities even before that work. Marvel Super Heroes 18 SOLD 1st Guardians, sharp VF range copy. Nice cover, scan shows micro color break in corner, light reading wear, back cover and pages are as nice as front, I can try to get more scans up tonight if anyone really want more. I leave the VF "range" open, because one collectors VF+ is another's VF-, especially on these large square bound books that often have problems right off the manufacturing line floor. 90 day GPA for 7.0 is over $300, 8.5 $597, I would think this is somewhere in between, but sure as heck is not lower than 7.0, so priced nicely for a high grade Key. (P.S. any lines around the glare is only glare, nothing else) Marvel Presents #3 NM- range SOLD, looks like it just came off the news stand, I would estimate 9.2 but 9.0 is reasonable also. 1st Solo Guardians book. Priced just below the 9.0 GPA with decent potential to come back higher IMO. Detective Comics #226 $199, 2nd appearance and Origin of the JLA founding member, The Martian Manhunter (from the Supergirl TV series), I have read it is far more scarce than the #225 1st appearance setting records in market prices. Attached, complete, well read with some light stains on the back cover, affordable lower grade G/VG 3.0 to 2.5 range. It has been some time since I have seen one of these offered at Under $200 for complete and attached copy like this. Forever People #1 $85, 1st Darkseid. VF range book. Manufacturer ran out of red on a small printing line/streak, I don't think CGC considers that a defect once you get below NM? Minor reading wear, small color break on lower corner in front of word "superman", does not go through to the corner, so more of a very light thumb mark crease, not a corner crease. How is this book not going for even a fraction of 1st Thanos appearance money yet? Latest GPA on a lowly 6.0 is $100, on 7.5 its $177 and 8.0 its $198, this is being offered at over 1/2 off the going market price! SOLD! New Gods #2 $48, 1st Darkseid Cover I would call it a solid VF+, very small wear mark at upper corner, extremely light reading wear at spine. Nice looking attractive and tight higher grade. Latest GPA sale on 8.5 was $120! JLA Movie should be awesome! CHECK OUT MY KUDOS PAGE:
  5. Nice! It looks like you caught the graders on a fairly good day. I swear I always catch them on bad days.
  6. Avengers #5 and TTA 44 are now sold through PM . Lets make a deal on that beautiful JLA #1! The high quality restoration alone costs almost as much as my LOW asking price!!
  7. Very early Wolverine comics, his 1st ongoing series! Features a new costume for Wolverine and a Wolvie vs. Mobius the Vampire story! Beautiful razor sharp and tight copies, (Satisfaction Guaranteed!) I will call dead solid NM, but these are the kinds of books I would send in expecting/hoping for 9.6 or better on a good day! Bagged in glossy mylite bags and boarded, bar code sticker is on the outside of the bag of course. ONLY $25 Shipped for the whole lot and that's approaching 1/2 price of the lowly NM- 9.2 guide with FREE USA SHIPPING! Long time seller/collector, message me if you want my kudos page.
  8. I just marked down the prices another 5-10%, along with FREE SHIPPING, some great prices on some early Keys! is easiest, but you can save 3% if you want to pay with money order. Standard policies apply. FREE Shipping to USA, actual shipping costs to Canada. Paypal easier, money orders fine also to save the 3% fees if desired. Justice League #1 Very Nicely Professionally Restored, borderline Mod/Ext to be safe, but I would like to think more mod than ext, color touch, pieces replaced. Check scans, looks Beautiful, I will say app VF-, but judge for yourself with the scans. $895 shipped. (May consider short time payments on this one to help someone out needing a little time to save up for their dream holy grail comic) Avengers #5, (2nd Captain America after AV #4?) VF- range unrestored. Pages and back cover just as nice as front, very attractive, nice color/gloss, lays flat, tight staples and very nice spine, very tiny upper corner bend just breaking color or I would be tempted to go VF+ on this beauty. SOLD Tales to Astonish #44 Origin & 1st Wasp Fr/Gd 1.5 range. We know the Ant Man movie next year focuses a lot on the Wasp and her Origin etc. This is a complete but beat entry level copy to fill your collection hole at a reasonable price! SOLD Cover has edge and spine chips/pieces out, some staining, cover loose, but pages complete and cover mostly complete looks like most low grade copies in that grade range IMO. Teen Titans #2 1966 Add #2 to your #1 for a great price. Looks nice, mid to upper fine range I would say, standard edge wear for grade, otherwise well attached, flat, tight for mid range copy. $27 shipped Fantastic Four #53 2nd Black Panther, his 1st Origin. Affordable Lower range copy, probably Gd/VG 3.0, but maybe a really nice 2.5. On the good side, fully attached, no missing pieces, no marvel chipping, decent page quality etc, mostly just heavy reading/spine wear and minor tear expected for grade. $35 shipped. Pep Comics #3 1940 3rd Appearance of Shield 1st Ever Patriotic Superhero in comics. Coverless, but it looks like these pages are in pretty decent shape, especially for a 1940 book! Great reading copy or amazing deal if you have a nice #3 that's missing pages for a resto project etc. SOLD! Satisfaction Guarantee for any reason except change of heart/blowing your budget on other auctions etc. CHECK OUT MY KUDOS PAGE:
  9. Check out my ebay auctions. If interested in something, let me know.
  10. I have a nice low grade ASM run, but somehow I misplaced or lost my #2. Looking for cheap filler low grade reading copy (the cheaper the better) tattered, torn, resto OK, hopefully the cover is mostly complete, but looking to fill in the low range as my budget is somewhat tight. Approx Overstreet guide/going market value, let me know if you have something in the 1.0 to 3.5 range, prefer raw, but graded is great if it's still affordable. Thanks!
  11. Fast payment on Key $1K Golden Age comic! Thanks! A+
  12. I can see the temptation, but you hope someone originally did not break apart a complete book to get all those pages graded separately though. GLWTS! I wish I had one of those!
  13. Last Bump, these Scarce early G.A. books are Rarely Offered and priced fairly well. If you have a reasonable offer let me know by tomorrow before I take these down to salt away another 15 years or perhaps give a chance to an alternate site. Thanks for looking!