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  1. Maybe it would be better to put a similar size (small) piece of tape back over the tear?
  2. I think I did put a post it note on the comic sleeve, but I doubt they passed it onto the grader.
  3. Tape is tape and it gets a note and blue label. Rice paper/japan paper indicates professional piece repair or tear support, so it would get a resto designation. I figured CGC was smart enough to see a faint outline of tape over the tear and still classify it as unrestored since it would have been classified as unrestored had I left the tape there! Ugh!!!
  4. I guess I know what I am talking about! Perfect spine roll removal and press candidate just as I said! I think my grade estimate of 4.5 would have been spot on if not for the centerfold becoming detached during the process! It's a beauty! Congrats!!!
  5. So I had a 1 inch tear on the cover of a Showcase #30 with a small "micro" piece of tape on the interior cover. I removed the tape since I did not want a note about the tape and I know it would not add to the grade per CGC policy anyway, but it left a little tape residue over the tear. You could even see the a very faint outline from the tape, so I figured CGC would figure this out, not restoration, only tape removed! Just got the notes back 7.0 with a purple label B1 tear seal. (on that same spot) So I guess I should have left the tape there and it would have gotten a blue label with a note of a tiny piece of tape!!! I totally disagree with the tear seal note when you can obviously see the outline from where the micro tape was!!!
  6. Not sure, but this looks just like the book I sold +/- 10 years ago! Kicking myself, it has appreciated A LOT from way back then! Beautiful books, GLWTS!
  7. Hey, I will take that book off your hands for around $300+! Sold! LOL
  8. Holy cow, are you buying a big house, retiring etc? This are some nice high dollar keys to be selling all at once!
  9. That tape looks ready to just fall off practically! Boy would that book improve if it comes right off and you get a nice press! How much are they asking out of curiosity?
  10. I personally hate stickers, so if it were me, I would ship it to hero restoration or similar and check to see if its removable. He will put some solution on it and find out if it pops right off, if not, leaves it as is as you don't want to be pulling up the cover along with it. Its a 50/50 bet, but if it does come off will help bump the grade. Either way at the very least, he could dry clean, slightly adjust a very minor roll alignment and press to get you a 1/2 grade bump +/- if that is what you are seeking. Since that is becoming a more and more expensive key, any grade bump will pay dividends and you never know, CGC might slam it a full grade or so with that sticker issue on an otherwise solid mid grade.
  11. Or you could pay to have it restored correctly if you have the extra scratch and time to wait. Might yield you a little extra return, but never anything like the unrestored copies.
  12. I know these will go for more a a specific auction house, but that takes time and i'd rather find a nice home here for these. Offered is literally the cheapest CGC 9.6 1st appearance of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel you will find anywhere and it is only going up up and away from here as the movie gets closer! 5% off ALL REMAINING BOOKS PLUS FREE USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING!
  13. This rare book does not come up for sale very often and I think is priced fairly with perhaps a little wiggle room, any takers?
  14. Paypal, money orders, checks etc all great. Asking $745 with a flat $12 shipping to USA for priority with signature confirmation, Canada/UK shipping is about $10 more +/-. 1st wins the prize. No returns on CGC books. These Golden Age All Star Comics have really been heating up this past year or two. As such, with the extreme rarity of many of these Key issues, GPA is hard to gauge when there has not been any sales in grade for a couple years plus. One of the best comparisons is the most recent sale of $1,150 for a 5.0 copy in 2017. There was a 4.5 the year prior in 2016 going for about 1/2 of that, but Most early All Star prices have gone way up the past year or two I have noticed. Lack of any sales the past year or two shows the great scarcity of these very early Golden Age Keys! One of my favorite covers of the entire series, Hawkman descending to Earth from the heavens like an Angel! Book has an excellent spine and very tight staples, very nice affordable mid range copy. I have sold multiple blockbuster KEY/MAJOR Holy grail comics over the years....My Kudos page: CHECK OUT MY MODERN KEYS INCLUDING THE VERY FIRST CAROL DANVERS AS CAPTAIN MARVEL IN CGC 9.6!
  15. 5 Very Hot and Well Priced Investment Grade Keys still available! 1st Carol Danvers Captain Marvel will be shooting through the roof if the movie does half as well as expected! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL REMAINING BOOKS!
  16. I was just asked about graders notes, as these just came back from CGC, graders notes are available on all! The New Mutants 98 sounded especially good for a 9.8 pressing candidate at a very sharp 9.4 and only a "tiny crease back cover" that should be easily pressable!
  17. NOW 10% OFF ALL REMAINING BOOKS HERE PLUS FREE USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING THROWN IN AT NO COST TO USA CUSTOMERS! Literally right out of the box from CGC and everything priced below the 90 day GPA on books that are shooting way up in GPA right now! Paypal, money orders, checks etc all great. Flat $12 shipping for USA Priority with signature confirmation. ON THESE REMAINING BOOKS FREE USA SHIPPING NOW OFFERED TO GET THESE SOLD FAST (up to a 20%+ discount depending on the comic you buy!) Canada/UK shipping is about $10 more +/-. 1st wins the prize. No returns on CGC books. None of these books were pressed! Solar Man of the Atom #10 CGC 9.8 Black Embossed Cover, Extremely Rare in 9.8! $875 (of the last 10 sales, half have ranged from $1,000 to over $1,500!) SOLD Avenging Spiderman #9 CGC 9.6 1st Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel! $325 NOW 10% OFF! Big budget movie and the trailer is already being shown at the theater for new movie pre-screen teasers! That is $50 cheaper than the very next best priced 9.6 copy on ebay and mine is FREE SHIPPING to save you another $15 on top of that! Most 9.6's are listed in the mid $400's to $500's on ebay! Amazing Spiderman #362 CGC 9.6 2nd Carnage $50, #363 CGC 9.8 3rd Carnage $75 NOW 10% OFF (sorry the picture sucks, I was getting tired and lazy, but at 9.6 you know they are practically perfect!) I won't spoil the movie, but Carnage is at the end teaser for the following Venom Sequel making these books extremely hot right now! Transformers #1 CGC 9.6 1st Transformers $165 10% off Now $145 Bumblebee movie make this franchise keep trucking and it all started here! Most recent GPA sale $180 and rising fast! If you need extra scans just let me know. ***Sold Venom Lethal Protector CGC 9.8 RARE GOLD Variant! $595 GPA 90 day $606 and trending way up. (1st Venom Solo Series!) AWESOME MOVIE, BREAKING RECORDS, MORE SEQUELS TO COME! ***Sold Venom Lethal Protector CGC 9.8 Red Cover (I have 2 available at this price) $95 (most recent GPA sale $96, but in reality it was a sale for $109 at mycomicshop auction last week that I followed!) SOLD*** New Mutants #98 CGC 9.4 1st Deadpool, amazing sharp copy, I expected better, CGC said tiny crease back cover on their grading notes, so probably a great press candidate for 9.8! $335 ***Sold New Mutants #87 CGC 9.6 1st Cable $235 SOLD*** Amazing Spiderman #300 CGC 7.5 1st Venom $275 ***Sold Amazing Spiderman #361 CGC 9.6 1st Carnage $175 I have sold multiple blockbuster KEY/MAJOR Holy grail comics over the years....My Kudos page:
  18. Just went through my collection and realized I must have sold my FF48 some time ago as it is a glaring hole in my lower grade FF run and I guess I never replaced it? Anyway, need a book in the GD- to VG+ range give or take. Will pay a fair going market price. No missing pages or huge pieces, splits, chipping or minor pieces missing OK obviously. I have great books to trade with, Action 252, a huge load of very high grade major 80s- modern keys fresh from CGC. ASM 300 1st Venom, ASM 361 1st Canage, Avenging Spiderman 9 9.6 1st Carol Danvers Ms Marvel, New Mutants 87 & 98, Venom Lethal Protector #1 9.8 regular and 9.8 rare gold edition, Solar Man of Atom #10 Rare 9.8 Black Cover play many many more!
  19. Take a look, let me know if you have any questions. Thx!
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    Thread is closing tonight, I have an offer that is really close, so if you are tempted by this fantastic deal well below market before it skyrockets from the upcoming movie, tell me now.
  22. FF 48 and Marvel Preview 4 SOLD! Still offering an amazing looking Hulk 1 at a great price, Adventure #247 CGC graded entry level/budget copy of 1st LSH, Hulk 271 9.4 1st Rocket Racoon and X-Men 266 1st Gambit 9.8 (technically over on the modern listing board) Thanks!