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  1. Paid as agreed on sizable key book. Thanks!
  2. Everything priced Below Market, last change to make a deal before moving to another venue.
  3. Just added Batman 121 to the listing and lowered everything to rock bottom pricing! Enjoy!
  4. All 3 comics are among the most sought after and Top Investment Keys of the Entire Silver Age! All prices are lowered and Aggressively Priced to Sell!
  5. Paypal, Venmo, Money Orders accepted, no returns on CGC graded books, raw books gladly taken back no questions asked, FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! USPS Priority Boxed Shipping with Signature confirmation a flat $12.50. 1st Take gets it, PM also welcome. Batman 121 1st Mr. Freeze, Scarce. I would call it 3.0 give or take, Lays flat, well attached at both staples, complete, no chunks out of the cover, decent color, has typical reading wear, light water marks on the cover, about 1/2" tear at lower spine and another one starting near upper spine, first several pages has small triangular corner missing likely from being folded over for years and falling off, cream pages, all in all a respectable and affordable low grade. Clearance Priced at $995. 90 day GPA $1,200 for 2.5 and $1,270 for 3.0. Batman #47 Key 1st Detailed Origin of the Batman! CGC 4.5 and it looks nicer than just about any and every golden age 4.5 I have seen! Nearly perfect off White to White pages! cfo only label comment and gets you a super nice presenting mid grade for the price of a torn up and soiled rag of a Fair and even Lower than I paid over a year ago even though the prices have gone way up since then! Cheapest you will find, especially when it shows nicer than some that have recently sold for $2K-$3K! $675, selling at a loss. Tales To Astonish 27 (B4) 1st Ant Man and Origin. Just got this back from my resto pro, he does very high quality work. Moderate/Ex Professional restoration, leans more towards moderate than extensive, but should get the mod/ex label at worst IMO. Pieces added, color touch, reinforced, cover presents very well in your hands and should get an approx 5.5+ range from CGC even though it looks much nicer than that on the surface. $1,395. A lower grade B4 in 4.5 sold for $1,500 over a year ago is the best comparable I could find, but I think this would present much nicer and prices on this book are well up from over 15 months ago when that sold, so I priced this well below market. Hulk 181 CGC 5.5 SOLD Amazing Spiderman #1 SOLD! I have sold many Major Key and Holy grail comics over the years....My Kudos page:
  6. What the heck, might as well start bidding at $10 on each of the other 3 to get the ball rolling also.
  7. Ill start the bidding out for Human Torch 10 at $75. Thanks!
  8. I had a Hulk 181 go from 8.0 to 9.4. Of course I sold it for just a bit over $1K a few years back right before it started going crazy insane up and away in price!
  9. Some great books, all are hot, increasing in GPA rapidly and fairly priced below market/GPA. Last bump before I take these to another venue.
  10. The buyer was on again off again on the Hulk 181 CGC 5.5, he just dropped out for sure, so it is back and available, one of the nicest 5.5's you will find, structurally a strong 7.0 by the looks of it. Batman #47 1st Origin of Batman and Mister Miracle #1 available also.
  11. The buyer on the 5.5 Hulk 181 did not pay last Thursday night as promised and has not responded to my requests for follow up, so it is back on the market for now.
  12. Extremely fast paypal payment on a Hulk 181 $3K+ payment! Thanks!
  13. Hulk 181 5.5 sold via PM. Congrats on a great book and deal! Nevermind, this buyer fell through, didn't have the funds he thought he had yada yada.......
  14. I am easy to work with if someone wants to work out time payments on anything. With a deposit down, we can work out 90 days or so payment plan to help you gather some money or sell some lesser keys to be able to afford one of these beauties.
  15. Mister Miracle #1 Key 1st Appearance of Mr Miracle & Oberon. It has been confirmed he will have a big roll in the upcoming JLA and New Gods movies! I would say a strong 5.0 range condition, perhaps a loose 5.5 on a good day. It is well attached, lays flat, strong colors, no significant defects, just typical mid range reading wear as seen in the scan. 5.0 GPA is $167 and rising fast. Offered at $119! No questions asked Satisfaction Guarantee on raw comics!