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  1. Sorry about double posting . Only have one copy of each.
  2. What a great book to have. Have one myself in a 5.O. slight color touch at top staple. Congrats again!
  3. The Church copy if I remember is owned by a person who used to post on the boards some years back.
  4. I remember that ad for eastern copies in CBG. I was interested, glad I never went to purchase any copies. I remember talking to other collectors and dealers at shows about these uncirculated books. They all said they never heard of them. I stayed away, thank goodness !
  5. A dealer I trust for fair pricing, great grading , usually undergrades and is ethical James Payette. There are others I have dealt with over the years also. Harley is great also, Ted van Liew.
  6. May you rest in peace, Malcolm. A true legend in the hobby.
  7. Two beautiful books. that's the sweetest HOM # 85 I've seen. a Kirby classic!
  8. Highist grade Marvel Mystery # 9 unrestored. 1st hero battle . Torch vs. Subby.
  9. AMF has always been a great run. My personal Favorite. I'm glad you still came out ahead in the long run ,Rick. I guess it all balances out in the end. I wish I could have bid on some of those books myself , but prices are pretty crazy nowadays. I'm happy with the 40 or so Centaurs I do have in my collection that I bought years ago.
  10. We can't have green without a Nazi Gorilla!! Happy St. Paddy Day everyone.
  11. It could be Lou Fine pencils with Reed Crandall inks. I think Hit Comics #17 is both of them also. I could be wrong. Either way, both great artist!!
  12. Sfcityduck, Thanks again for this thread. A lot of work went into this thread. Sad ending though for Dave it seems.
  13. Richard Kyle, there was a interview before he passed some issues back in Alter Ego Magazine. If anyone is interested.
  14. What a great and informative thread. Thanks for researching and sharing . Keep it coming, I'm enjoying the hell out of it.
  15. I own one also . Great cover! Mine is also missing the centerfold.