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  1. its not that wizard world hates the LA area, its that they got pushed out. the last show they did in So Cal was WW Anaheim in 2011. they advertised and planned to do a WW Anaheim 2012, but WonderCon moved to Anaheim in 2012 and booked the Anaheim Convention Center for the month before WW Anaheim would have happened, so Wizard World cancelled the 2012 show and have not been able to book a desired date in So Cal ever since. All the desired dates and months are already taken by established shows: Long Beach Comic Expo in February, WonderCon in March/April (Easter weekend), San Diego Comic Con Int'l in July, Long Beach Comic Con in September, Stan Lee's Comikaze in October, and you can start to see how LA/So Cal can be a crowded market... expand the area to an 8 hour drive radius and you'll add Amazing AZ Comic Con in February, Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con in June, Stockton Con in the Fall, whatever the new Stan Lee San Jose show will be called in March (the old Big Wow), Phoenix Comic Con in May... and now add to that all of their own shows in the area Wizard World San Jose, Wizard World Sacremento, Wizard World Reno, and Wizard World Las Vegas... plus all the little one day shows like the LA Comic Book and Sci Fy Convention (Shrine/Reef), California Comic Con in Yorba Linda, Pasadena Comic and Toy Show, SoCal Comic Con in Oceanside, Bakersfield Comic Con and god knows how many others that will pop up... and can you now start to see why there isn't a Wizard World LA? also... most dealers in the LA area probably wouldn't do a Wizard World show in this area anyways because of the booth pricing. WW would need to reduce the cost down to $500 -$800 per 10x10 from $1000 per 10x10 in order to get the comic dealers to commit to the show and to stay competitive with the other shows listed. for example, my 10x30 set up at Stan Lee's Comikaze cost me $1800 last year. for that type of space at a WW show, it would be $3000. combine that with a reported pattern of decreased revenues obtained by comic dealers at WW shows on the west coast and i'll pass on WW all day.