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  1. I have a nice 7.0 graded copy of this book! I purchased raw at an auction and was one of only three comics (so far) that I mailed for grading. It's a SOTI book too.
  2. Great idea for a thread!! This one is lame though revealing for kids! Doesn't quite fill me with horror: maybe some other emotion!!
  3. This is my raw copy. I love this cover and plan on submitting for grading.
  4. Hello Friends, I just rejoined CGC tonight! I was a member back in 2010 (where does the time go!!) so I could get 3 free coupons to submit for grading. At the time I never submitted for grading before so was quite happy with the three raw books I snagged at the Richfield PA auction the year before: all three came back 7.0. This PLANET COMICS is also from the same auction so joined tonight because I have many more in similar condition that I've opened and read carefully but would like slabbed. This is my only PLANET COMIC but I loved the cover so much I had to have it!! Hope you like.