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  1. Stream of light to Streams of light -
  2. So, as the fuse (?) is ignited, she will wreathe in pain and his job is to keep the blade from cutting her. You are correct, this is insane!
  3. In the Frozen / Ice grouping, I'd consider also this Astonishing, # 36. Always loved it. Glad I found it a while ago -
  4. Adventure, April 1st, 1927 - Cover by Rockwell Kent Starting in late 1926, the magazine tried to "up" its presentation / prestige starting first by having monochromatic covers with just titles in text (à la literary / digest journals) before introducing covers with Rockwell Kent work on the cover as the one below. The experiment lasted 20 issues (10 issues with just text and 10 issues with the Rockwell Kent covers). The experiment lead to an editor change and ultimately to the return to business as usual. Leonard Nason is our content leader here. Nason's work appeared regularly in Ad
  5. Oopps, this is where I should have been posting the Fortune magazines Anyway - February 1936 -
  6. I assumed that everyone knew / remembered I am French but, indeed, these are French as I was still a youth when I read these.
  7. At home now with the book in hand. It is credited to Philippe Druillet. Not sure of the year. He did contribute Lovecraft related works for the October 1979 issue of Metal Hurlant but I don't think this one was part of it. Here's the entire image, the bottom was cropped on the book cover -
  8. This would easily belong in the Lovecraft thread but since it is about pulp reprinted, I'll share my story again here. Back in another time and another place, I spent a chunk of one summer working in Bavaria, Germany and took with me the "complete" works of Lovecraft as edited into this massive 3 book set in the Collection Bouquins. Each volume in the set tops out at 1,200 pages or more. The collection not only has his fiction but also his essays, some correspondence and collaborations and other writings. Since I had most of the afternoons free, I read these cover to cover so I can claim
  9. If you say so. And I say this since I do not know the back story nor have a vested interest and will stop since this is now morbid but Korean War casualties for Armand - Linky
  10. Totally irrelevant but Armand was the first name of Richelieu - Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu, a.k.a. Cardinal de Richelieu. There were 2,867 enlisted Armand between 1938 and 1946. A lot more than I'd thought there'd be. Linky
  11. Adventure, March 1st, 1931 - Cover by Leonard Cronin My appearance counts have been gleaned from philsp and I only realized today that PulpFlakes did some similar counts here - Pulp Flakes: Stars of Adventure There might be discrepancies here and there but the tallies look similar. Photos as can be found of the authors are available in that link. On the cover today is Raymond Spears with his Wolves of Howling Butte story. Similar to my count, PulpFlakes shows Spears work appearing in 73 issues of Adventure. Note though that he also contributed articles to another 10 issues. As per Sp
  12. Adventure, August 1st, 1930 - Cover by Hubert Rogers Another regular for Adventure is featured on this superb cover: Ared White, better known as George Ared White (1880 - 1941). White's stories are typically spy / war stories. This is another case of the author relying on his background. White had a life-long career in the military both with the National Guard and the military bouncing from one to the other as war necessitated it. A summary of his career is sketched at Wikipedia, including his role in the foundation of The American Legion - George A. White - Wikipedia You'll not
  13. Last one since this the final publisher I actively collect - Dell -