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  1. No kidding. Super nice red. Mine is of the orange persuasion! -
  2. De Camp Astounding to De Camp Astounding -
  3. A dame called murder to the Empress of Crime! -
  4. Doll boy to Doll Boy and Doll Girl -
  5. From the Jo-Jo's artist's rendition of what I think the animals are to this recognizable painted version on Jungle Jim -
  6. Let's go down some more in grade -
  7. Went back to my copy and scanned a couple more pages. The sinking of the Ryukaku - The Yorktown, 2 pages before the first one I posted -
  8. Just a typo. It is the correct location for the Kamchatka Peninsula with the projection they are using for this map.
  9. Too fat to be loved to Too fat for love -
  10. The French comic Buck Danny does a great job covering those. Here's one page I have scanned. Complete with maps to follow the story better -