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  1. Well, my first instinct was to look in my "literary adaptations that are not Classics Illustrated" box ... but it wasn't there. So, I went to look at the box that might have my Smash, Crack, and Hit books. In there, instead of finding any Smash or Crack, I only found some Hits and this Marvel Family So, now not only can't I find the Maltese Falcon (ironically) but I wonder where my Smash are ... I do keep all my Atlas and all my Fiction House together and I won't admit to how many Dell boxes I have
  2. I never look at their offerings but today I saw this - Grade: VG/FN Comments: Back cover missing At least reading the comments you are informed enough.
  3. Was looking for my copy of The Maltese Falcon comic book to share interiors with Robot Man and instead found my copy of this book. It was in a box labeled Misc. Juvenile Comics. I need to get better organized. Still, happy to have this one. Seems like it went up in price recently. Back cover looks better than the front cover. -
  4. Great taste at the barber shop Years later, I tried to read comics at the news dealer ... it didn't go well, let's just say that. My mom took me to with her to get my hair cut so no luck there with the reading material. Wish my dad had taken me instead.
  5. Red-blooded adventure in its purest form. I know you bought a fair number of strip reprints or comics based on you favorite radio shows. Had there been more content like that Rangers on the newsstands, would you have bought it or were you as satisfied with Jack Amstrong as with Rangers?
  6. Helen to Troy to Ounce to Bounce to Basketball cover -
  7. You're welcome. A little sad to see them again as Fujitani passed away at 99 on September 6th.
  8. T&J, though on the cover, are still the second story in the book! The strip on the right-side is laid out in the order of the stories inside. First up, Our Gang, then T&J then Flip & Dip, the Benny Burro then Wuff. Kelly is still on Our Gang duties. Eventually (soon), T&J will move to the front of the book.
  9. Nothing as graphic in # 8 but the same quality Powell brought to his work. I will always remember Nik and his "poopy GA art" tongue-in-cheek comment. I am always surprised by the level of craft the top players in the industry brought to their work - Then, there is always trouble ... ... that needs avenging. It didn't end well for those soldiers, esp. the second guy ...
  10. It's a pretty good match to the image. Thank you. Here's one in a guy's hand. The perspective in the cover makes it looks larger than what it really is.
  11. Awesome copy. Can someone educate me about what the soldier in this image is using? It looks different or is the perspective messing with my eyes?
  12. I guess here is the best place for this book. Punch & Judy v.1 # 5 - Fun early-ish Hillman book. Their one and only entry into the kids genre. Started picking them once I heard about the Starry Eyes series from a JVB article in Alter Ego IIRC. The art by Calpini is so distinct and somehow contemporary to what is produced today (esp. Pinkie) that it's almost out of time. You see Starry Eyes, Pinkie Pony and Bucky Mule. This is a couple of years before Kirby did some back-up features in the title. Cover - Starry Eyes and crew look out of place in their reaction ... .. but that's because they are taken out of the context of their splash page! Seen here with better effect. Halloweeny (note the witch in the background), perfect for this time of year -
  13. Works well as a set with these other covers (these I've had for a while) -
  14. American Air Forces # 8 a.k.a A-1 # 65 IIRC - Colors are good on this copy.
  15. First Atlas in a looong time. Battlefront # 4 - All Jerry Robinson issue. His art is different from much of the other in the Atlas stable. I know it's almost a ridiculous statement since they were all different (no house style) but, still, given his small output for Atlas, it is different. His soldiers are lanky and twisted at times. Definitely different. The benefit of these Robinson Atlas books are nice clean uncluttered covers -