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  1. I couldn't tell you the last recent Marvel book I've read. There are clearly larger Marvel universe things that have happened, but it didn't bother me. Agreed. No need to be bathed in Marvel mythos to catch on to the story and it's a fast reader and just fantastic. You'll enjoy finishing it and ttfitz will enjoy it from the start. Simple, well designed art that serves the story. Amazing what some people can do with just a few well placed lines.
  2. My March 1952 set has a couple of clunkers but none worse than this one -
  3. I am still reading this. Story is okay ... slow burn not helped by the publishing schedule ... but the art by Nicola Scott is such a treat I'll continue until they stop.
  4. Like you, sci-fi for me is hit or completely miss so I start a lot of SF series and stick with few. I read Descender to the end. It's well paced, has good emotions and the artwork kept me hooked in. I hope you like it as much as I did.
  5. Ran my tally for the year (I don't expect to have time to read much tomorrow): Single issue American comics: 560 comics Manga volumes: 152 [@ 7 each = 1,064 comics] European Comic Albums: 79 [@ 2 each = 158 comics] Miscellaneous collections: 99 comics equivalent So, by unique count: 890 / by page count: 1,881 In 2017, I had 1,852 and in 2018, I had 1,939 so I am about on par with my previous counts [Don't think I tallied 2019 and in 2015 I had over 3,000 which was abnormal]. I am surprised since work under COVID conditions knocked me out of reading during Septembe
  6. Undeniably. But, then, calligraphy was taught extensively in grade schools during those times so a lot of folks shared the same hand-writing, making 'M' from many store clerks across the nation look similar. The comment re: time period of the pedigree and your comic more than the resemblance in the writing is the clinching evidence.
  7. Maybe ask the seller if there is any indicia information in this copy for sale on eBay Joy Book
  8. Super-Hero in the Cage to Super-Hero in the Cage -
  9. Yes! The Taffy is what I had in mind. I had looked up the Sunny, Junior, etc at the GCD to no avail but Taffy was the one. Not as close as I thought it'd be but pretty darn close.