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  1. Notice the Collector's Item mention. This is July 1957. I don't have time to research it now but isn't that early for this type of hype on a T/A/Marvel cover? Maneely drew also the Ringo Kid story inside -
  2. Also garnered a 5 star review by Olsen. My records show I have read it also but it did not leave as much of an impression as The Chinese Disks did, probably due to the setting which bears less interest … though zombie!
  3. And we know the Harpy/Demon is a swipe itself from here by Harry Clarke -
  4. I remembered it being a good one (I was lucky for it to be one of the first ones I've read) and John Olsen gave it a 5 .45 automatics rating as a confirmation. It also introduces a lot of new recurring characters to the series.