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  1. I can't argue with the grade bump, I am just not into books that are obviously pressed.
  2. Economy might be a stretch, also you may not want to wait 4 months to get them back.
  3. Pressed books with a lot of color breaks look like books with a lot of color breaks that got pressed. They appear unnatural to me and are a big turn-off. My opinion of course.
  4. That appears to be a very nice looking copy. I am very hesitant to spend big money on an ungraded comic, and I am fairly good, but not perfect at detecting restoration. My personal limit on such items is $500. I definitely would not pay more than 7.0 restored value for this book, even after a thorough inspection and page count, that's after 45 years in the hobby. If it is a reputable dealer, you should be able to get a resto guarantee, but most reputable dealers probably wouldn't sell this ungraded, there is potentially too much money on the table. Some restoration is very hard to detect, and nearly impossible from pictures. If this is ebay, I would be extra wary, there are a number of sellers who deslab restored books and sell them as raw unrestored. You are swimming in the deep end of the pool. Caveat Emptor
  5. 6.5 (Q) I am going with trimmed too. The UR corner looks too sharp relative to the rest of the book, and the UL corner looks like it had blunting that got half trimmed off. I would really like to see the bottom. I could be wrong of course.
  6. Buying this collection would save a reseller a lot of time, because they are already priced.
  7. They are probably in the original bags.