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  1. FF 49 CGC 5.0 OW SOLD $500 Price Drop $450, sorry, I didn't realize I was over GPA.
  2. Offering up some high grade X-Men and a couple of FF slabs left over from the last sale. So, without further ado: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First in thread prevails despite ongoing negotiations. If we agree on a price per PM, the buyer must post the first in thread. If you want anonymity, let me know, and I can mark it sold, unless someone has already spoken for it. Buyers of ill repute are encouraged to move on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shipping - Priority US shipping will be at my cost. Packaging - All orders will ship double boxed. Returns - I can't imagine why someone would want to return one of these fine graded books, but if there is a problem, I'm sure we can work it out. Payment - Paypal only please Discussion in the thread is encouraged.
  3. I sell these steadily at the local antique mall for $1.09. Unbagged with price written on splash in pencil! Old school.
  4. Fast pay and good communication on a pair of pretty big books. Thanks Phil!
  5. Great decision, I believe this could end well for you.