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  1. I had waves on the back cover of my Chew 1 and it brought it down to a 7. Would pressing that book be worth a try?
  2. So all the Cgc yes men and fanboys with their 40k post counts say don't use PGX... shocking
  3. How about the grader just wipes it off. 5$ surcharge
  4. I had one with more than one date stamp. It must have lowered the grade if it was in the graders notes
  5. I believe all books should start out at 10 and go down. This is obviously not the case anymore. They start at 9.8. You guys with thousands of posts are appologists doing damage control for cgc or have drunk too much of the kool-aid. sorry.. my 2cents
  6. Im referring to inconsistency. There are 9.6s here with stress lines and fingerbends... thats worse than a 9.4 with fingerprints in corner? There are 9.4s here with bends in the cover and stress lines. There is a 9.4 with 3 fingerprints and a scratch that breaks color. All equal to 9.4 with a fingerprint? How can you possibly be serious that it is acceptable to give a comic with flaws only seen through a magnifying glass a 9.4?! This company has only its reputation to survive on. The reputation that grading comics doesnt change year to year. That a 9.4 with stress lines and fingerbends doesnt equal to a 9.4 with fingerprints. I regret not using The other company. 9.8s still sell better through them than 9.4s with a fingerprint.
  7. Fingerprints? Scuffs? Fingerbends? I just got the grader notes for my walking dead issues that I dropped off at C2E2. The grades are all inconsistent. I thought 3 people graded each issue and compared notes? I am also concerned about how my books were handled since 2 issues had bends throughout the top half of the books and 2 issues had crunches in the same corners. I dont see how a fingerprint can pull a grade down to a 9.4 or another book grades at 9.6 but has fingerbends and stress line. I spent over a thousand dollars getting 30 books graded. I have lost faith in this process. does anyone really believe all those 9.8 silver keys graded years ago didnt have fingerprints on them? What is considered a scuff?... Laying the issue on a table?
  8. I looked it up in overstreet and it says that the 4th print has a new inside front cover. I dont know what it looks like and wont when it comes back slabbed.
  9. I just sent off an Aliens #1 and the cgc notes list it as a 4th print to my dismay... then I looked it up on mycomicshop and see that it is listed as scarce. anyone have more info?
  10. Just got graders notes on them today.. both 9.4s with small stress bends in spine.... werent there before. Now i have to get them pressed
  11. Yes was bought on ebay. From NewEngland Showcase. Advertised at 8.5 turned out a 9.4 when I got it graded. He said he usually grades a bit lower.
  12. I spent a few thousand buying keys right before Ironman hit the theatres... and walking dead was at season 1. ASM 129 $200 - graded at 9.4 2 walking dead 1s - $200 ea.. currently getting slabbed 9.6+ Ironman 55 - $100 9.0 ish 2 FF4 48's 9.0ish at 3-500 ea timing is everything
  13. Dropped off my comics when I was at c2e2... was horrified to see the cgc worker pick up my stack of 2 WAlking Dead #1s ( (that were bagged and boarded) with his thumb near the middle of the spine. He was picking up most of them that way.