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  1. Drop. Hit the ground! Make my comics affordable!
  2. let the bubble burst. I want cheap comics!
  3. rebelpk


    you want to buy one?
  4. You would have started a butterfly effect by simply being there, which means anything you saw wouldn't be the same. Isn't that the whole poibt of the butterfly effect? The slightest change (just you stepping into that world) could have any number of implications. Past or future. Even if you didn't do anything in the future apart from buying one comic book you would change the future and the same if you went to the future. This topic is just for a discussion. The philosophical factor. Nothing else.
  5. The specific reason I said clone was to avoid the whole time machine conundrum and also to step away from the counterfeits. This is just purely a philosophical discussion. There is no conspiracy theory to copy your books. Would it be better if I painted a scenario? The year is 2020. Humans have the ability to perfectly replicate any physical object, down to the last atom. Any DNA on the item is retained as is. Items are copied like for like. Looking at them under a microscope, scientists can't discern the original from the copy. It is so cheap that each copy costs only 10.00 USD. The only problem is it only seems to work with comic books and even the cases for those slabbed comics that them nerds talk so much about. These are not counterfeits and unfortunately it's only 2020, so no time machine yet (except for going into 2020 for the purpose of this philosophical discussion)
  6. Absolutely it would crash, but the question is would you or anyone else still be interested in their comics if they were only worth 10 USD?
  7. But it's not authentic. That's shy reprints would be excluded from this. You can still have collectibles that aren't valuable. Is it merely because of the monetary value you'd lose?
  8. The point is, if you can clone, so can others. The original question was specifically directed as yourself as a owner. I would. My grails involve a Hulk 181 9.0 and X-men 6.0 signed by Stan Lee. I'd have no issues with the book being copied. For me the value us is in what the books represent and not their monetary value. It's asking the question of would you be happy to have your books cloned to own whichever book you wanted? Read more into the implications of it. The cloning is open to everyone's books.
  9. You never wanted to own all of those great key issues? I do. I have goals for collecting which I know I'll likely never achieve due to the insane cost and inflation some books have gone through.
  10. Depends on your perception. If this helps, if your books were signed or touched by anyone. Any vestigial DNA would still be on your book. The signature would be there.