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  1. The black cover definitely makes it better in a higher grade. I'm just trying to justify the cost. There are still a series of Keys that I'm after. FF48, 52 Iron Man 1, SS 1, DD1, Tomb of Drac 10 Special Marvel Edition 15 Plus baby on the way. Rome was most definitely not built in a day and neither will my comic book collection.
  2. 8.0 would be gr8... But the cost is extreme imp ($1500) where as a 7.5 is 850 according to GPA. It's a great key and one that I'd love to have but it's extreme.
  3. I use marvel unlimited. Great to catch-up on older copies, and they say they are 6 months behind, but they don't always post things older. There are a few missing issues on more obscure titles that are incomplete (X-man).
  4. decided not to go for it, mainly cause it would irritate me if there was any resto on it.
  5. you are indeed right. It is slabbed, but it was slabbed by a far far inferior competitor (rhymes with DMX). It is showing as a 7.0 I don't believe it could be trimmed based on the edges having some chipping. Back picture incoming
  6. Hi, I'm looking to buy a FF52 and I wanted to get your opinion on the grade.
  7. Do you have better pictures of the 9.2?
  8. I did a CCS press. Not sure if that would have been done during grading or before signature. Everything was handled by Celestial Comics.
  9. I think I did a CCS press. I also submitted my ASM 129 8.0 got it signed by Stan, Romita, Conway and Thomas and it came back as a 8.0
  10. I've had my one for a while. It was 8.5 bought from Gregg Reece a while ago. When I went to C2E2 I dropped it off to get signed. Still don't have it back but I got a picture of it.
  11. Those things will only be worth what the market is willing to pay for it. I personally like having Stan Lee CGC SS but I'm not intending on selling my stuff. Buy it for your pleasure, not for a profit.
  12. Be gone temptress! I'm expecting in January. My wife would literally kill me. #worth
  13. We were discussing pre-orders and lower costs, cancelling, etc. you said you didn't want to deal with me, likewise I didn't want to deal with you which is fine, so we don't need to deal with each other. Happy to stay on your red list, but I'd rather you not quote my handle in the thread, as I've had nothing but good interactions with boardies and eBayers and don't want my reputation tarnished due to personal reasons or opinions.
  14. I'm on your list as you disagreed with my opinion on preorders, so don't start quoting my ebay handle on here if I have never had a dealing with you.
  15. A great book at a great price. Too bad I'm skint! GLWTS!
  16. Why Wall-Crawler? The kid just said he's only doing business. GREAT! Keep at it mate. Don't get drawn into any drama.
  17. Sorry forgot to grade. I'd say a 6.5 maybe that's being too optimistic, but I feel it could be.
  18. Holy..... That looks beautiful. A press would probably bump it by 0.5 but to be honest for that book that's worth it. I personally would get it signed but only if you want to. Not for value, but for Stan. Great copy and best of luck whichever way you decide.