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  1. I never really understood what Superman was doing there...
  2. supports my assertions... Plenty of examples there...
  3. I think we have to look at the inevitability of this business model. It's a lesson in economics... Would you pay money to have your books pressed to achieve a lower grade? Would you pay lots of money for that book to be pressed and regraded to a higher grade? I know this has been discussed over and over. But the explosion of 9.8s (previously a very difficult grade to achieve) has prompted me to start to question this whole thing again. And a very telling observation: The majority of these new 9.8s showing up are not new to market 9.8s. Last decade's 9.4 is yesterday's 9.6 and today's 9.8. And I don't think it has anything to do with CGC's lax grading. As collectors, investing in having your books pressed must yield dividends for this business model to work.
  4. Has anyone noticed the increasing amount of 9.8 GA books being churned out of the CGC machine lately? Frankly it’s an obvious trend. 9.4s that were pressed 5-10 years ago to 9.6s are getting “pressed” again and magically becoming 9.8s. Paying a premium for (even rare) single highest graded GA is a sure way to lose money... I’m finally seeing collectors catch on to this. Lots of newly minted 9.8s these days...
  5. Welcome back.. It's been a while. Didn't you sell an Action 1 in 6.5 about a decade ago? What you been up to??
  6. There is a small picture of the Action 1 floating around somewhere. I believe it has "Church" written on the front...
  7. Circumstances, When did you pick up that beauty? Do you have a story behind that book? Is it unrestored? ... would love to hear. Clark
  8. Hawkeye copy. Stunning book. $5000 shipped money order or checks only.
  9. That is just painful to look at right now...
  10. Are those John's books that I've seen on Heritage lately? I thought his son Little John was continuing the legendary collection- or is the estate selling? I know that he had the treasure trove of MH Timelys...