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  1. I am only a casual follower of sports cards, but it seems like cards of all sports are lately blowing up way more than comics ... not sure why this is.
  2. The high grade stuff has blown up within the past year... I haven't seen this transcend comics or other hobbies to that extent over the past year.
  3. I know this is the wrong forum but was just wondering if anyone in the know can shed some light on this ... I was surfing sold EBay auctions and it looks like all graded cards in all sectors have really jumped in prices. What’s going on?
  4. The Detectives and Batmans in this auction are really impressive. Does anyone know Alfred Pennyworth and why he's selling? I have heard of him, but I don't know him personally. I thought he was a boardie.. would love to hear from him about this collection.
  5. The Sup 1 you are referring to might be the green label married book that sold two weeks ago through HA. Sup 1s have been actually been more readily available in recent years compared to 5-10 years ago. The prices on Sup 1s have been flat or down lately.
  6. No. Those are not my books. I’m not selling... (Not sure why they are being touted as #1 set.) But I know the seller. Josh got a great consignment.
  7. I sent in two books via walk through CGC/CCS.... I elected to have them "pre-screened". How long does it take for a walk through take to get pre-screened?
  8. Sup 1 had been uncommon in the market for a few years, and the sales price reflected that. I think we are seeing a slightly higher supply lately. I assume the history of this book (in such recent months) and the "slight color touch" on this one also affected interest.
  9. Went pretty cheap...What was the purchase price when it sold as a PLOD few months ago?
  10. I saw a GA book in an original label holder (from about 2003-2004) that had notes on the label "slightly rusty staples"... If the book was sent in for a reholder service, would the new label still state the "slightly rusty staples"?
  11. I believe this book was previously a 9.2. Still a few 9.2 and 9.0 #14s left that could get a promotion...
  12. I never really understood what Superman was doing there...