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  1. Hawkeye copy. Stunning book. $5000 shipped money order or checks only.
  2. That is just painful to look at right now...
  3. Are those John's books that I've seen on Heritage lately? I thought his son Little John was continuing the legendary collection- or is the estate selling? I know that he had the treasure trove of MH Timelys...
  4. I heard about that #12. I am aware of the 2-10 being 2nd hand copies. As I have never seen anything else in over 25 years of collecting, it is either a long time collector still holding, or with D.A.
  5. Ron, I know we've chatted about this before, I but wanted to get this on the boards... Where are all the MH Supermans and Bats? I know Dave A. bought Action 1-24, but there are conflicting reports that he doesn't have the Supes and I've seen MH Actions (#25-up) sell in recent years. Verzyl told me a colelctor in Florida has the MH Supes. I only know that Becharra has your Sup #1 MH. I saw a mid grade Sup #4 MH a few years ago, I no of no others. I know the early issues were mid grade, but the later issues are supposedly typical high MH grade. Are they also in Virginia? CZ
  6. Redbeard! The one and only ! I'm so glad you joined! I have fond memories of visiting "The Book Den" in Nevada... My parents would bring my brother and me to your book den while they vacationed at the Hyatt in North Shore. My dad tried to buy one of your antique book cases years ago also. (It wasn't for sale.) You (finally) sold me your Sup #18 SF copy a few years ago for which I'm eternally grateful and still sits safely in my collection. Will love catching up old friend. CZ
  7. I agree.. I can't possibly see these going for more than $50K
  8. I think the history of the rust was a big factor. (Regardless of the fact the label no longer stated so.)
  9. I thought prices were soft all around... Especially compared to the shocking prices Pedigree got for those Batman/ Detectives in last months auction.
  10. Has anyone ever figured out how long an average lot takes to hammer in a typical Heritage auction? I had always assumed it takes about 1 minute.. ie it takes HA 90 minutes to reach lot #90... Is this about right?
  11. I was always under the impression this was LL's first cover.
  12. This book sold in 2010 for $1.5M And previously unknown to me- again in 2013...