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  1. It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterdaaaaaaayyyyyyeeeeeeeeee
  2. Really enjoying Mass Effect Andromeda. The hate train got rolling early on this game, for various reasons that I probably shouldn't get into here, but I'm having fun with it so far. And the co-op multiplayer is a blast. I enjoy a good horde mode, and this one has a lot of depth.
  3. Is that an IPhone thing? I am on an android. I don't think that matters. Scroll down to the bottom of the forum and click on theme. It gives you a few options. Try v1.3 for pinch zoomers. It's basically a desktop setting for your mobile device.
  4. Have you tried the v 1.3 pinch zoom theme? I'm usually on a phone when I visit the forums, and it makes the new place feel and look a lot like the old place.
  5. Seoul Garden - she said that is where her family goes. Cool, we'll check it out.
  6. Yeah but the flipside of that is that someone is bound to post something expensive and no one will be willing or able to counter. I'm all for the laughs, but at the end of the day, this won't benefit the community Yeah, that could happen. But I guess the offer would just revert back to the previous offer like it did last time. For all the krap the PIF got, from me included, there were way more generous offers than drek. And it was a relatively lively thread. Considering how dead this place is since the switch over, it couldn't hurt to bring it back.
  7. True, but they hid behind the concept of "no discussion of value allowed", and that allowed the "it's the best I can offer" crowd to run amok. With @NamesJay proposed rule of value levels, that wouldn't be allowed. Take $100 worth of books and offer up quarter bin rubbish? Not allowed anymore. I'm sure that won't stop people from trying. And I'll be there to laugh at the fallout.
  8. No one person killed the PIF. There were a few repeat donkeys that couldn't stay away from it. Some of them, oddly enough, seemed to find good stuff to sell on a pretty consistent basis after the PIF got shut down and they were unable to trade their coverless Youngblood #1 for some nice offers. Then you had the professional scrotum garglers that defended the donkeys and future HOS/banned members actions with their "gee golly, everyone is swell" nonsense every chance they could. If I remember correctly, rfoii took an offer and offered up cash, and the thread got locked down soon afte
  9. Where did you go Buzz? We usually alternate between Jongro BBQ and Dons Bogam, but I'm down to try a new K Town spot.
  10. Titties would certainly boost your chances