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  1. Got a friend looking for these 5 books to complete his set. PM me pics and prices. Thanks everyone! Joe
  2. Title says I think all. It is for a friend of mine that I have sent books to CGC to be graded to fill out his set before and this is what is left. PM me if anyone can help him out. Thanks!
  3. The last of my heroes has passed. Rest in Peace Stan.
  4. Looking for CGC 9.6 or 9.8 for a friend to help him complete his collection. They are the last he needs. I would consider raw 9.8 potentials if they are exceptionally sharp. Please PM me pics and prices. Thanks! Joe
  5. Got a 47 and 71 to grade to complete New Mutants 1-100 plus annuals all in CGC 9.8 still looking for the Batman books!
  6. Preferably white pages, but would consider OW/W. would also prefer 9.6 or higher if you have them. Paying around recent sales prices. Please send me Scans and prices. Thanks
  7. No Probies, No HOSers If we have had problems before, thank you for window shopping PAYPAL, CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS ACCEPTED. PAYPAL ADD 3% TO TOTAL. Shipping in the US is $15 priority mail (AS MANY AS YOU BUY), CONTINENTAL US shipping only. First wins. I reserve the right to decline any sales before I announce a winner. No returns on CGC graded items. I do not have a kudos thread (Ebay has worn me out on the feedback thing) but if you want to know my reputation as a seller, you can search Joe_Biles on Ebay. I am a top rated seller with zero negative feedback and 4 of the 4 categories are 5.0s Scanner has some ticks in it. I was able to clean the back of the glass of the scanner near the top, but I can't get all the way down to the bottom portion to clean the rest, so it looks dirty (but it is not) There is no color loss in the middle of the book, that is just reflection from the case when scanned. I have taken a picture with my phone and attached it for confirmation of those two facts. Thanks for looking! Also willing to accept Batman the Long Halloween #8 cgc 9.8 or Batman Dark Victory #7 CGC 9.8, New Mutants #47 and 71 CGC 9.8 as trade value. I am willing to give $125 credit for any of these books. Scans and pic coming Thanks for looking!